JAV Sales Report - September 2023

Published : October 31st, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Welcome to the September sales report. I've got an interesting new addition if you scroll to the bottom that I hope you'll enjoy.

Top Actresses

I'm just going to say it now, Haru Minato's boobs are spectacular. All the hype she's getting seems absolutely deserved and I could care less if she turns out to be an awful performer. There's a certain level of give and take and sometimes I can be okay if we take from the performing skills to put it into their tits. Haru's now on her second release and each day I'm struggling more and more to hold off on watching her for a better video as opposed to just watching her now. Even if she winds up being a mediocre performer she seems like the next Rara Anzai to me and I'm a okay with that. Let's just hope that Haru sticks in it for the long haul like Rara did. She's surprisingly only 9th on our list this month, behind a whopping THREE other actresses at S1 and joined by another four on the list. It's insane to think about how stacked their roster is these days but holy moly is S1 figuring it out.

Secondly we've got Kaho Tamashiro climbing a bunch of spots to wind up in 10th place. People may not recognize her but she was a 2022 debut for SOD. They portrayed her as being from Okinawa, having three kids, and being full of breast milk which evidently all lines up with her squirting milk everywhere. What's surprising to me is how much more popular she has become now after she's finished lactating. To me that seems strange because, well, I love lactating actresses, but regardless her career is in a great spot these days. She's freelancing everywhere and not strictly relegated to the weaker studios either. Sure, she's got releases for Manji Group but she also has releases for much more notable studios like Honnaka, Wanz Factory, and Moodyz. I have surprisingly high hopes for her but really I just hope she has another kid and we get some more lactation stuff now that the industry likes her.

Just barely squeaking into our top 25 is Yuuki Hiiragi. She isn't an actress I would expect to do well with her tattoos and yet she's proving me wrong. Japan is notorious for being anti tattoo but there are a surprising number of actresses that have tattoos like Rena Fukiishi and Nina Nishimura (who both always covered them up). Yuuki's are a little too much for them to manage that (although they do still do it sometimes) but she seems to sell well when they're on full display. I have this feeling that because it's so rare the few actresses that do have these prominent tattoos sell very well as a result. For me it's a complete turn-off and I would never watch her but it's hard to ignore her being successful.

Up first we have Yu Shinoda in 5th place. There has been a lot of buzz around Yu lately as she was allegedly spotted in Dubai. She staunchly refuted them but then nuked all her social media accounts, even her YouTube, so it's hard to believe her at this point. That kind of rumor seems easy enough to just brush off if it's unfounded and just continue on with her life. Regardless, Yu is still on Madonna's roster and does still have releases coming out. It's important to remember that with the new AV law the lead time for videos is a bit longer than it used to be. We're now waiting around 4 or 5 months for releases to come out so it's very difficult to actually tell if she's calling it quits or what. Maybe when we get to some 2024 releases fans can breathe a sigh of relief that she isn't retired. I know I would be sad if she did as I'm a huge fan of hers but at the same time she's been around for such a long time and had such a prolific career that if she did retire nobody could say she didn't put her heart and soul into it. Fun fact, Yu Shinoda is in the top 10 for most releases on DMM, a true testament to her amazing career. I'm still hopeful she hasn't left and we'll just have to wait and see.

I've been absolutely loving all the duo stuff the busty crowd has been doing in recent years and Yuria (15th) alongside Nene (22nd) is just the next one in a long line of them. What can I say, the only thing better than one nice pair of tits is a second nice pair of tits. I think these stills make Nene's look a bit bigger than they really are because her K cup tits don't stand up to Yuria's L cup tits but who cares when it's more pairs of nice tits. If you're a fan of the omega busty then this is surely one to check out.

In 24th place we have Akari Niimura who has shattered all of my expectations. I watched her right as she had her glow up and I'm really happy with where her career has taken her. October featured an absolutely incredible release alongside Mao Hamasaki as they violated all of Kyouka Suzune's holes. When you think about how many actresses don't do lesbian and don't do anal, seeing the two together is a real treat. Especially when the two dominating the actress are phenomenal actresses in Akari and Mao, just wow. I can't say I know anything about Kyouka and I wish it was someone else (if this was Yuria Yoshine I would have lost my mind). That being said, this video looks amazing if you're a fan of this kind of content.

