The Wife Swapping Game - Bound at the Hands Edition First Half

Published September 11, 2023

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Japanese married couples on the rocks attempt one last time to reconcile in a way that combines jealousy sex in front of other couples. Hosted by Tsubaki Katou.

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The Wife Swapping Game - Bound at the Hands Edition First Half

Timing and Translation by Patonyan

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We're on an infidelity kick here at ZENRA. It was only a few days ago we featured a superb and highly realistic take on cheating wives and this week--two of the updates at least--swap 'realistic' for...well, swapping! Sorry, it's a pun and not a good one, but it balanced out by this extra long (for ROCKET standards at least) release pushing three hours about fixing infidelity via wild, wild jealousy sex.

Picking up right where the first one left off, we return and this time with the legendary TSUBAKI KATOU hosting and an appearance by mid-career YUI HATANO plus three other lovely wives. On YUI: it may be personal, but it seems like all of the sudden she has had a huge resurgence. While she never has floundered since debuting almost 15 (!) years ago, like other JAV stars, there is a rocky period where you're too 'old' to play 'young' and too 'young' to play 'old'. That she is now in her mid-thirties sees her finally passing that ugly hump of cultural bias.

Couples therapy is no joke--unless it's done in a rather unusual setting involving four of them going head to head, having sex with each other and with strangers, with a easy on the eyes female host gradually upping the ante with 'challenges' that progress from tame hugging to full on creampies. This is far and away not a reality movie by any means and wearing that proudly on bared shoulders, we get two extra long challenge-themed encounters that push fidelity to its breaking point (and then some) in a way only JAV can really pull off.

That at its core THE WIFE SWAPPING GAME BOUND AT THE HANDS EDITION is more a bizarre JAV movie than something grounded in reality, is the only big issue of note. With YUI HATANO and TSUBAKI KATOU both being 'known on sight' actresses and most of the husbands being familiar faces as well, it's hard to watch a movie like this and accepting it as something that could happen in real life. Thus, for ROCKET at least, this may be movie that is not unusual enough given their standard fare and perhaps that is the reason why there has yet to be a sequel. Fans may be expecting something even zanier and those wondering if ROCKET shot a kinda-sorta reality movie may be a bit confused as well. Either way, the theme is unique, the visuals great though the video quality this time around looks a bit dated in spite of it not being an older release. YUI HATANO shines as dose TSUBAKI. In fact, the latter being cast as a wife instead with you-know-who hosting may have been what it takes to truly make this a spectacular production.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1969

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Wild group-themed JAV ideal for curious married couples.
+YUI HATANO and TSUBAKI KATOU in the same movie?!
+Thin mosaic and great jealousy sex make for high thrills.


-Picture quality a bit less than ideal.
-Not the best movie for fans of reality JAV.

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