JAV Agency Rundown: Bambi Promotion

Published : July 9th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here. At this point you know the drill, back for another agency rundown. Today we're taking a look at Bambi. If you want to go take a look at the last one, you can see part 1 of T-Powers here. Without further ado let's jump into Bambi.


If ever an actress has punched above her weight it's Ayumi. She debuted in 2022 and was quite unremarkable, lucky to get a release even with Venus. Now she's seemingly everywhere for all the smaller studios. I mean sure she's now working her butt off with as many releases as she can muster and a lot of them are still for lesser studios, but it's still crazy to see her doing this well. Is Bambi to credit for her success? Did studios realize she was simply more than they gave her initial credit for? Either way Ayumi is a modern MILF that is doing great.

Hazuki is one of those actresses I wish I could say gets more love. She's actually great and really undervalued by the industry, often starring in whatever lower quality stuff she gets the opportunity for. I found her to be a pretty great performer being able to hit rougher notes with deepthroating or more sensual notes with how passionate she could get. That diversity is hard to come by and I can see why Anton holds her in such high regard. Unlike Ayumi it feels like Hazuki had her chance, didn't impress, and now is just doomed to be at the bottom.

Kaoru Yasui was heralded into the industry as a miracle when she revived Muteki back in 2021. As a former gravure idol people had a lot of hopes for her. She would use that initial burst of success to land a gig at S1 where she would stay for a year and a half. I found her to be somewhat underwhelming and I think the industry has felt the same as well. Her initial success tanked quite quickly and she went from the new hotness to an Oppai exclusive and is now a freelancer. It remains to be seen if Glory Quest is going to be her freelancing peak or not but nothing will peak her initial debut.

You might not ever realize Mitsuki has only been around for five years without knowing a bit more about her. She has been a shining beacon of a freelancer for them, doing a ton of work and becoming synonymous with the schoolgirl genre. Just look at her catalogue and tell me I'm wrong, you can't go through a single pague of her content without finding multiple schoolgirl videos. That feels like both a blessing and a curse to me. On the one hand she suits the genre quite well and puts a specialty to her that makes her quite memorable, but on the flip side it means she's very narrow as an actress. To some extent it feels like their intention for her is to last many years in the industry and with that she might naturally grow out of it as she matures. I guess I just find it an interesting play that her agency focuses her like this but who am I to argue when clearly it's been working for them because Mitsuki has been at the top of the charts for quite some time.

Emika Shirakami is a brand new debut and normally I wouldn't be inclined to put them here. Except, well, Bambi doesn't really do much with Emika's type. They tend to have such few actresses that have this cuter appeal as well as being less curvy, and on top of that Emika is an exclusive over at S1. I think it's that last part that makes her stand out on their roster because it feels like a bit of a shift to them getting bigger and better names. We saw Kaoru Yasui be on S1's roster and almost immediately fall from grace and it feels like Emika is the redemption ark for them. I guess we'll just have to see how this cutie plays out and if she can last a year (or 10) over at S1.

We've listed a couple of big tiddy milfs above but Nina is a whole different ball game when it comes to the word big. She's big in every sense of the word, from her build to her absolute units that she has for tits. Over the 10+ years she's been in the industry she has become one of the standout plus size women, especially in the last couple of years when she put on even more weight. Nina also isn't shy about her weight either as we saw in our exclusive interview of her, telling us it's both key to her success but something doctors warn her about. Love her or hate her, Bambi has stuck gold with an actress like her who stands out quite a lot.

Sakura Tsuji burst onto the scene with one of the most interesting debuts, having not one, not two, but three debut videos in the span of two weeks, for Moodyz, E-Body, and Fitch. Talk about being excited! That honestly didn't last all that long though because pretty soon after she was talking whatever came her way. I was pretty high on her at the start but like many we've seen on the list, if your career tanks it's hard to capture fans. It's just so hard to be excited when Giga superhero films are the thing you're supposed to get excited for. Maybe one of these days Bambi can figure out where Sakura should be because Giga is not the place.

Suzu Akane has come a long way from her time at S1. It's not uncommon to see actresses stay there for a year or so and then leave, just like Suzu did. Suzu had put on a bit of weight by the end and you can really tell from where she started and where she is now. Maybe that's why she ultimately isn't at S1 anymore but I'm not convinced it doesn't suit her. The softer features she has these days actually aren't half bad and make her feel a lot more approachable as an actress but they come at the cost of her no longer having enough appeal.

Toa Kiyomi is a 2024 debut that I have my sights set on. I mean just look at the pic I used and tell me you're not equally as interested. As an E-Body debut I feel like she'll end up the way most of them do, moving to a different studio and likely being a freelancer. That's not necessarily a bad thing but it feels like Toa has the potential to be more. She strikes a great balance where others do not, being bustier than most of their roster without veering into the plus size Nina or the name below are. She harkens back to some of their retired names while being on the younger side which is a niche I'm not sure they've ever truly had. I feel like Toa is going to be one of the true tests of the agency as she has the potential to be a star and it feels like the agency is the maker of it. Will she show up leading the charge somewhere? One can hope.

Yua Kasumi is a bit of an interesting case as she's someone who recently returned to the industry. I feel like this is one of the major tests of agencies, whether they can convince actresses to come back and grace us with their presence again. We've seen quite a few redebuts in recent years, and while Yua is not the household name some of them are (like Ruri Saijo or Rena Fukiishi that we recently saw) she's a name that sits right at home for me. She's basically a younger Nina Nishimura and I'm all about that. In fact, you can see the two of them together in a recent lesbian release they had. I always love it when you get duos like this and there are very few actresses who compliment each other as well as these two big ladies do. That already feels like the highlight of her redebut and one can only hope that the agency can pull it together and get Yua to compete with Nina in a spot for best plus-sized woman in the industry.


