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Published : February 21st, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan

Today we look into the anime world for some of the best or most interesting JAV anime parodies. Today you’ll see shows and movies like Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, Kill la Kill, Kakegurui, Your Name, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. JAV actresses all dolled up as your favorite characters and getting down and dirty. These are my JAV Anime Parodies to check out.

CSCT 002
“ Pussy Slayer Mitsuki Nagisa ”

Lets start with my favorite anime JAV parody of all time with COSCRAFT’s take on Demon Slayer. COSCRAFT was a terrific little label that made some great parodies but has unfortunately gone silent since 2021. This is Pussy Slayer starring the petite little cutie Mitsuki Nagisa. I’ve written about this before and for good reason. Firstly is the on point casting with Mitsuki as the adorably feral Nezuko. Body wise she matches up well and the cuteness is definitely there. Not accurate but even better than that is Mitsuki’s darker skin complexion. A darker skinned Nezuko hits different. Outside of that the costumes, makeup, and hair stylings are all well done. The sets are appropriate (no random modern houses and bedrooms). In terms of a porn parody this is as good as it gets production wise. It even has a sequel video with CSCT-011.

The sex has Mitsuki in the caged feral role. Her lusting for sex and attention from anyone near her. It’s a plot that perfectly mirrors the series in a lewd sense. She keeps the bamboo gag on for some of the scenes. Her moans and sounds muffled behind it. The sex scenes are all well done and performed. Mitsuki’s solid as ever. The final scene is my favorite but fans might like her scene with Tanjuro. It’s so wrong but so right. A terrific JAV parody overall; it nails the casting, the costumes, the setting, and most important of all the sex. Pussy Slayer like Demon Slayer gets a recommendation from me.

CSCT 003
“ Pussy with You Kururigi Aoi ”

Our next COSCRAFT title is a parody of Weathering with You. Ingeniously named Pussy with You. Starring Aoi Kururugi in the lead role as the rain bringing Hina. Looking spot on with her twin tails. It’s not a movie with a strong visual marker so those twin tails, black choker necklace, and white hoodie do a lot of the heavy lifting. I was a bit disappointed that we had no scenes taking place in the rain. For a movie that uses rain and weather so much we see little of that here. Plenty of titles have done some movie magic to make it seem rainy or stormy and this title hardly tries. I’ve seen plenty of JAV titles with sex scenes in the rain and that was a missed opportunity here. It’s a well-acted and performed video with Aoi as usual. So it delivers on the sex but leaves you a bit wanting in it’s presentation. Aoi fans will like what they are getting while Weather with You fans might be a bit whelmed. How Hina’s powers work in the parody is quite funny and appropriate for a porn video.

Re: Different World Activity Starting From Erotic Estrus Sister's Bond Abeno Miku & Mari Rika

We continue on with a double header with Rika Mari and Miku Abeno in this Re: Zero adaptation. First starting off as a light novel, Re: Zero is a pretty typical Isekai (otherworld) fantasy series. Rika and Miku play Ram and Rem, two colorfully short haired pair of maids. I can’t tell you how accurate it is plot and series wise as I am unfamiliar with it but I can tell you this is a fine piece of smut. Our lovely pair is looking so cute as the maid duo and the sex delivers. From Rika’s uber cute face to Miku’s round ass in your face. We get nice threesomes with a bit of girl on girl action from our stars. Rika also stars in another COSCRAFT based on Fate Grand Order and looks so darn good in it. But that’s a video game JAV adaptation and a conversation for another day.

CSCT 012
“ Battle Of Perversions ”

Our final COSCRAFT video covers the hit sensation of 2021 Jujutsu Kaisen. The hit dark horror themed series is a strange property to adapt too and thankfully we get no grotesque monsters for the video. The video sticks to the school theme with outfits ripped straight from the manga. Also right out from the source are the wigs. Lots of colorful wigs here some good some not so good. The video stars Mei Satsuki, Megu Mio, and Tennen Mizuki as Maki Zen'in, Nobara Kugisaki, and Kasumi Miwa. With appearances with Gojo, Toge, and Yuji. And yes before you even need to ask, the panda is there. The whole cast of characters are pretty much here.

The video delivers on the sex from the Kasumi and Gojo scene to the finale with Nobara and Yuji scene. But the standout for me with the Maki scene, I am a sucker for glasses and a ponytail. And yes has the panda guy taking part in it. As always with COSCRAFT they hit the mark with the costumes, setting, and overall presentation. Even giving us some on screen special effects. What a shame COSCRAFT are seemingly gone now. They made some fine anime JAV parodies. Be sure to check out their small but quality offerings.

XRW 320
 “ Your Rope. Ayane Suzukawa “

Our second Makoto Shinkai JAV adaptation is Your Name with a hilarious spoof called Your Rope (the trailer even spoofs the Toho opener). Taking the red ribbon motif from the film and turning it into a lewd red rope for some bondage fun. For those that never saw the mega hit anime of 2016, Your Name is about a city guy and a country girl swapping bodies. A nice romance story on a classic body swapping premise with great art. Our title stars Ayane Suzukawa a veteran actress whose been around awhile. Ayane’s an interesting pick because she has a face that is both youthful and mature. Depending on her styling she can pass for both a schoolgirl or a mature milf.

