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Published : June 1st, 2021 Written by Mr Aka

In my last article we played it pretty safe with Newhalf on female action for those who hesitate to do more than dip their toes in the world of Newhalf. Today we're leaping into the deep end of that Olympic sized pool from a 30 foot diving board with some deliciously masochistic Newhalfs who love to be punished. There will be ropes, there will be bondage, and of course there will be plenty of Newhalf parts on full display for us to see. I always like to include this disclaimer in all of my Newhalf articles, you may find this genre of JAV under other tags such as “Shemale”, “Trans” or “Otokonoko”. Each of these titles will feature a masochistic Newhalf in some BDSM scenarios, if you like to see Newhalfs in more of a dom/sadist role I'll be sure to cover that in a future article. With all of that out of the way shall we dive head first into this realm of debauchery?

OPPW-047 -
Kaname Hoshigoe - A Maso She-Male x Maso She Male Bitch Orgasmic Ejaculation In Unison

Let's Start with a personal favorite Newhalf actress, Kaname Hoshigoe, whose titles I've covered more than once in my previous articles. We're also bending the rules a little bit right out of the gate with this one since Hoshigoe not only plays the role of a masochist receiving her punishment in this title, but she also dishes out a little bit to a male costar briefly towards the end. So if you're into Newhalf femdom then you will get just a dash of that here as well.

It should also be noted that the first scene of this title also doesn't fit too well into our theme as it is pretty standard fare vanilla being handjob into blowjobs into fingering into frotting into sex. However, just because it isn't the most fitting into our theme doesn't mean it isn't great stuff. Hoshigoe's goth ensemble is incredibly adorable, she looks like a Victorian doll about to be defiled during the whole scene, and when she does get defiled it goes from adorable to exceedingly arousing. A constant highlight of this scene has to be how much Hoshigoe is covered in her own precum as it all goes on and positions change, but the best part for me is absolutely the creampie at the end of the scene where we get a nice close up look at Hoshigoe push it all out.

Okay, okay so we've covered all the stuff in this title that isn't a masochistic Newhalf taking her sexual punishment but this is a list about masochistic Newhalfs taking their sexual punishment! Where is the masochism Mr Aka?! We've arrived friends, as the second scene in this video features Hoshigoe all tied up on a bed while two of her male costars caress, tease, and taunt her in a cavalcade of pure submission. A handjob where she is only allowed to cum when they allow her to is shortly followed up by a barrage of toys in her greedy hole. Things get a little rough from there out but for those out there who love this kind of thing (me), with every toy removed we get some great close ups of her hole gaping and winking, something I would consider a particularly outstanding skill of Hoshigoe.

If you do long to see Hoshigoe in the mistress role then as previously mentioned that is here too, where she briefly dominates a masked male costar. Sadly there isn't any penetration, but, there is some feet worship for all you feet guys out there. The final scene has her being dominated in some sexy kitty cat lingerie and damn is it good. In direct constrast with the more vanilla sex featured in the first scene, here she is absolutely howling in pleasure in the whole time and taking it much harder. A few standouts here are some absolutely amazing facefucking and a little bit of ass to mouth at the end when the money shot turns out to be a facial and Hoshigoe after being pounded into submission just longingly suckles on her costar's member.

This title doesn't have the most masochistic Newhalf BDSM play or the hardest, but it's very strong in its fundamentals and I have a clear bias in that I think Kaname Hoshigoe is extremely hot and I really enjoy her videos. So check this one out if you feel the same way, at the end of the day this title might be best for those who only want to dip their toe into this kind of content, and I promise you that if you enjoy anal gape you can never really go wrong with Hoshigoe.

