FC’s Monthly JAV Watch: April 2024

Published : May 11th, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan


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Starring: Ichika Matsumoto

Tags: Creampie, Gonzo, Cosplay, Public, Pegging

Our first video is a juicy one that will bring certain haters to shambles. We start off with Honn Naka and their special Ichika Matsumoto label starring of course Ichika. I can get into all the typical video details or how Ichika bared a lot of skin in the middle of a busy Tokyo cross walk but the story here is that Samoari fucks Ichika. Yes Samoari the director known for his nipple play and submissive men video has sex with some onscreen talent. Yes she has pegged him before but this time he gets to do some pegging of his own and with his own member. This isn’t the first nor last time a director has gotten busy with the talent, Tameiko Goro, whose a real person and not just a label name, was a director that married an actress. Still it’s pretty juicy to see a big name like Ichika get down with a non actor.

The video itself is typical Samoari stuff; handheld cameras, Gonzo filming, slutty women with sub men, and sneaky sex in somewhat public settings. Ichika gets lots of sexy cosplay outfits to try on. If there is one thing I’ll give to Samoari it’s that he always gets great outfits for his actress. More fun, sexier, and trendier fits compared to the more conversative and safer duds that many studios go for instead. The video is not half bad at all; Ichika in the green sexy maid outfit is solid as is when she does a fan visit while dressed up much more maturely. And, I’m sorry to say, the scene with Samoari isn’t half bad plus she laughs at how small his dick is. So for a Samoari flicks it’s actually decent, only if you can stomach him porking Ichika. I will say there is a double standard because when Nao Masaki or some female director does has sex with the performers we all applaud it but when Uncle Sam does it people jeer. And yes I’m one of those jeer. CHECK


The big breasted lady, who has become a substitute for the memorial nude model, has her eyes on my swollen dick and is dripping with my love juices, and every time we take a 5-minute break

Starring: Yui Hatano

Tags: Milf, Sneaky Sex, Boobs, Cheating

Lets move on to happier times like Yui Hatano’s resurgence and what I am calling the Yui-renaissance. Yui has been there and back. Seen it all and done it all. After 15 years in the business and I’m happy to say she is still great. Still hard at work freelancing, pumping out multiple releases a month, and still with the vigor of a much younger person. Getting older has been kind to her particularly her figure. She’s put on a few pounds and is not as in shape and slim as in her younger years. Trading off a flat tummy for a much more filled out and curvy figure. That juicy ass of hers is still an underrated part of her body but it’s her tits that are really catching my eye. Yui has always had a nice pair of medium sized tits but they are looking bigger than ever right now. A thick pair of sweater melons to go with her wide hips and ass. I am really liking the new older Yui and her filled out body right now. 

I’ve been slobbering all over her body but this title is just as good; one of the best I’ve seen all year and from Yui in recent years. This Moodyz video has Yui and a man taking part in an erotic photoshoot where she decides she wants more than a softcore experience. Sneakily fucking the man while his wife helps with the photoshoot. I loved this reverse take on this modern series and the sneaking sex was pretty believable compared to other scenarios. Yui’s acting and performing were great with a fun dynamic with the nervous married man. Even after all this time she is not phoning it in and still giving spirited performances.  Truly one of the best to ever do JAV. This is a video I will most likely be talking about more later on in my Best Videos of the Year piece. MUST WATCH


MOODYZ Fan Thanksgiving Ura Bako Bako Bus Tour 2024 Substitute Relief?! It's an actor's school!

Starring: Mao Hamasaki, Azusa Misaki, Ayaka Mochizuki, Chan Yota

Tags: Group, Amateur, Orgy, Documentary, Anal, Hardcore

Moodyz came back with Bako Bus after a long hiatus and they aren’t done with it just yet. They have released with companion release slash spinoff, something they have done before for previous entries. Think of our video is a mini Bako Bus with amateur men being brought in to be trained at sex so they can enter the main orgy and help out. Unlike the main entry it also has veteran JAV actors in to help the newbies. It stars a quartet of Mao Hamasaki, Azusa Misaki, Ayaka Mochizuki, and Chan Yota. If you recognize those names then you should expect a wild, crazy, hardcore time which they deliver and then some.

