JAV Sales Report - April 2023

Published : May 18th, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Hey everyone, Oppaira here. Can you guys believe it's almost summer now? Feels like just yesterday I was posting all my 2022 debuts. While I'm still gearing up for 2023 debuts 'll probably take a look at a few last minute 2022 debuts sometime during the summer or fall. With that said, there's still plenty of great content before then from myself and all the other wonderful writers. If you haven't already looked at it, fellow writer Fried Chikan took on the 2022 Yearly Sales Report. A huge thanks to him for taking it on and I hope you guys enjoyed getting a different perspective on the sales report. With that said, let's jump into it.


Top Actresses

Up in 4th place we have Erena who I would call a noteworthy debut. She's noteworthy because she's actually from Hong Kong and not Japanese. It's very rare we get non-Japanese actresses especially when they're from other Asian countries. The fact that she's doing quite well for herself is a good sign, especially with her debuting at Faleno that can be quite hit or miss, she's someone I certainly have my eye out for when debut season rolls around.

Finally we have Yuna getting the admiration I was expecting. She was extremely popular back in her prime and it's a bit surprising she took a while to really catch on. I'm not super shocked by it just because debut videos can be very hit or miss, and honestly I think with an eight year hiatus you kind of have to think about it like that. I've seen one of her Madonna releases and it's just not the same. I guess part of that is due to general industry shifts because Yuna just doesn't have the same kind of content coming out; it's hard to compare the content of JAV from 10 years ago to today. Still, Yuna has been looking great in her mid 30s and I can only hope she gets even half way back to the fame she had in her prime. I'm still rooting for her to go freelance.

I'm not sure I'll ever figure out why Jun keeps bouncing around. You see her dropped by Madonna and do some low tier studio freelancing and now she seems to be back on top of the world. Is there something about her that I'm missing? I've seen her a couple of times now and she doesn't seem as good as studios seem to think. That being said, there's something about being a certain level of popular where all the great opportunities you have make you even more popular. I admit to being guilty of that in the past, that some of my favourites are only my favourites because they had quality careers when I got into them. Jun strikes me as someone that will go that way too if her recent career is any indication. She might not have Mizuki Yayoi's ass or Non Ohana's tits but if each month is like May then I expect quite a few people to become big fans of hers. And if you're curious to find out more about her, take a look at my initial review.

Speaking of actresses who are bouncing around, let's talk about a couple of names much further down the list in Ayumi Natsukawa and Kana Kusakabe. I wrote about Ayumi's pretty underwhelming debut last year but this year things have been picking up. While she might not be anywhere near Jun's level, seeing her work for Fitch, Madonna, and Lunatics does inspire much more confidence in her than I had before. Is she a great actress? Probably not. Is she likely to be an average (at best) big titty milf? Most likely. Average big titty milfs are still enjoyable though so hey, I'll take it. The other is Kana Kusakabe, fresh off being released from Madonna. I didn't really expect them to drop her after only three videos, she seems better than that. Maybe average big titty milfs just don't work out all that well at Madonna, who knows. That being said, I'll happily take her going the freelance route if it means she'll star in my all time favourite series. I'm really happy to finally see Oppai get someone properly busty in their doors that I already knew about, hopefully it's the banger I know it can be.

Aoi might not be retired yet but she's already announced she'll be retiring in a year. It sucks to see actresses retire but it's interesting when they announce it this far in advance. I suppose it softens the blow a little bit even if it's going to sting when they retire regardless. This is also not the first time we've seen an actress announce far out, we saw Yua Mikami do it recently as well. Aoi also announced she's going to be exclusive with S-Cute which is a rather interesting career decision. Looks like she wants to just ride out slowly into the sunset and I can't blame her for wanting to take it easy. At least her recent video looks interesting as she's starring alongside her friend and the top actress Ichika Matsumoto. I expected a lot less than Aoi making out with a chick when she announced she was going to S-Cute, so who knows, maybe the end of her career won't be as plain as we might have suspected.

This month's top 25 digital has a fun trip of Yuria Yoshine, Kaho Imai, and Ruka Inaba, all in the top 10. If you haven't seen my post about my favourite debuts from each year, I'm gonna spoil it now and say that this trio is my favourite from 2019, which should come as no surprise considering my two year debut roundup said the same thing. What I find interesting about this is how well some of them are doing despite retirement. Kaho Imai already announced her retirement but still has some final videos coming out, while Ruka is already fully retired. She recently appeared back on Twitter and seems to be contemplating coming back but for now that's kind of all speculation. I will not be the first or last to wish she comes back as she was wonderful. If there's anything to highlight it would be Yuria Yoshine shooting an IV for Grace. Friends of mine have been hyping this video up, can't really go wrong with an IV where Yuria shows you just how incredible her M cup titties are. I mean, it is titled Mの世界 afterall (which would translate to M [Cup's] World or maybe World of M [Cup]).