Code OPPW-047 Actress Kaname Hoshigoe
Duration 140 Mins Studio

Openipeni World/Mousouzoku

TCD-235 - Mari Momo - First S&M x Trap Bondage Explosive Cumshot

I went a little easy on you with that first title but this one is full on S&M for the whole running time, all three scenes my friend. Newhalf actress and absolute masochistic beauty, Mari Momo, begins this title all tied up in pink frilly lingerie for her first BDSM experience and she stays that way for most of the film. As a big fan of the art that is shibari, the ropework on display here is great, and we get plenty of shots to see it up close. Now, I am assuming most of you aren't here to admire the ropes and are instead hoping to admire the Newhalf woman wrapped up in the rope so let's get to that. 

Once the action starts, Momo is not only rope bound but also collared and given some leather cuffs. The way she writhes around while her male costar teases and prods her gives me so much sadistic pleasure that I almost feel bad, but I really can't when you know she's having more fun doing this than we are watching. The first scene has plenty of nipple teasing, collar tugging, face fucking, blindfolded bound teasing (caressing and toys like pink bullet vibrators), handjobs, fingering, frottage, and of course some fucking.

This first scene is fantastic and has plenty of standouts, I personally love leash play a lot so any time they tug on that collar it tugs on something else inside me (my heartstrings, what were YOU thinking of pervert?). I also love near the beginning when Momo buries her face in the male talent's still boxer covered privates, like she's just getting ready for everything to come and can't wait. The face fucking is good but doesn't go as hard as I'd like, sadly it doesn't ever end in a throatpie either, most of the cumshots in this title wind up just dribbling down Momo's face. When the bullet vibrators came out I went as nuts as Momo did having her member covered by them, her moans and squeals of pleasure are absolutely amazing. Some minor standouts are that during the fucking we get a little bit of gaping but not as much as I'd like and not close up enough, and we also get just a little bit of ass to mouth towards the end after the cumshot but once more, not as much as I'd like.

The second scene gets even better honestly, with female costar Yu Kawakami (who isn't listed on the R18 page so I hope I read the Kanji of her name correctly) being Momo's dom. She isn't physically bound in most of this scene but she is wrapped around Kawakami's finger so tight that she might as well be, following her every command and at her absolute mercy. This scene has it's fair share of teasing, licking, kissing, faces buried in each other's privates, little bit of face fucking, and of course ends in some good old fashioned regular fucking. Some great standout moments here are when Kawakami wraps her legs around Momo's head while she's getting eaten out, bringing Momo in even closer, the two of them absolutely lost in the passion. These two work really well together for the entirety of this scene but I really loved seeing Kawakami ride her reverse cowgirl and then just grinding on her like the absolute pro she is. During that scene we get a great view of Kawakami's ass too just like Momo did, so that's a huge plus.

Our penultimate scene here is once again shibari rope play, but this time her arms are tied to a bed while she's being toyed and teased. Blowjobs, facefucking, fingering, and sex in all sorts of positions then ensue. I'll be clear that this is the least impressive part of the title but is still pretty damn good, seeing more of Momo bound and teased is always a plus in my book even if the other scenes are better. I really like that once the fucking begins, Momo's arms are untied so that she can pleasure herself during it all, which is something I always like to see in my Newhalf videos. She takes being dominated extremely well and we get a little bit more gaping, I do wish she was a bit more vocal but to me her strongest suit in this title is absolutely any of the face fucking, she really knows how to take it deep in her throat. If you like to see Newhalfs bound and teased with a dash of femdom on Newhalf then this is a great title for you, please check it out.

Code TCD-235 Actress Mari Momo
Duration 138 Mins Studio TRANS CLUB

DXNH-007 - Miu Shiina - The Cruel Fate Of A Shemale Investigator

Do you like a bit more plot in your JAV? Well you're in luck with this title then, even though most of the plot is just a quick setup at the beginning. Miu Shiina plays a Newhalf detective on the cusp of a big time bust (pun intended?) but is then captured by the enemy and BDSM sexual pleasure ensues. Alright, time for a fair warning though, normally when I mention BDSM, sadist/masochist type JAV videos I mention "oh this one doesn't go that hard, I've seen JAV titles much more hardcore than this" and once again, while this one isn't the most extreme of extreme, it goes pretty hard. It is immediately clear to the viewer of course that Shiina is having an absolute BLAST the whole time, smiles and moans of pleasure constantly spilling out, but the scenario itself and how hard it goes might be a turn off for some people and that's completely understandable. That out of the way let's talk about the actual video itself.

