Schoolgirl Emi Love Hotel with a Pool

Published March 7, 2018

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Real Japanese high school student Emi decides to star in a compensated dating JAV title filmed in a high class love hotel with a pool via GUTS.

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Schoolgirl Emi Love Hotel with a Pool
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We never really find out how Japanese schoolgirl EMI somehow ventured from Osaka out to Tokyo to do a single compensated dating-themed JAV title with GUTS.  The reasons why she's taking part and supposedly made such a huge trek out of Kansai and into Japan's uber megalopolis that is Kanto are never expanded upon.  One can assume it's about money.  It's more than obvious and by now a very well known fact for JAV fans and those in the industry that the pay for appearing ON camera is magnitudes better than sucking a dick in private.

I'd of loved to find out more about this actress...this 'EMI'.  Her bio doesn't expand upon that and one-named 'nobodies' who star in a single title back in the mid 2000's are very hard to track down.  She's adorably cute and her on-screen demeanor three parts nervousness and one part naughtiness went together extremely well.  Of course, she isn't perfect but slack must be given as this was (probably) her first ever JAV title.

EMI pretty much plays a quiet dead fish in SCHOOLGIRL EMI LOVE HOTEL WITH A POOL.  The sex in said pool was great and while it was going on, I found myself wondering more just how thoroughly the pool is cleaned between each booking.  What was neat about this title is that it shows the whole Japanese love hotel check-in procedure;  it's totally devoid of human interaction that on one hand may give off a kinda-sorta lonely vibe, but also is a boon for those who love seeing anonymous automation happen so magically in real life.

Apparently the room they chose runs about a hundred dollars (USD) for a few hours of play and you know what?  That's a pretty decent price to pay for the amount of ROOM they got.  Love hotels may be a dime-a-dozen in most major Japanese cities, but very few can boast having private pools!

So yes, all this talk about pools, but this also is a title about schoolgirls, right?  Right.  However, I'll be straight-forward here by saying EMI's time with us was very top-heavy:  the first portion that took place in the pool including some very well shot sex (all done by the actor/director without any extra staff!) was pretty good.  The second half though definitely was about 10 minutes longer than it should have been.

Before sex in a schoolgirl uniform on bed, we're treated to at least 15 minutes of close-ups of EMI being stimulated by a vibrator.  I'm sure many love seeing pretty girls being made to orgasm via sex toys, but I won't deny that 15+ minutes of it overstayed its welcome.  LOVE HOTEL WITH A POOL is a short title at around 70 minutes, but that scene with the vibrators could have been cut down for an even briefer, but much more optimal cool hour of prime enjoukousai-inspired footage.

EMI is a goner!  This is it for her unless we've another GUTS release starring her under a different name.  Compensated dating was and still is a 'thing' both in Japan at large and also in Japanese AV.  We've many more titles like this via GUTS and may start showing more modern takes on them via other studios in the future.  The concept of an innocent and malleable Japanese schoolgirl is the cornerstone of many a JAV release thus it's something that most companies and directors visit quite often.

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