Japanese Cultural Exchange Homestay

Published November 11, 2016

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Nino from Italy goes on a Japanese homestay that culminates in a series of defilements including two schoolgirls and a housewife by FETISH-JAPAN.

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Japanese Cultural Exchange Homestay
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So who here's been on a homestay to Japan?  Anyone?

If you haven't and are still young enough to have the opportunity (hello undergraduates and WOOFers!), then seriously give it a chance.  Even if you're not majoring in Japanese or anything remotely liberal arts-related, going abroad truly is a life-changing experience.  If you're reading this, you're already fond of Japanese AV so taking the next step and living with a Japanese family obviously comes next.  Who knows...maybe you'll have legal-age cute host-sisters along with an absentee host-father and a host-mom who also isn't that old and has a *very* open mind...

OK, that's just a kinda sorta fantasy, but seriously go abroad on a homestay if you're in a situation that permits it.  It's totally worth it.

And on that note, in spite of the many minds making up the many AV production companies here, it's surprising how few have exploited the horny foreigner homestay theme.  While the number of titles involving this theme may be low, thanks to our partnership with FETISH-JAPAN, we've access to several full-length HD movies that follow this theme.

Thus, we may have already shown titles featuring non-Japanese in them in the past, today is the first time at ZENRA that we have the opportunity to showcase a movie that stars an actor who talks the talk along with walking it.

Everyone please meet NINO, a very athletic gentleman from Italy who is lucky enough to be on a homestay in the best situation possible.  He's on a JAPANESE CULTURAL EXCHANGE HOMESTAY like no other.  With ample free time on his side, he's going to make the best of it and his nearly insatiable libido that can only be cured by attractive Japanese women and schoolgirls.

NINO speaks incredibly good Japanese.  We've never met the gent in person (though if there's enough demand, we could possibly ask FETISH-JAPAN to ask him if he wants to do an interview!), but his conversational Japanese skills are top-notch.  This is definitely a guy whose either lived in Japan for some years, has had a Japanese girlfriend(s), or both.  There's also a good chance he's worked a job that actually demands one to speak in Japanese all the time--possibly a commendable service-industry gig*.

*Japan pro-tip:  if you're reading this and living in Japan and can legally work part-time (hello students!), DO NOT take the English tutor option.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone by working at a restaurant, supermarket, or somewhere that requires you to interact with Japanese customers.  Being in an environment where formal speech is required will push your language ability to untold heights and at the end of the day, SPEAKING mad-crazy-good Japanese on a big job interview is worth its weight in gold compared to a few useless exam credentials on your resume.

JAPANESE CULTURAL EXCHANGE HOMESTAY follows a tried-and-true hidden camera format.  The more we work on titles that use this in lieu of standard cameramen angles, the more we're liking them.  Why?  We'll be honest:  not everyone is a looker.  Not every AV star is a HB10.  Good natural lighting along with cameras that don't get too close can make even women with so-so looks look fantastic.  We also don't necessarily find ourselves turned on by extreme close-ups.  Those far-away shots often times feel even more realistic since obviously if the camera's trailing the body of a writhing actress in extremis, deep down you know there's a clothed dude there filming it.  The hidden camera technique implies that the only people actually in the room is the acting staff and it feels so much more personal!

Now, we did say that some women do have OK looks, but the three actresses in today's update, YURIE KATAOKA, AYANA MAEDA, and MEGU ASHIHARA, are all rather attractive.  Our favorite is AYANA, but it's really just a personal preference.  They all are good-looking Japanese women though YURIE may be an outlier if schoolgirls are your thing.

This is an awesome movie, but we do have one caveat:  we're not sure if this was due to a request from the director, but NINO seems extremely fond of sex from behind.  Not to say we're NOT fans of this position and how good it looks when filmed, but the last two scenes which each featured a schoolgirl only had sex done from this angle (the scene with YURIE had various positions).  So yes, some variety would have been preferred, but we're still happy campers.

NINO spoke in his native Italian in the first scene.  Unfortunately, we at ZENRA only speak English and Japanese so we did our best to subtitle his parts as accurately as we could.  Aside from that, we'd say his dialog was 90% Japanese and 10% English so everything else was smooth-sailing when it came to captioning.

We will see more of NINO in a future 'Homestays Gone Wrong' update.  Along with him, there's another Caucasian actor plus a Middle-Eastern and also an Indian 'student'.  These will be coming in the near future English-subtitled ONLY at ZENRA.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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