Fried Chikan's Top Hardcore JAV Movies

Published : May 19th, 2021 Written by Fried Chikan

How is everyone doing? Fried Chikan here to darken your doorstep with a post that will take you to the dark side of JAV. Today’s post covers some of my favorite hardcore titles in JAV. We are talking about bondage, rough play, mean sex, and my favorite deep deep throating. For the faint of heart you have been warned.

Seeing as how we are dipping out toes into some hard stuff I want to take a moment to talk about it. Hardcore and rough play are great when between two consenting adults. When both parties are allowing each other to do what are comfortable with. What ever kinky shit you want to get into either in JAV and your personal life in general, needs to be done by willing participants (for JAV and porn I am under the assumption that all performers know what they are getting into). 

OK rant over. Lets get on with the hardcore goodness. Our titles are ranked from least to most hardcore/extreme. So dive on in.

Shiori Tsukada GMA-013
“Breaking In A Bound Wife – Busty Widow Tied Up For Unbearable Pleasure”

Our first glutton for punishment is the ridiculously stacked Shiori Tsukada. Shiori is big all over, from her massive J cup tits to her fat as hell ass. However fat she is in the bust and ass department, Shiori is surprisingly not all that fat. Maybe a little chubby. Fat in all the right places, is the best way to describe Shiori. I, like a lot of fans, only started to watch her because of that ridiculous bod. 

The title centers around bondage and humiliation. The video has Shiori turned into an older man’s BDSM plaything. We get ropes, mouth gags, clothespins, and even wax play (which I personally don’t care for). Basically a platter of BDSM staples. As for the sex acts we get some spanking, deep throating, light chocking, and slapping. As a performer, Shiori really hasn’t made a strong impression. I have watched a couple of her titles and if I am being honest I am concentrating way more on that body of hers than anything else. But this title does give her moments to really express herself, mainly through the bondage.

We have a number of solid scenes here. The second to last scene is a nice straight up sex scene that is a little rough. In one scene she gets tied up and teased until she’s a drooling mess. But my pick to highlight has to got the the second scene. In it Shiori gets tied up in ropes and is made to crawl around the house. As she is doing so the old man sticks a vibrator in her pussy, humiliates her, spanks her fat ass, and drags her around by a collar. A really hot scene partly due to the embarrassing things Shiori is made to due and her body. Watching her stupidly sexy body being ordered around was wonderfully lewd. Watching that ass jiggle as the vibrator gets jerked around and then slapped. Just wow. For anyone looking for a true BDSM title look no further. The title has all the standard staples of the kink from ropes to gags to wax. And it all really plays into it, it’s not a light BDSM title. Combine that with Shiori’s awesome body and you got a recipe of hardcore success. 

Yuna Ogura STARS-104
“You Know That Yuna Girl, She Seems To Be Living Her Best Life And That Really Pisses Me Off, So I Fucked The Shit Out Of Her”

How do you follow up that physically demanding title? With one that tests your emotional strength. Our next hardcore title is all about mean, mean sex starring Yuna Ogura with a supporting role with Rena Aoi. The title is a hardcore NTR title that focuses on rough sex and demeaning talk. Yuna plays a girl that is set up by Rena and gets fucked by a horde of men. Yuna is not someone I am really interested in. She looks cute but also blends in with the sea of cute actresses out there. I was pleasantly surprised by her performance, facial expressions, and hard fucking.

But what interested me was the cameo from Rena. Rena is what makes this title. The series is called (via R18) “I Let Them Have Their Way With Me” but it should really be called “Come watch Rena be a big ol Bitch”. Rena for those that don’t know is a tiny little thing that is pretty unspectacular physically. She is known for her beautiful looks, stellar performing, and down right evil persona when she whats to be. Rena is right in the action, without actually taking part in the sex, and serves to humiliate and demean Yuna throughout. She is a giant bitch for this and it is hot to see. Even though the title doesn’t star her Rena really is it’s co-star.

