My Girlfriend Takes Me to a JAV Set and Forbids Me to Become Erect Game Show First Half

Published April 5, 2021

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Imagine having a girlfriend who is so OK with you having a JAV addiction she takes you to a set on one condition: you cannot get hard. Spoiler: you fail.

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My Girlfriend Takes Me to a JAV Set and Forbids Me to Become Erect Game Show First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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Frequent readers of ZENRA reviews should by now know I'm something of a geek when it comes to 'throwback' titles.  These are movies that were shot in the modern era, but contain more grandiose themes that you sadly don't see enough of anymore.  The biggest reason--the elephant in the room--is money of course.  Getting lots of people even when a good amount of them can remain clothed together for a JAV shoot is a tall order in the best of times.  Go back a decade or longer and this was a task that was still difficult, but a bit more commonplace.  The tail end of this is where we are with today's update, not brand new, but one well worth your time.

MY GIRLFRIEND TAKES ME TO A JAV SET AND FORBIDS ME TO BECOME ERECT GAME SHOW is self-explanatory.  We've a young couple eager to earn some money, a fanciful JAV set, a bizarre no erection rule, and chaos!  Being a JAV movie about filming a JAV movie, it shouldn't come as a spoiler to learn that all the boyfriends in this beast of a three hour movie all get hard, fail the challenge, don't earn big bucks, and lose their girlfriends to a group of JAV actors while everybody watches (and in one instance, we even get lesbian action next to the main act for no apparent reason--hurray inflated Golden Era JAV budgets!).

I'm surprised as much as anyone to see HOT ENTERTAINMENT do something like this.  Any fan of their newer work mainly associates them for their nanpa movies, but from their beginning through the early 2010's, they had their fare share of 'kikaku' releases.  Even today you can expect an odd-ball of a movie every so often.  The edition of MY GIRLFRIEND TAKES ME TO A JAV SET we're showing today and Friday is actually the 10th and last in the series.  This one's the biggest; the biggest cast, the biggest sets, and possibly the greatest sex.  If it proves popular, we will surely go back and license seven, eight, and nine as those were also shot in FHD.

Four couples take part in this one and visit four different live sets:  a courtroom drama, a prisoner visiting room, an office, and a bathhouse dinner party.  We also get a great bonus sex scene between the host and director that begins with a very sexy all naked massage.  So with that said, MY GIRLFRIEND really does have something for everyone.  I mean it!  That office encounter even has a totally unexpected but very welcome femdom moment featuring a group of women going to town on a portly actor covered in lewd body graffiti who rubs one out while being covered with their feet.

There are no big names in this release--at least ones that fans of modern JAV may know.  This is a movie of its time that most likely was cast with whomever their budget could allow.  All the women in it have their charm, but true knockouts of the era like RIO HAMASAKI definitely took a rain check.  Go into this one for the incredibly zany plot and its fantastic execution four times over.  You will love what you see.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 623

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Super unique theme.
+Many set changes.
+Huge groups doing crazy things.
+Naked hotel massage bonus scene.


-While shot in FHD, still slightly dated.
-Appeared not to use a boom mic making for audio that at times was not very clear.

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