Was this the success I expected from Riho when she started freelancing? Well, yes and no. I can't say it's a good sign that she's down despite some quality releases but I can say I'm happy she's still in the top 25. Like I mentioned a bunch, Kirei was a bad home for her and freelancing is just so much better. I don't know how good it is financially for her or not but as a fan, the variety of releases just goes over so much better of her. Even looking ahead for releases this month she's got OL stuff that similarly looks great. I do expect a lot of good things from her during the summer and I'm really excited to see where her career continues.

One of the things I like to look out for is retired actresses who are still doing well. I find it interesting to see them continuing to sell despite not releasing any new content. There are quite a few on here but the ones that have been retired for a long time are definitely the most impressive. Rena Aoi hasn't released anything in a year (though she's a director now), Kurea's been gone since 2021 (though you can find her at her bar), and Aki Sasaki has seemingly vanished since she left. As a fan I love being able to see where the actresses go after JAV and all three of them have done quite different things. Rena's still in the industry and it would surprise me if she didn't make an appearance in some of her own videos, she seems like she would be the next Nao Masaki. On the flip side you've got Kurea, who is still somewhat in the spotlight and fans can now drop in and meet her. And then there's Aki Sasaki who is presumably off leading a quiet life. There are definitely more retired names on the list (every time I look I find someone I missed) and I'll be curious to see if there are any other names that pop up in future months.


Top Videos

Yes, that really is a video with no image for the cover. Studios don't have to release covers to put the video on DMM, as you may have seen if you've looked at the top 100 (which you can do by clicking on the image). It's surprising one would do so well but Yotsuha seems to be SOD's top talent these days and people probably just buy her content without even looking.

Alright, in first place here we unsurprisingly have the S1 version of Beauty Venus. I've seen it and I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand it's not what you were expecting if you came in expecting Beauty Venus. While IP has perfected their craft over many years, S1 doing this for the first time had no clue what to do. To be somewhat fair to them, Yua kissing Minami Aizawa has so much sway that you don't really need to do all that much to make it work. Like as disappointed as you might be in the certain parts of the film, you then see them making out and forget all about your woes. I wouldn't go around calling it a must watch video but if the idea of these women kissing is turning you on, it's worth checking out.

I honestly expected to see IP's Beauty Venus 8 take a higher spot than 5th, especially when two of the videos competing with it are older releases. We've got Erena's debut and Lemon Tanaka's redebut above it, I was really not expecting that. I mean just look at BV, we've got Karen Yuzuriha, Momo Sakura, and Mayuki Ito, what a cast. I haven't finished watching it yet but I can still say with confidence it's better than the S1 video. It simply hits all the right notes for people expecting lesbian content, and for a change with a BV release it has three actresses I know of beforehand. I still contend it's not the cast I would have picked but hey, I'm just happy to get quality content. This one is certainly worth checking out if you like these fine ladies, watching them get it on and play with each other is awesome. And don't forget to check out the rest of BV too!

While we might not have a dedicated debut section we can still talk about the ones that do show up here, like Ren Hibiki. It's always hard to tell how well debuts will turn out but let's just say that when you're slim and stacked, hard to go wrong. She's got a body that women dream about having from the looks of it and one can only hope she has some acting skills to back it up. They're really hyping her up as a rookie, calling her a triple crown winner, so hopefully she's as as impressive as they claim.

We've also got an SOD debut up top here in Haru Shibasaki in 5th place. SOD seems to be going with an interesting gimmick where they point out how she's just a normal person. They highlight how cute she is despite her short hair, or how she's been with the company for a while before debuting. It feels like it's just a marketing ploy to me but for anyone that's willing to buy into it, it certainly seems like an interesting take. The prospect of them just finding some female employee that's already there and seeing if she would do porn, kind of an interesting take honestly. Especially with some of the screenshots showing her working at the company normally, I can see why the video itself would be interesting for a debut.

I hope you've enjoyed this month's sales report. Are any of the debuts I mentioned catching your eye? Are there other 2023 debuts I should be taking stock of? Or maybe some 2022 debuts you want me to take a look at? Let me know if there are so I can take a look and perhaps review them. Remember that you can see all my 2022 debut reviews from here. At any rate, hope to see you all back next month. Until next time!


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