The sex is quite rough especially in the fantastic first scene. Yuna gets jumped on by some guy sent by Rena and we get some mean rough play. When Rena enters, Yuna begs for her help only to be rebuffed. From there Yuna gets fucked hard as Rena insults and eggs her on. My favorite moment has to be when Rena takes Yuna’s head and hair and shoves her face deep down a cock. We get Rena’s evil and joyful face with Yuna’s pained expression. If I had to give this title one critique, it would be the absence of Rena in the actual sex. Rena’s not shy in fucking other girls, so it is a missed opportunity to not have her fuck Yuna too. Check out this title for some really rough sex with Yuna and some massive bitchiness from Rena.

Akiho Yoshizawa Yuma Asami SOE-695
“Spread Wife Fucked In Front of Her Husband”

Akiho Yoshizawa and Yuma Asami two of my old favorites and two legends of the game. Both women are retired now but not before collaborating for a couple of stellar titles. Yuma is known for her cute looks, bubbly personality, and soft soft tits. Akiho is known for her sexy face, slender body, and all around performing. The two combine for a fantastically rough title.

The video is your standard wife gets taken against her will plot but instead of one hot wife we get two here. The sex is pretty rough and hard in places. Akiho is no stranger to these types of titles. She stars in quite a bit of hardcore titles in her catalog. I’m a big fan of Yuma but I haven’t seen this type of content from her, so this was a pleasant surprise. Like watching her getting manhandled and deep throating. But if I had to pick one over the other I would have to give it to Akiho. She is very much at home in this title and if you are familiar with her work, she has plenty of rough and hardcore moments.

The title has lots of stand out moments. Anytime Yuma deep throats and gags gets a big thumbs up from me. Or whenever Akiho is getting jack hammered from behind with her ass in the air is incredible. I could watch Akiho getting pounded from behind for hours. If I had to give it to one scene it has to be the intro. Akiho and Yuma take turns getting fucked from their tormentors. Akiho is fantastic here. The sex is really hard and rough and really sets the tone for the rest of the film. My only gripe with the title is the lack of girl on girl action. Sadly Yuma and Akiho never really interact in any of their collabs. If they did those titles would shoot up into my personal top rankings. Despite the lack of lesbian sex, this title and their collabs are still fantastic titles that fans of these two need to watch.

Tsubomi MIDE-849
“Gaping Wide Deep Throat Face Fucks – Slut Tied Up And Skewered By Cock”

The timeless Tsubomi stars in our next title that is all about throat punishingly deep blow jobs. This title is all about deep throating. The 15 year veteran has pretty much done it all in the biz. She’s no stranger to hardcore, rough, or kinky stuff. At almost 33 Tsubomi has started to show her age a little but still has that youthful appearance. But don’t let that nubile face fool you, behind that mask is a woman who is game for anything. No matter how rough the action gets Tsubomi holds her own. From the deep deep throat fucking to the intense fucking that usually follows, Tsubomi never break or retreats but does get close to her limit at some points. By the end of intense scenes, she is a slobbering mess though. Fucked silly is the phrase that best comes to mind. Tsubomi is a pro who has done plenty of scenes and titles like this.

The title is straight up sex. It’s mostly deep throating followed by hard sex. After she is done getting her mouth violated the guys move onto fucking her pussy silly. Tsubomi sports sexy lingerie for most of the scenes and some bindings and cuff for others. Even a weird latex binding for one scene in a public rest room where she is used like one. 

My favorite moment has to go to the final scene. In it she gets bent over a guys knee and deep throated upside down while getting a vibrator to the pussy. She gags and chokes on the cock as his cum drips over her face. It’s all too much for her and the crew do a good job of giving her a break until she is ready to go again. It is a nice reminder to take a break every now and then to see if your partners/performers are okay. After the Tsubomi is fine and dives back in for more throat abuse. Check out this hardcore title to see Tsubomi test her limits. 

Nozomi Arimura MVSD-442
“Cum Swallowing In All Three Holes – Extreme Hardcore Fucks! Pussy! Throats! Anal!”

Nozomi Arimura stars in our final hardcore title. Nozomi debuted in 2018 with Prestige. Facially she reminds me a bit of Kaname Otori but with smaller eyes. After freeing herself from them, Nozomi almost immediately started to do more and more hardcore titles. It is pretty unusual to see newer girls dive head first to more hardcore works. But dive in she does. 