Looks aside Ayane’s an excellent pick for this BDSM light title. Her skinny body is fun to see tied up in rope and she is more than game for the rougher sex inside. Aside from the shibari rope play we get creampies, deep blowjobs, schoolgirl outfits, a priestess outfit, and one cum swallowing scene that is actually accurate for the source material. While it is BDSM themed the action is never too rough or wild. I’d call this a BDSM light video. If you are new to it or only like the lighter stuff this is a good match. Also a good match for fans of the hit anime movie to see a pervy take on it.

HNDS 026
Creampie Kiru la Kiru Kurea Hasumi Azusa Itagaki

Our next title takes on studio Trigger’s Kill la Kill. It has Azusa Itagaki as the protagonist Ryuko Matoi and a pretty spot on casting with Kurea Hasumi as Satsuki Kiryuin. Azusa plays the rough and tumble Ryuko well but Kurea is at home as the domineering Satsuki. One of the few anime themed videos that is story based and not just featuring the costumes. Just like the series Kurea slash Satsuki rules over a school with an iron fist until Ryuko slash Azusa comes in to upturn the balance of the school. The costumes are all on point, both their normal and transformed uniforms. The latter being perfect for porn. Overall the presentation of the whole parody hits it’s mark. They even nailed the font.

The roles are well played and on character and even the side characters are funny to see. It’s pretty much everything you want from a porn parody of something. Aside from the sex. While Ryuko and Satsuki start as femdoms they end up most of the video as subs. I really think this would’ve made for a better video with them as femdoms or at least moving the power dynamic around. A lesbian femdom fuck fest with Kurea and Azusa taking turns fucking the other could’ve been so good. While the plot, acting, costumes, and overall presentation was good; the sex left me for wanting. Still it’s a nicely done porn parody and if you are a Kill la Kill fan worth a look. For another spot on parody check out Rei Mizuna as Ryuko.

Let Love If Two Cooks Disease! HD (Blu-ray Disc)

Next up is a faithful re-creation of Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions an anime that started out as a light novel series. Love, Chunibyo is about a group of students with delusions of grandeur. Basically a bunch of people who have watched too many anime and think it’s real. It’s a fun and cute romantic comedy series. Label Hi-tma of TMA very lovely remade the series for JAV. For example the opening and closing song sequences were remade almost shot for shot (as best they could). Pretty impressive attention to detail and one most wouldn’t expect from a porn parody. Our parody stars Ayaka Tomoda, Riri Kuribayashi, Yuri Shinomiya, and Riku Minato for the main cast. In the spirit of the series, it’s an odder video. Lots of jokes and gags, something you watch more for both the story with the sex rather than the sex only.  

One JAV fan made a cut of the video without all the sex. Here you can see the faithful re-creations of the OP and ED

Lesbian Gurui Director's Cut Version You Can Bet Cash Or A Woman's Body. Rei Kuruki Waka Misono Riona Minami Shoko Otani

Next up is the premier lesbian maker bibian with a take on “Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler”. A fun twisted tale on a gambling obsessed school. An anime and manga series that already is big into S&M play. Subs, femdoms, and humiliation play abound inside. It’s a pretty perfect property for JAV to take on. I highly recommend the anime series. Our JAV title stars Rei Kuruki, Waka Misono, Riona Minami, and Shoko Otani. The only girls only title we have today. The video proved so popular bibian released this director’s cut version with a longer runtime (the original code is BBAN-314).  

A lesbian heavy affair with a nice femdom edge to the action. We see our ladies playing games with the winner getting to fuck the loser as a prize. Taking place in a luxurious casino to match. A fun twisty plot with a light S&M vibe. Lots of toys used ahead with blindfolds, mouth gags, handcuffs, strap ons, and dildos too. The whole cast gives a spirited performance but Rei is my standout of the bunch. A fun well made title that perfectly matches the spirit of it’s source material. I recommend fans of the series or fans of lesbian dom to check out “Lesgurui”.

Back Student Council Vice-president × Mizuna Rei

Speaking of perfect anime series to adapt. Prison School is an adult series about a group of male students who get into trouble in an all-girls school. If this sounds like your typical anime it is not, this series is way NSFW. Bordering on straight up porn. This series is heavy on the BDSM vibes. Loving to play with femdom, dom and sub relationships, bondage, and humiliation. It’s a terrific series that is equally funny, twisted, and enticing. The series iconic character is the Vice President, a strict disciplinarian and major dominatrix. Playing the role is the terrific Rei Mizuna. While she hardly matches the VP’s giant bust, Rei is a fine performer and plays the role well (she’s also a fan of cosplay IRL).