These ladies are wild and they bring the chaos of an orgy to the video. Bringing in rough sex, heavy squirting, deepthroating, and even some anal play into the shenanigans. Much more hardcore than the main entry. All of the ladies bring their A game but the ones that really caught my eye where Ayaka and Chanyota. Ayaka’s one of the best hardcore actresses we have today and she really shows it here. Meanwhile Chanyota doesn’t get a lot of chances to let loose in her videos but does so here and has some great sex. If you were really into Bako Bus or like this wild quartet then I would check it out. It’s a wild spinoff from the main bus. CHECK


My mistresses, who I chose based on her appearance, is extremely lewd and unlucky - Beautiful women who crave dick compete for creampie sex

Starring: Ren Hibiki, Yuhi Shitara aka Futaba Kurimiya

Tags: Duo, Slut, Sweat

Now for more group sex fun but more intimate, less hardcore, just as wild, and even more slutty. This video came out of nowhere and was a banger. A collaboration between E body and kawaii that this  is also a Must Watch. It starts Ren Hibiki a newbie from 2023 with a great slime petite figure. While Yuhi aka Futaba is a pretty face with a nice body. What really blew me away was the performing by the two. Ren is a newbie and still improving meanwhile Yuhi is flat out not a great one to be honest. She’s taken mostly passive roles and does so middling at best. Here she totally lets out for a fantastic slutty performance alongside Ren. This is primo slut porn.

There is very little set up in the film, it is about a man with two mistresses who jump his bones as soon as he returns from work. From there we get nearly 2 hours of grade A slut content as they suck and fuck the life out of him. Just them around the house giving this lucky poor soul no rest with their voracious sexual appetites. And that’s all there really is to say about it. It’s a sex only focused title with little in costume gimmicks or scenario set ups. It’s just Ren and Yuhi expertly and completely fucking the man to full completion and they do a terrific of it. The two also paired off for a VR video together for kawaii. Give this prime slut video a look, it totally blindsided me in the best way and it might for you too. MUST WATCH


A hot spring trip where married women who have too much free time keep getting creampied and squeezed.

Starring: Yuki Takeuchi, Nao Jinguji

Tags: Onsen, Milf, Threesome

Another group sex video that is less energetic and wild as our last videos but just as good. We get a duo of Nao Jinguji and Yuki Takeuchi in this onsen outing. The thick and bottom heavy Nao with the slim and fit Yuki make for a good duo especially with their role dynamics. The two are bored housewives who find a new dumped man and decide to make him their next plaything. Of the two Yuki is much more assertive and aggressive meanwhile Nao is much more shy and passive. I found both performances fun to enjoy and better when put up against each other. Seeing Yuki take charge as she jerks the man off while whispering dirty talk into his ear. Or seeing Nao laying it thick with her innocent act even as she pumps her fat ass into his cock. The best shot was Nao shyly but gladly getting her pussy eaten out while Yuki was below the man vigorously sucking him off with tight lips. Loved that contrast. There’s no girl on girl and while I would’ve liked that there wasn’t any need. It's a solid, quality title with a fun pair and nice roleplaying. WATCH


Temptation With A T-back Panty That Bites In. A Female Employee Who Eats Men In The Company Is A Woman Who Seduces

Starring: Karen Kaede

Tags: Panties, Ass, Office Lady

We highlight a recent promotional event called the Haru no Pants Matsuri aka the Spring Pants Festival. A nice little promo that has been running for the past few years. It’s like the female version of the Naked Man festival but for women’s panties. This special panty focused label brings in studios from all over from Oppai to Das. This one from Idea Pocket stars Karen Kaede. Since her return Karen has been killing it and making up for lost time with some extra releases. Karen makes for a nice pick by Idea Pocket thanks to her filled out bottom. Comeback Karen is back to a more normal weight and it’s doing wonders for her ass so this panty focused video should pair well. While it should’ve I thought it only did okay in highlighting her ass. For a video that’s supposed to focus on panties we got less than I expected. Still Karen puts on a good show with her seductress Office Lady and we get choice shots of her ass in the final scene. A decent video with a rock solid performance by its star. CHECK


Beautiful duo, Itadakimasu. I came to see the woman who I impregnated decades ago.