Physically Nozomi isn’t much. She is a typical petite girl with tiny tits and a cute face. However her uniqueness comes in the form of her lack of forbidden acts. Almost everything is on the table for Nozomi. Bondage, rough sex, deep throating, interracial, lesbian, and to our delight anal. Anal, a far too rare self ban in JAV. It seems to be her specialty/preference. She has lots of titles where she takes it up her tiny bum. This isn’t a girl testing the anal waters. Nozomi is a nasty little slut with little reservations.

The title has Nozomi as a maid that gets absolutely abused by her masters. The deep throating is almost as rough as the last one. She even gets close to up chucking in one part but thankfully the crew stops before that happens and gives Nozomi a break. The anal sex is a big part of this title too and she takes it up the bum like a champ. Nozomi’s cute and expressive face really sells the sex, due to the anal sex being censored only when fucking (boo). 

We have plenty of great moments but seeing as how rare it is lets focus on the anal sex. Nozomi gets her bum and ass played five ways to Sunday. Her butt gets fondled, slapped, and teased so much. I have to give her body more credit than I did earlier. It might just be the anal sex but her butt is quite nice: shapely and round with some give. She does double penetration for a couple of scenes and takes anal cum shots too. From the cute Nozomi, to the maid outfits, to the deep throating, to the anal sex; this title is a banger from top to bottom. Watch this title for hardcore anal sex, a rarity in JAV.

Kurea Hasumi CJOD-267
“Total S Guard "I Said I'm Already Coming-"Chasing Male Cum shots! Slutty Prison Life”

We have seen a great deal of women being abused and used with wild abandon so far. So lets get some revenge for our lovely ladies. Kurea Hasumi is our avenger for this next title. This title kind of blew up when it came out and for good reason (I myself only saw it recently). Kurea plays the femdom role to a T and is so mean to her costars. As we will see, she gets plenty of karmic justice for our mistreated women.

Debuting in 2012 Kurea is almost a ten year vet in JAV. Personally I’m not her biggest fan. Her face doesn’t really appeal to me and her tits have really unnatural shape to them. However her ass if incredible; shapely and firm, one of the top butts in the biz. As a performer she almost always brings it, especially in a dominate role. In the title Kurea plays a sadistic guard who torments her male prisoners. And like Rena, she is down right mean at times. Teasing, humiliating, and talking down to her captives. She also likes to jerk off a guy and then stop for some mean edge play. She is pretty physical with the guys too, uncommon in JAV for women to men. She spanks them, pushes their heads down, and generally just woman handles them around.

The best scene has to be the bath room one. In it Kurea mercilessly fucks some poor guy. In it she rims his asshole, pegs him, and even shoves his head underwater for a short bit (I’ve included a great gif of the scene below, courtesy of a Kurea super fan). One part has her tongue stabbing his asshole while reverse mounting him. Later on she rims him but spits it out in disgust. Killer dom move.

I’m not into a lot of this stuff like pegging or rimming (at least with a guy). But she looks so damn dominate and in charge that it is hard to not see the appeal. Kurea plays the dominatrix to damn near perfection, if not perfectly. Watch this title to see Kurea play a fantastic dom and get revenge for her fellow woman. 

Well that wraps up our Hardcore titles. I hope I haven’t scarred anyone for life. Rough and hardcore sex can be fun and enjoyable with set limits and expectations. After this nasty and hard post I think might do something lighter as a palate cleanser. Light hearted/loving/happy sex post possibly.

If you’ll excuse me now I think I will cool off with some gifs of cute cats playing or something. Fried Chikan out

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SnakeOilMerchantMisha 2 months ago
You call this hardcore ? Seriously?
ur cultured guy 1 year ago
can u make another list for good hardcores like these, i think the one u recommended we're fr good except the reverse sex one
jav_fan 2 years ago
Any idea if there will be a follow-up to Yuna Ogura's STARS-104? At the end, Yuna tells Aoi that she's going to pay her back the favor....
There's a goldilocks quantity for good sloppy, lusty, passionate, rough sex and JAV consistently undershoots or overshoots I find, great article topic, hope to see more.
ZENRA 3 years ago

I'd say Suite Room series by Dream Ticket nails the vicious hardcore vibe pretty well.

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