Akemi Sugawara - Cheating Wife Immoral Hot Springs Vacation

Published October 9, 2019

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Mid thirties and without a care in the world sees this naturally tan and skinny Japanese young mother go on a forbidden onsen getaway via GUTS.

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Akemi Sugawara - Cheating Wife Immoral Hot Springs Vacation
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

I've always been a big fan of those 'cheating wives go on onsen vacation' titles so it's a pleasure for us to be showing another one that while far from a brand new release, does everything you want to see a movie with this format do and then some.  AKEMI SUGAWARA - CHEATING WIFE IMMORAL HOT SPRINGS VACATION stars an *extremely* outgoing young Japanese wife and mother in her mid-thirties.  She's as vivacious as they come and while far from curvy, her passion for having sex with people who aren't her husband is endless.  She also has little shame about doing some truly brazen acts in public even when the risk of being spotted is very real.

IMMORAL HOT SPRINGS VACATIONS was released by GUTS and I believe was directed by the same person who did this other cheating wife title as they both share some quirky editing traits like on screen captions that were incredibly hard to read (bold--is it too much to ask for?!).  Heck, both women were in their mid-thirties and were on the skinny side.  A fetish of his, perhaps?

If you love your JAV to contain elements of the bucolic, then you really need to check out the first part of today's update.  The car ride is one thing as it features AKEMI stripping naked for masturbation and more, but we even get the director and her walking through a quaint rural town before stopping at a penis temple of some sort.  Yes, a penis temple.  This leads to them finding an even more secluded area still outside where she strips stark naked for true 'under the blue sky' masturbation (see the sample clip for an extended look at this moment).

Yes, IMMORAL HOT SPRINGS VACATION is far from a new title.  It's as #ClassicJAV as it gets.  As major fans of JAV shot back in the day, giving this nugget one more time to shine in the twilight days of SD footage is something we're quite proud of.  The mosaic is thin and the sex is rather passionate.  The final encounter even contains light femdom elements with AKEMI taking the lead with a near endless blowjob that has the director begging for insertion (spoiler:  she complies, but she makes him beg and beg hard).

AKEMI SUGAWARA mentioned she's always had a kinky streak and without her husband's knowledge, had been working as a 'nude model' for a few years before someone there asked if she'd also like to do 'private group play' (his and her words).  Who knows what that entailed, but it eventually led to her deciding to hop into doing JAV.  IMMORAL HOT SPRINGS VACATION may not be her first title, but her career only contained a few releases before she vanished back into obscurity.  Today, she's probably pushing 50 and who knows--maybe she looks back with fondness of her time as a reckless thirty-something with perpetually spread legs.  Maybe she's even now contemplating a return...

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