The costume are fine. The outfits are accurate and her wig works. What it really nails is the whole S&M and role reversal dynamic. For most of the film Rei is the domineering bully who has the guys do whatever she wants. Toying with them and playing with them. Later on the roles get reversed as she made to fuck the lot of them in a nice get back gangbang. Rei looking real nice in the skin tight jail outfit. Overall this is a fine adaptation. My nitpicks with it are small. It gets the costume, the plot, the characters, the setting, and nails the S&M theme.  With how great the series was and it’s fitting theme, I’d hope for many more adaptations.

AKB 021
Rei Mizuna Example Cosplayers

She’s so good at it I have to give her another entry. Rei Mizuna loves cosplay and dressing up in and out of JAV. She might be my favorite actress to see dress up as different characters. She’s played Ryuko from Kill la Kill, Chun li in her retirement video, and Blue Rose from Tiger & Bunny to name a few. The first two being especially good. But she is perfect for our next role. Rei plays Mari Illustrious Makinami from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Mari’s slim frame, the glasses, the twin tails, the attitude; all a great match for Rei. She would’ve been my best pick as Mari for sure. Our title is a bit more plot light but does give us the full Mari costume flight. From schoolgirl Mari to both of her pilot suits.

SAIT 024
Automatic Processing Doll
× Anal & Manko 3 Hole Skewered Fuck × 10 Continuous Large Amount Of Semen Bukkake Karina

Violet Evergreen is our next parody. The light novel turned anime has become a critical darling with it’s animated series and movie. The series covers Auto Memory Dolls essentially living type writers. The maker TMA and this sublabel are known for their occasionally JAV parodies of anime. However fair warning these adaptations are more hardcore than the rest. Our video features the hafu Karina Nishida as our titular android. Unfortunately she seems to be wearing a wig which is a shame considering she has gone blonde before and pulled it off well. She is still a great match for Violet in JAV. Unlike most our titles this is plotless one. Purely sex focused with that being largely BDSM. Lots of bindings, rope, and restraint play. There is also anal play in it, a Karina specialty.

AKB 061
Ero Camp

We are back on the TMA train with Ero Camp a parody of Yuru Camp aka Laid Back Camp. The name is spot on for the series. It’s about a group of girls who like to go out camping. A chill and easy going slice of life series. It’s a very cozy show and one that should make for an easy adaptation. The JAV title wisely sticks with the source for a light hearted video. The title stars Yuzuka Shirai, Rena Aoi, Ai Tsukimoto, Kotori Morino, and Aoi Kururigi. We get loads of tent scenes, some outdoor scenes in a hot springs bath. The acting is easy breezy, no rough stuff. We get some group sex and some lesbian play too with the girl on girl. My standout scene is with early Rena Aoi in the threesome. She’ll melt your heart with her even more youthful face in those glasses. It’s a nice sweet if lowkey adaptation. Perfect for the series.

ABP 923
I And Airi's Different World Activity ACT.03 Pursuit! SEX Suzumura Airi Out During Continuous Seeding

Next is Prestige’s Otherworld series. It’s both their cosplay and parody series, usually covering a bunch of series at once. It’s not just dress up with costumes, the put some plot into it. Airi Suzumura stars in this one video that covers a few. Here she plays characters from Re:Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica aka Madoka Magica, and How Not to Summon a Demon Lord. While it has costumes from these series it seems to have an original plot, an Isekai /JRPG type story. In it Airi plays three different roles. So this series is really in between cosplay and parody. Either way it’s a nice series from Prestige from the costume work to the sets to the special effects. And of course the sex.

DVRT 006
That Dress-up Doll Does Fuck Rika Aimi

Finally we have a cover of My Dress-Up Darling. A charming series about a gyaru girl with a love of dressing up and cosplay and a man with a love of dressing things up. A cute pair that makes for a cute story about cosplay and everything surrounding it. A perfect title to round things off with out cosplay heavy list. Rika Aimi is our dress up darling and she is a perfect pick for the gal Marin. The teeny tiny Rika (only 4’9”) with her sexy face, sneaky good figure, and dark skin. She’s perfect for Marin and for dressing up in all sorts of fun outfits.

Better than that is her acting. The normally aloof Rika is super charged with energy and enthusiasm as the bubbly gal. Not only that depending on her outfit she gets into character as them too. A happy loving devil one scene and a domineering seductress the next. Outside of one scene this is a sweet light hearted story about Rika/Marin getting it on with Wakana/her outfitter. I wish that scene was taken out and this could’ve been a sweet story completely. Still it’s one of the few parodies that is nicer than usual and it has a happy ending.


It would be remiss for me not to mention Giga. The studio is well known for it’s parodies and cosplay videos. Lampooning mainly Magical Girl series like Sailor Moon and Super Sentai series like Power Rangers. They are great with costumes and special effects and even do a bit of fighting/action scenes too. I am not a fan of them at large however. All their videos are rough submissive titles and are rarely good in my opinion.

That’s all today folks. As always share your favorite parodies below. For more follow me on Twitter @Fried_Chikan

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TMA's COSCRAFT series are easily the best cosplay JAV has to offer. The fact that they use actual male characters as partners adds to the realism. The female characters could act more in-character, but then again that's not what we're here for. Fortunately or unfortunately, TMA seems to be focusing on VR now, and that's not for everybody.
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