This title is split into 4 sex scenes, the first consisting of Shiina getting a blowjob, the second having her tied to a table with ropes and bent over while she's teased, toyed, and fingered with a bit of minor spanking. The third scene has her in lingerie bound once more but front facing and being toyed and teased once more. The final scene is a threesome where just about any position you can think of is performed and both of Shiina's holes are stuffed for just about every amazing moment of its runtime. 

Okay so what moments stood out to me in these scenes? Well In that first scene we get an amazing cumswap kiss between Shiina and the male talent that just got finished blowing her. Messy cumswapping kisses truly are great, the sloppier the better, and by the end of that first scene here Shiina's face is just absolutely covered in her own spunk and I love to see it! Both of the teasing scenes are pretty similar but they truly are the main attraction here, it's what we're all here to see. The way Shiina takes her pleasurable punishment is amazing, I know I say this a lot but it does fill me with joy to know the talent on screen is clearly enjoying themselves. We get so many close ups in these scenes of Shiina's wanting and winking hole as it continues to take more and more in and I'm all for it! We get multi-wand drifting toying as they press two up against both sides of Shiina's petite cock, and the second teasing scene gets some pretty powerful toys, vibrating about as hard as power tools. Shiina takes it all and even as much as 4 fingers (never any full fisting, sorry) so well despite this only being her third title. 

The main event aside, the final scene is honestly pretty great too, with Shiina pleasing both men at all times in a plethora of positions from all sorts of angles, we even get a good amount of spitroasting, something I love to see in any threesome title. You really get to see both of her holes take a pounding from every conceivable view, we get to see her ass bounce, her tits bounce, her limp cock bounce, everything is flying every which way! Oh man how have I gone this long without talking about Shiina's tits? I am an ass man until the day I die my friends but I always love to see a Newhalf with a wonderful pair of melons and miss Miu Shiina's are some of the biggest I've seen on a Newhalf actress, good for her! And good for us as we get to see those puppies bounce and jiggle along with everything else.

I really do have to say this is the first title I've seen of Shiina's and to my knowledge she hasn't released anything in 2021 as of the time writing this article (anything 2021 with her name on it seems like a compilation re-release sort of thing), but I really hope she isn't a one and done in this industry, she is absolutely amazing in this title. Her slender frame, perfectly round tits, supple bubble ass, and that six pack you just want to lick is almost too much for me that I think I need to sit down. Seriously if you can handle a bit more of the rougher side then please, please, please check this title out, it is an absolute masterpiece!

Code DXNH-007 Actress Miu Shiina
Duration 146 Mins Studio


CMN-203 -
Yua Fukami -  A Bitch Falls From Grace - Plump Transsexual Gets Broken In

This title once again goes a little hard and if you aren't here for that then steer clear of it, but I found that it offered enough unique experiences that set it apart from the other titles on this list that I hope it resonates with somebody reading this. This certainly isn't my favorite on the list but I still found it captivating and unique enough that I wanted to include, but once again, you've been warned.

