JAV Sales Report - June 2023

Published : July 27th, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here back with another sales report. Let's jump right into it, shall we?

Top Actresses

Julia always strikes me these days as one of those perennial favourites that is never quite at the very top but also still manages to be trailing right behind. I think a lot of her continued success come from fans like myself who have just been watching her for 10 years where she has grown into one of their absolute favourites. This month doesn't surprise me that she's up a few spots as she had three releases including a maid one. Personally I think maids are a little bit overrated but Julia is still great and I'll still watch it just because it's Julia. I've personally really enjoyed her as she's matured over the years and to that she's taken over my number two all-time spot. I'm still excited to see more of her as time goes on, especially if she's releasing thrice a month and reaching 30+ a year.

Remu isn't an actress I know for her ass and honestly I'm not convinced that these aren't Photoshopped heavily. However, if you can manage to make it look that nice after Photoshop, you either deserve a raise or her ass was quite nice to begin with. Maybe I'll call it a bit of both, I can't say I have any real knowledge about it as I'm not a fan of Remu. It is still interesting to see that this is the video that put her way up on the list because I don't know Remu fans to point out how nice her ass is. Maybe the eye candy on covers really does do wonders, it would certainly explain some of the Mizuki Yayoi stats we're seeing in other places. If you're a Remu fan and I'm just flat out wrong, let me know!

Mitsuha Ashitaba is a debut for S1 who is a little less blessed in the boobs department than some others who have debuted there recently, like Miyuu Kiyohara up a few spots. It's understandable (at least from my point of view) to see Miyuu up higher than Mitsuha but it's still interesting to see Mitsuha sell this well. I guess it goes to show just how big a deal debuting at a major studio like S1 is, because we've seen all shapes and sizes do well for them.

Say what you want but Mizuki covers have a way of looking incredible. I'm half convinced the reason she's doing this well is because of the eye candy on display. That being said, she's been on an absolute tear lately releasing banger after banger. It doesn't matter what she does at this point but starring alongside another actress with a big booty is certainly a good way to attract fans. I expect Mizuki to keep selling like hot cakes as long as she can keep up this pace, and at this point it's just a matter of how long she's willing to go at it like this.

If you like interesting videos then boy oh boy does Rocket have you covered. This is actually part three but the series is all about having sex with RPG characters. I'm sure it's as cheesy as it looks and sounds but hey, sometimes you do want some comedic relief. Rocket definitely isn't for everyone but I find it contrasts well against all the heavy drama videos we get, especially when I personally watch as much of Madonna as I do. This video stars Ena Satsuki first and foremost it seems, which is not a half bad choice for it. If Ena is any bit as good as I thought she was when I first reviewed her, this video is sure to be a banger.

Saki is an S1 actress that kind of falls under the radar a lot of the time. She's been around for a dozen years now and I feel like S1 consistently brings in actresses that outshine her. You've either got your Yua or Saika at the top of the team or you've got someone new like Miyuu or Mitsuha mentioned elsewhere. Or you've got other veterans like Aika Yumeno and Tsukasa Aoi also above Saki on the charts. As much as I've grown past Saki at times, Saki does still have a certain charm to her. She's pretty nice physically and I'm really digging the longer hair she's going back to. Maybe that is sparking some of the renewed fandom for her and hopefully it comes with some enjoyable films, which honestly this teacher video certainly could be.


Top Videos

Unsurprisingly this continues to be the year of Yua with seven of our top videos being from her. Normally Yua working for Idea Pocket would be the talk of the town but when you pair her up with eight of the biggest and best in the industry you can't not talk about it. S1 almost never does these kind of videos and I'm not sure if I can ever remember them doing one with EIGHT on their roster. I don't expect the world out of it but getting all sorts of varied content at a four hour runtime is sure to please everyone. Also a reminder that this video stars Ai Hongo who recently transferred to S1, S1 really outdoing themselves with this one.

Saika Kawakita is in fourth place on our list and it honestly shows you just how popular she has become. To compete against the likes of Yua while Yua is doing what she's doing, it's no easy feat. In my review of Saika I pointed out how good of a drama actress she seemed, so this kind of video might actually do well. Even though the plot seems a little lacking at times I also have a feeling that she would make it work.


Miyuu Kiyohara is the latest busty actress from S1 and let me tell you, she looks incredible. Those boobs look incredible on the cover and just as good in the film itself. This is still her debut film so we're a long way out from seeing if she'll compete with others like Rara Anzai, Mei Washio, Konan Koyoi, and Hikaru Nagi, but she certainly has potential, especially being at S1.

Noa Hazuki's June release is way up on this list, unsurprisingly. Debuts sell well and if you look the way she does, well, I don't blame people. It has a bit of a gimmick with the mask on but overall you can't go wrong with the spectacular pair of breasts that she has. She may not have made my favourites pairs of boobs as my recent post went over but they're certainly a fantastic pair that's worth taking the time to watch. They're honestly probably nice enough to watch even despite how little faith I have in E-Body as a studio with debuts these days, so hopefully she continues to put content out there.

Thanks for tuning in to another sales report. As always, feedback on these posts is welcome and encouraged. Until next time!


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Format-wise, I'd love to see info on the relative sizes of digital vs physical channels. I know that you'd love to as well, just that DMM doesn't publish the info.
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