Top Videos

First up we have Sayaka Nitou, a 2023 debut from S1. I've just gotta say that she looks incredible with 92H cup tits and a 54 inch waist. That midsection looks very nice as it's teetering right on the edge of having abs. She seems like someone who will be a bit overshined by the other huge tits actresses they've had debut this year but 92H cup is really nothing to scoff at, especially on her slim figure. It's a shame that she has to compete with such strong competition as she really gives me Touka Rinne vibes. She does look to be a bit older visually and maybe she'll wind up moving to another studio after a few months. Fun fact, the image says her favourite foods are ramen and sushi.

Up next to Sayaka we have one of the omega busty S1 debuts from this year, Ren Gojo, featured in 7th place on our list. Ren has been marketed as a gravure idol which I'm happy to say is actually true. She went by the name Chika Yuuki during that time and has been around in that scene for some time. Gravure to mainstream porn is a pretty typical career move, especially for someone as busty as her. She doesn't strike me as being the prettiest and some people have gone as far as to complain about her weight, but those tits look incredible. Her first release is one of those bamboozle ones where she's going to wear entirely too much clothes and not show her tits enough, but there will be plenty more I'm sure where we can fully enjoy them. Especially with all the comments she has made about how she's made up her mind and wants to put her all into it, I expect good things down the line.

Is it just me or is there a surprising amount of ballerinas that go into JAV? Maybe it's partially because you expect them to have nice bodies so they get scouted more but perhaps you just notice it more because they stand out. Either way, Koiki Nagisa is the latest ballerina to make her AV debut, following Anna and Kanna Fuji. She looks pretty reasonable all around and I must say, if she turns out to have a body anything like what Kanna Fuji has, it could be a great time watching her. It might be a little bit difficult to enjoy watching her debut video but then again, some of the screenshots look quite interesting with how flexible her body is. It might honestly be a debut video that's not half bad, or perhaps a November release from her might continue this ballerina subtext and be interesting to watch. I'll keep my eye on her to see if she's worth it this year or maybe to check back in next year.

You know what studios don't do enough of? Do videos where the plot spans multiple videos. This one features a famous hentai manga adaptation and we've got parts one and two here. It features two prominent actresses from Moodyz's roster in Nozomi Ishihara and Rikka Ono. I think one of the standout parts is how well Nozomi's hair fits the character in question and it honestly feels like they picked it just because she styled it like that. It's apparently a very popular series with over four million copies sold and I think the adaptation has a good chance of wowing us. We got part one in September, part two in October, and I would be surprised not to see part two on the list somewhere next month as well. Please keep up the good work Moodyz!

Bookmate Rankings

So I bet you're all wondering what this is. Bookmate is a store in Japan that sells DVDs. It's not located in the heart of Tokyo but what makes them great is that they publish sales reports just like I do. No lie, they've got fancy infographics just like I do. These are absolutely fantastic and great to see, and I hope to keep them going forward on the sales reports. I may not talk nearly as much about their graphics in future months but for now let's all enjoy the new addition to the posts. All credit for the infographics goes to them and you can click here to view the original posting.

PS. You will see the following two terms a lot on their posts so it's best to understand them now:

  • 初 which means new
  • 注目 which means something like a big change

PPS. Their infographics are, understandably so, in Japanese. I'll do my best to translate names as I talk about them and also provide the Japanese. Hopefully readers will learn to recognize some of the names over time as the images do change over at Bookmate (for example, you can see a bunch from Black Diamond on there).

In first place we have Yuka Murakami (村上悠華), an S1 debut. I wrote about S1 debuts recently and, well, Yuka wasn't on my list. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong about 85E cup tits, but there's just no comparison between those and Haru Minato's (みなと羽琉) who is featured down in 23rd place. It does seem like Yuka having a bit more experience is helping her out here even if that's only a couple of videos. Or it could be that people don't really like how massive Haru's tits are (a whopping 108K), and perhaps I'm in the minority.

10th place features Erisa Kusunoki (楠エリサ), a hot Faleno debut. It seems fitting to point her out as some friends of mine have likened her to Karen Kaede, calling Erisa a bustier version. That is a okay in my books and Erisa is poised to be someone I check out later this year. I'm still hoping November or December will bring something a little more interesting but there's a good chance I will check her out regardless given just how stunning she looks.