So this video focuses more on the BDSM concept of degradation, something that I find is kind of a specialty in the JAV industry. Yua Fukami plays a Newhalf refined "Oujousama" type character who over the course of the video is repeatedly degraded in a series of truly masochistic sexual encounters. This one felt as though it was the longest title on this list but that must just be because it's split into the most amount of scenes. Scene 1 is simple enough with just some spanking in Fukami's underwear. Scene 2 features Fukami bound and introduces a female dom that I couldn't find any information on but the scene includes teasing, tickling, handjobs, cunnilingus, toys, and strap-on fucking. Scene 3 has Fukami leashed and collared undergoing some pet play (going for a walk indoors, playing fetch, brushing) as well as some facefucking, oil massages, handjobs, and enema play. Scene 4 is a threesome, scene 5 has her teased with toys while bound on all fours as well as more spanking and a good amount of tickling, and finally, scene 6 involves some fingering, a bit of candle play, and an enema finale akin to 4th of July celebration.

Good lord that's a lot of scenes! They really jammed this one packed tighter than all the enemas they shoved into Fukami! And speaking of, for me personally, I really am not a fan of enema play, and there is quite a bit of it here, but I certainly know there are those who love it so once again, I wanted to include this for those who like that sort of thing. Oh and while we're on the subject of things not for me in this title, in scene 3 Fukami is instructed to suck parts of her male costar without using her hands and she goes to the obvious places like nipple and cock, but she does spend quite a while sucking on his toes too, so feet fans, have at it with this one. One last minor thing that disappointed me, they have a scene in this title where they have Fukami suck on a lollipop, then they put it up her ass, but they don't put it back in her mouth. It reminds me of that old adige you always hear about playwriting, "one must never place a loaded rifle on the stage if it isn't going to go off."

So far I've mentioned things I didn't like or weren't for me in this video so you must be wondering, "Mr Aka, this is YOUR recommendation article, why the hell do you recommend this title hmm?" Well if you'd let me get to that dear reader I'd be glad to share all the little things that stood out to me and made me enjoy this title. First and foremost is Yua Fukami herself, as the title describes she is a bit plump, we aren't going into BBW territory with this title obviously but she does have a little bit of meat on her bones, and I gotta say I myself like that quite a lot. Another aspect of this video that I like so much is that they really threw it all to the wall to see what stuck, a spread shot blast of fetishes and types of BDSM play that is sure to excite at least one curious viewer, if not completely light the fire in the hearts of the true degenerates out there (in this industry I consider degenerate the highest form of compliment so please don't be upset with me).

One thing in this wide net of fetishes cast that really caught my eye were the high amount of ripping tights, there is just something so primal about the act of ripping through those tights to get to the delicious treat held underneath as fast as possible that makes my caveman brain explode. I also love seeing femdoms do the equivalent of facefucking but with their pussies where they just kind of shove it right up in there, is there a name for that? Because it's in this video and it got me very excited. There were also a wide variety of toys being used here, not just bullet vibrators and wands, a lot of anal beads and vibrating bead shaped dildos are on display here too and I'm all here for it. Oh man, speaking of toys! One of my favorite things EVER to see in Newhalf JAV is when they get to use onaholes, which they do TWICE here, I honestly don't know why I don't see this that often in the genre, it's so good! Another personal favorite type of toy that I rarely see used is inflatable butt plugs, the appeal to which is that you inflate them after insertion, expanding as much as the person can handle. We see one such toy used in this video too and once again, why do we not see these more often? Alright I swear I'm almost done gushing about the stuff I loved in this video but before I finish I would be remiss to not mention the threesome scene because until that scene the facefucking in this video was kind of lackluster, but once we get there it really is done justice, and seeing her go from being facefucked by one man to another is really exciting. We also get some great spitroasting and 69 in that scene which if you follow my articles you should know is always a MAJOR plus on my end.

Alright so this one goes pretty rough, has a bit of more out there fetishes like pet play, enema play, and candle play, but it truly does have a little something for everyone and whatever it does have it absolutely nails it. Check this one out if none of the stuff I mentioned is too much of a turn off, you won't regret it.