Starring: Ichika Matsumoto and Maria Nagai

Tags: Milf, Creampie, Rough, Dark, Submissive

More group fun this time with a duo that is as different from each other as they come. The super super-sized Maria Nagai and the teeny tiny Ichika Matsumoto pair off. What a tale of two sizes with this pair. I think one of Maria’s ass cheeks is bigger than Ichika’s head. Either way this video was a bit of a disappointment. Both because we get the duo but only in a passive role and without any girl on girl action between the two. Maria and Ichika are taken by an evil man who has his way with the pair. As dark submissive titles it’s fine, as a video with a unique pairing it doesn’t really do anything special. We could’ve had Maria motorboating little Ichika with her ass or having Ichika dom the bigger Maria with a strap-on. The video doesn’t even fit either actress who do better with more dom/slut roles. Just a wasted opportunity overall. SKIP


Next up is Kokoro Asano in this train Chikan video. She is part of the wave I’m seeing at S1 that I’m called “S1 has the Meats”. S1 has quietly put together a roster with some great asses on it. Sure girls like Tsukasa Aoi is well known for her dumper while Aika Yumeno and Yura Kano have nice asses but S1 are mainly known for hoarding a bunch of big titty girls. However that is changing with their newer and upcoming names. Girls like Rie Miyagi and Jun Kasui carry sweet keisters meanwhile newbies like Momoka Kagura and Mitsuha Ashitaba are packing heat in the backdoor. Then we have Koroko. She’s been quietly looking better and better by the release. Becoming a more confidant performer while getting more chances to show off her well-rounded body. She has a nice pair of little E cups but it’s that fat ass that is catching my eye more and more. Even in this title which keeps her clothed so much does little to hide how lowkey nice her figure looks.

The video is your typical Chikan title with Koroko getting felt up by an older man in a train. Soon after she falls for his touch and the two begin to hump like rabbits. The final scene does a much better job of showing off that ass but for my pick I would check out the library scene. It’s there we see that Koroko isn’t a passive figure getting felt up but a ready participant. Getting more and more turned on and more active in the action. It’s a nice bit of acting from the newbie. If you said to me that Kokoro would be one of the rookies from S1 I was excited to see more of I would have questioned that. Now I am ready to see more from this sleeper pick. WATCH


Subjective training: My very own big-breasted masturbator poppet, teaching a masochistic student how to help with ejaculation

Starring: Rena Momozono

Tags: Submissive, Boobs, Creampie, Rough

Capping us off for the month is Rena Momozono is a terrific submissive titles. Submissive videos get a bad rep with people thinking its all women being passive and doing nothing. A really great sub title shows how hot it can be with a sub partner. In this Rena is an active submissive partner and it’s all the more hotter for it. This is a role that suit her so well. Despite her sexy as sin body and face; Rena is quite the quiet one yet still a great performer in bed. Our POV video has Rena in different scenarios as a schoolgirl, OL, transporter, etc. while being as subservient as possible.

The video is on quietly on the rougher side. Nothing too crazy we do get some ass spanking and little tiddy slaps. Fans of Rena will notice that she likes a bit of rough play in her sex. Such a sexy body with a quiet personality hiding some kinky tastes in bed. We also get great shots of her meaty ass getting spanked and gripped nicely. This is a nicely shot POV video with great sub sex and a subtle performance from a sexy stunner. Another banger that I’ll have more to say on my Top Videos of the year. MUST WATCH

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FC’s Monthly JAV Watch: April 2024

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Really not a fan of this DAS series (as there was at least 1 other entry with AIKA and some newer actress), doesn't use their talents well and I guess I expect this kind of plotline to go the way of dodo if/when western billing rules reach Japan
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