37th place has Asuna Kawai, a mainstay of the Prestige roster. It's been very hard to gauge Prestige sales data because they've been on and off DMM but also have their own site. I find it interesting to see where they land on third party places like this that don't really have a strong push one way or the other to a particular studio or set of studios. Asuna has always been somewhat interesting for me because I tend to feel like I should enjoy her more than I do. I guess Prestige has just historically not really hit the mark for me and Asuna is one of the poor casualties of it. I guess I should really check her out, especially when she looks oh so incredible in that schoolgirl uniform.

Ren Hibiki (響蓮) in 43rd place is a name I have had my eye on since her original debut cover was dropped. She looks to be in fantastic shape and looks matter a lot in porn. More interestingly is that while she originally debuted at Kawaii she has since found herself moving over to become an E-Body exclusive. You can tell from where it says (専属) in the orange section on the spine, which means exclusive. I'm not a huge fan of Kawaii as a studio, and honestly Mayuki Itou (伊藤真雪) who is just ahead of her in 41st place is the only person on their roster I really care about. That being said, E-Body has consistently been a let down for me year after year. They always manage to get hot actresses joining their roster year after year (and there are a few I'm interested in) but it's such a gamble knowing their roster turns over insanely fast. To illustrate, Arisu Kanau (有栖かなう) has already left their roster and is now an exclusive over at Wanz Factory. I'm hoping that their other debuts don't disappear but we'll have to wait and see how this all plays out.

In 55th place we see Yotsuha Kominato (小湊よつ葉). It's surprising to see her so low at Bookmate considering how well she tends to do at DMM. I've always wondered if her stock at DMM was higher than we might otherwise see and that does appear to be the case a bit. What is even more interesting is seeing Haru Shibasaki (柴崎はる) one spot higher than her, another SOD debut and not even on their main roster. Haru definitely fits that "Plain Jane" type appearance which is really what they've been advocating for with her, but then again I don't see what's so big about Yotsuha other than her being somewhat known beforehand. I'll be very curious to see how she compares, especially compared to other big names at SOD that are interestingly absent from the list.

67th place features Yuna Shiina (椎名ゆな), a name that should be familiar to many. As we all know by now she made a return to JAV earlier this year. It's not surprising to see her on the list as I think a lot of veteran fans are still interested in her. I personally haven't been super thrilled about her comeback, and to be perfectly honest I would sooner watch other actresses at Madonna whether it's Maki Tomoda (友田真希) in 59th place, Momoko Isshiki (一色桃子) in 61st place, or Yuu Shinoda (篠田ゆう) in 71st place. Yuna does have an upcoming video in October alongside Ryo Ayumi (愛弓りょう) that looks like it would be fun to watch so it's possible she's finally hitting her stride and getting the better content I've been hoping to see.

Ayumi Natsukawa (夏川あゆみ) is in 85th place and a big surprise to me. If you look at where her results were last year it's a good sign to see her seeing some success. I think a lot of her mediocrity came from her career which, to be perfectly honest, is still in about the same spot. I wouldn't have a lot of faith in her despite her being physically attractive. She's got just so much that doesn't look good, including whatever the heck this is supposed to be. I really don't think she has staying power and I would be surprised if we keep seeing her in future months.

Sayaka Nanjo (南條彩) is in 97th place and a debut to talk about. Idea Pocket is a big studio but lately things have been kind of rough over there. I think they are in need of a big debut and Sayaka seems to be filling those shoes for them. I still prefer Himeka Iori from last year to her but hey, I can see how a 92G cup actress like her is going to be more palatable to the average person. This nurse video looks great and is I think a video I will end up checking out from her when I get around to her. Booby nurse? Paizuri? The best feeling? Sign me up.

I hope you all enjoyed the new addition I had this month. I've been debating what to do ever since we lost R18 and I think Bookmate offers something quite interesting. I've been told several times that DMM is heavily skewed and doesn't always reflect the same results on the ground. Bookmate might not be a store in the heart of Tokyo but they're a store after my own heart with the kind of infographics they put up. Remember that you can check them out here: https://bookmate-net.com/

With that said I just want to remind everyone we're nearly at debut season for 2023 and I hope you'll join me when we get there. I know we don't have the same debut infographics as before but I managed to cover a whopping seven of them this time around so hopefully you've got a good idea of some of the names I'll be checking out in the future. I'm more than half done with them and just waiting for the last few videos to be spoiled before I pick my final few. Exciting times for sure! Anyway, once again I hope you enjoyed, until next time!


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