Duration 139 Mins Studio Cinemagic

CMN-059 -
Mai Asamiya - Transsexual S&M Doll Seductive Sexaroid Mai Asamiya

This one has some kind of story, but I unfortunately don't know enough Japanese to really follow it properly. All that I know, and all you need to know, is that Mai Asamiya plays some sort of advanced masochistic Newhalf sex doll robot set on pleasing her master's every whim and then bondage ensues. There is clearly some more advanced drama going on here but like I said it's lost on me and I'm sure lost on most of you who will be watching. On the "how hard does this video go into the BDSM" scale I'd put this one as more tame than our previous entry but not the tamest on this list at all.

This title is split into three scenes, the first of which is where Asamiya is most doll-like, not showing much reaction to what is going on, in this scene she also looks the most like a doll with a frilly skirt over her corset while she is teased, instructed to masturbate, has small weights placed on her dick, and is finally instructed to ride a dildo while wearing a nose hook. Nose hooks are featured pretty prominently in this title, rightfully so being such a major staple in the Japanese BDSM scene, but they really don't do much for me personally, sorry. Another aspect to this video that doesn't do much for me but might excite some readers here is there is quite a lot of drooling going on in this video. The second scene especially, which has Asamiya bound in a full leather gimp suit (face covering included but of course mouth exposed) and clamps placed on both nipples attached by a chain, with a third clamp on the chain holding her tongue out so she's drooling the whole time. This scene includes more nose hooks as she is teased with toys then fucked. The final scene takes place in what I think is supposed to be an outdoor set? She has an umbrella as part of her look in this scene but in hindseight, maybe that was just subtle foreshadowing to the enema play a bit later? Either way she's bound upside down in this scene and wearing heels (yet another thing people go nuts for that doesn't do much for me, sorry) while she's toyed, sucks a little bit of dick, then is fucked.

Standouts in this title definitely include Asamiya's doll like nature in the first segment where she barely gives any reaction, as well as all the fantastic close ups we get of her riding that dildo. Speaking of close ups, in the final scene we sure do get a lot of close ups of the male talent spreading Asamiya's ass as well as plenty of up close winking, which is always a plus to me! Speaking of parts of this movie that felt like they were made for me, in the second scene where Asamiya is in her gimp outfit, she's eventually bent over some nondescript furniture (looked like some kind of small table but I bet it that kind of thing has a specific name I'm too lazy to look up) and before she's fucked they give a good ole fashion ass eating, can't ever say no to that in my JAV! I also liked in the same scene after they bound her in rope they teased her with a ton of vibrating wands all at once and all over her body, she must have just been melting in excess pleasure at that point. I'm not too big on enema play and that was a pretty decent portion of the final scene, but I did enjoy all the toys they used on Asamiya as well as the penultimate cumshot of the video being ass to mouth, another great passion of mine.

This title doesn't go the hardest or have the most variety of this entire list, and it's a bit older than the others being released in 2010, but it really stood out to me with the sex doll gimmick and things like nose hooks that I know some of y'all love to see. Also we should appreciate the classics sometimes man! And I'm not just saying that because I'm clearly old and dying and remember only the good times... Heh... All that aside, it also ends on a weird James Bond-esque theme song ballad as it solemnly goes to credits which confused me and got a good laugh out of me at the same time. And if you can get a good laugh out of me without getting rid of my boner then you're pretty good in my book. Anyway, much like all the others, check this one out and let me know if it floated your boat!



Actress Mai Asamiya
Duration 101 Mins Studio


Well that was 5 titles that I highly recommend involving masochistic Newhalf actresses. Please let me know if you have any titles similar to these that you enjoy yourself, or even just any Newhalf titles you'd recommend at all. This type of video is not for everyone I understand, but I hope that those who do enjoy this kind of thing will enjoy these videos as much as I did, and hopefully at least a fraction of how much the performers involved in making them did. I hope to write many more Newhalf articles in the future so fellow Newhalf enthusiasts, please let me know which of these topics involving Newhalfs you really like and want to see more of, and what topics of your own you'd like me to talk about. Thanks!

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