A few years ago if you said you didn't know Ai Hoshina I'd say you were living under a rock. Even I knew about her and let's face it, she is not my typical kind of actress. Ai was seemingly everywhere for a few years starring in videos for Moodyz, Honnaka, and Wanz Factory one week, then K.M. Produce, Sadistic Village, and GLAYz the next. It wasn't just the studios they tried to get her in but they seriously tried to get her in every video you could think of. BBC for Fitch? Check. Duo with Eimi Fukada? Great, not enough, let's do VR alongside her as well. How about Aika Yamagishi's lesbian ban? Not wild enough? We'll place her beside Akari Mitani in one of those fake cum videos. Or maybe you're tired of too few actresses, let's get some of those 10 actress schoolgirl films. I do feel like she had more of a following domestically, maybe something about that kawaii schoolgirl look being preferred in Japan compared to the west, but she was basically everywhere and you couldn't miss her if you tried, and if current schoolgirls aren't cutting it you can always go back to Ai.

If you like big tits and short hair then look no further because Arisa is a name you should be familiar with. She sported a career that lasted more than a decade and let me tell you, she definitely got around. There are plenty of great videos starring this freelancer, I mean how could there not be? She's cute, has big tits, and she has an ass you might not realize is as nice as it actually is. Throughout her career she starred in plenty of solo and group videos and you could often see her alongside any of your favourite freelancers, from the curvier types like Yuria Yoshine, Yuri Oshikawa, and Yuri Honma to everyone's favourite duo Hibihata. In fact, one of her most notable videos is alongside Hibihata where they put on some strap-ons and DP'd her. Yes, she's retired now, though you can still find her on Fantia if you're really curious to see what she's up to these days. And really, who can complain when there's more than a decade of content for you to go back and watch.

Emiri Okazaki is definitely a blast from the past. To help put things into perspective a little better, Idea Pocket is on First Impression 174 with their latest and Eimi is way back at 57. That was more than a dozen years ago. Careers back then weren't quite what we see from some today, Emiri's being just five years, but she packed quite a bit into that time. First an exclusive for IP, then for Moodyz, then for Kira Kira in a gal phase. Most fans probably remember her time as a freelancer instead where some highlights include bukkake and a lesbian alongside Yui Hatano. One of the things I remember her for is being a notable actress to go to Dubai. I know there's the whole Dubai thing and actresses don't often talk about it, but Emiri, to this day, has it listed on her sns. These days you can find this half Japanese half Korean beauty out in the countryside farming. She may look innocent today but I sure as hell remember her less innocent side.

If you thought Emiri was a blast from the past how about Nana Aoyama? Does anyone even remember when Crystal Eizou was actually a major studio? When they had exclusive actresses? Yeah, that's how long ago Nana was there. A lot of people will probably remember her more for the middle of her career when she was one of the most prominent busty actresses. Her video alongside Ruri Saijo, Anri Okita, and Hitomi is a very iconic one for me, Hitomi and Anri almost never did group videos so this was a rare treat.

It's really sad to have to put Rino over in this corner but I think it's about time we accept things. Rino announced she's on indefinite hiatus due to health reasons and personally I wish her the best. That being said, instead of being sad we can celebrate just how incredible she has been in her short time in the industry. I have yet to meet someone that didn't love her. Nice boobs, great ass, and a cute face. She was very expressive and had a pretty solid freelance career. She's been a consistent force in the industry and she had a video make my top 25 of last year. For those of us that are fans she still has videos coming out but that's probably just a product of the lengthy duration for releases or studios backlogging things.

Future & Conclusion

One of the things I'd really like to see out of Bambi is them manage to get some major exclusive actresses on their roster. Of the active actresses I pointed out, just two of them are exclusive and both of them debuted this year. Their actresses tend to do better as freelancers, looking at Nina Nishimura and Kaoru Yasui who both recently ended up freelancing. Emika and Toa have opportunities to impress as exclusives that Bambi should pay special attention to. While Toa being at E-Body lends me to think she'll end up freelancing, Emika could have a long stint at S1, which would be even more impressive considering the day and age where so many of them have giant tits and Emika does not. It would also be a bit of a redemption arc for Bambi who have had a couple of losses at S1 with Kaoru and Suzu. In my JAV draft for Oppai, I drafted both Nina and Yua to Oppai, and that's something I'd love to see Bambi try and do.

I would also really love to see someone like Arisa Hanyu or Nina Nishimura guide some of the newer talent. It seems like a lot of them are just getting lucky at periods in their career without a lot of the real power behind them to be that top tier. Arisa and Nina aren't those S tier actresses that you'd have loved to see on their roster but maybe they could help Emika or Toa level up a bit faster by getting them some of that previous experience. There's gotta be something from 10 years in the industry they can provide, right? Or maybe even something Rino Yuki could do given she's still on the roster but not shooting, and this less physical activity could be a good option. I say this especially for Bambi because unlike other agencies they don't have engagement between their roster and it feels like others can skill up their actresses a lot faster when they do.

Another thing I'd love to see out of them is quality content on their non-JAV side, i.e. OnlyFans / Fantia, etc. When we interviewed Nina she was pretty clear about wanting her OF to be quite timid in a way that makes me a bit sad as a fan. I'd love to see them grow and especially since you might pull in the likes of a Yua Kasumi to join her or her long time friend Shiori Tsukada or any number of actresses, I am hoping they can pull through there.

At any rate Bambi is still one of the biggest agencies out there. They've got multiple recognizable names and continue to find promising names. Maybe one day they can figure things out and really get the right collaboration between their roster. Until then, you can follow the studio on their official website or either of their official Twitter accounts here and here. I hope you've all enjoyed this post as usual, until next time!


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