JAV Actresses With Short Hair Cuts

Published : January 22nd, 2021 Written by jmsorry

In any industry, specifically in the JAV world, variety is important. No one wants to fap to the same face every time. Thus, the industry aims (we hope) to cater as much variety of talents and accommodate all sorts of tastes, kinks, and moods. 

This is why every now and then, we come across short-haired and tomboy-ish JAV actresses. Some lean totally into the boy-ish zone and market themselves as such while others simply sport shorter haircuts.

However, not all actresses look good with the tomboy look. There are some who carry the style better than the others. Moreover, not a lot of actresses commit to the style and base their whole image on it. After all, long hair is still the norm in JAV.

In praise of those who go against the current, we dedicate this article to some of the hottest actresses who sport the tomboy look.

Obviously, this is a very subjective piece and we'd surely miss a lot of names, especially retired legends such as Nana Natsume. We are limiting ourselves to newer actresses who are best known with their short hairs. But don't hesitate to bring up names in the comments and we'd consider writing something about them in the future. 

Rena Kodama

A relative newcomer (she debuted February this year), Rena Kodama is S1 gem who flourish with the tomboy look. She stands out in S1's stable of talents as most of them go for the cute and hyper-feminine aesthetic. 

But despite her boy-ish appearance, this babe just oozes with female sexuality. Standing at 168cm (5 feet and 5 inches), Rena-chan has nicely shaped legs fit for an athlete. She also has nice perky tits and a butt that begs to bury your face into. 

She has also developed her acting skills in the span of a few months. Gone is the boring and awkward newbie in her debut; Rena-chan is increasingly becoming more assertive and sexy. 

One stand-out in her career is her "Mixed Bodily Fluids" title, SSNI-754. In this title, Rena lunges at her partner with uncharacteristic hunger. Like other titles in this series, Rena engages in pure animalistic sex one after another. She lunches on her partners' anuses and gets fucked like a sweaty rag doll. 

Next is SSNI-910 which has a title that pretty much narrates the whole plot: "This Boyish Barely Legal After-School Club Girl And A Middle-Aged Coach Are Rooming Together During Summer Training Camp... And This Female S*****t Is So Horny That She Paid Him A Reverse Night Visit And Hit Him With 10 Rounds Of Orgasmic Ejaculatory Sex." There you go. 

In this title, Rena is one horny club girl on a school field. She is cooped with the other girls in a segregated dorm. But she can't control herself so she sneaked out of their room to go to her coach's room and fuck him. Thus commences their relentless fucking all over the place. If you've ever had a love affair, this title will remind you of those field trips, the raging hormones, and youthful carelessness. 

Rena's acting here is stellar. She plays the character very convincingly, acting as a typical student whose libido suddenly lets itself loose at the sight of her lover's crotch. 

Honorable mention: SSNI-801 which features Rena's twerking and cowgirl skills.  It's another title where she is remarkably active and slutty. We wrote a review about it, check it out. 

Sora Shiina

A list about the hottest tomboys of JAV wouldn't be complete without Sora Shiina. It's pretty much a given especially since she has already outed herself as a lesbian. In fact, she is very open about her personal life, including her pre-JAV days (we have an entire story about it that you can read here). She is one of the few JAV actresses who have leaned in into their tomboy persona with total conviction. That is not even the mention how mind-blowingly prolific she is as an actress (she currently has 610 titles under her name in r18.com, including compilations).  

Nonetheless, let's a look at some of her masterpieces. 

Sora-chan is a great actress even in her straight movies, but she displays a different energy in her lesbian titles. She looks more at ease, dominant, and enthusiastic when chowing on clams than on dicks.

One of the standouts in her lesbian career is AVOP-272 with Nanako Tsukishima. In this epic title, we follow the real-life couple as they fly to Hokkaido and pick up lesbians to fuck nampa-style. That is, they literally scoured the streets looking for chicks to hook up with. In the process, we get to witness the unbelievable chemistry between the two, as well as numerous hot sex scenes, of course. 

This four-hour movie has tons of memorable moments. For instance, in one of the scenes, Sora and Nanako got onto a Ferris wheel with another chick. They then start making out on top of the Ferris wheel while giving us a great view of the Hokkaido night sky. Good stuff.




For those who prefer to see cocks in their JAV, we suggest another Sora Shiina classic, MIMK-056. In this somewhat straightforward JAV, Sora has a more feminine role wherein she is team manager of a baseball team. Based on a manga, the story follows the team's ace pitcher after he got into an accident. Eager to keep his morale up, Sora gives him a visit. One thing leads to another, and Sora becomes enamored with the pitcher's dick. 

What is interesting about this manga is how it displays Sora's acting chops. She plays a very feminine role in this one, and she looks particularly prim, proper, and hot too. It's also fascinating to see how reluctant she is at first to have sex with the pitcher and then suddenly become addicted to his cock. 




Yuna Mitake

A 2020 debutant, Yuna Mitake hits two fetishes in one hit. She is a boy-ish looking MILF with a toned body. She has some martial arts training which she displayed in NNPJ-400 with Nanpa Japan. She may look intimidating, but man, she does have some perky tits, a tight-looking ass, and adorable eyes. 

Sadly, she disappeared after a few videos. She freelanced for a number of different studios including Madonna, E-Body, and Honnaka and she has a few videos on r18 where she is not named. It's likely that she did not have plans to stay for long, which makes her works all the more special. 

One such interesting title is HND-867 where she plays an elder sister type. She wears a power suit with matching business pants in the first scene. It was fun seeing the actor slowly peel off the suit, revealing Yuna's toned ass.

There is also a scene with her in workout clothes. On top of all that, she gets creampied. All that suit and muscles, only to be creampied? Now that's some satisfying ending to the equally fun unboxing. 

Madonna cleverly leans less on the 'tomboy' part of her image and focuses on Yuna's more feminine side. In JUL-295, they give her some sexy lingerie and tights which effectively emphasized her best lady assets. Madonna's production is also noticeably sharper and classier than Honnaka's more cartoonish color grading. 

Ai Mukai

Ai Mukai has sported the boy's bob cut, in varying lengths, since the start of her career. With a cute face, a radiant smile, and tons of energy, Ai-chan is also one of the most hardworking actresses in the industry. Moreover, like Sora Shiina, she has done pretty much everything, from time-stop movies to lesbian titles. She has never shied away from doing hardcore stuff and she is also a competent actress. On top of that, Ai also has a few uncensored videos under the name Mari Haneda. 

That being said, it is particularly difficult to choose a stand-out work from her ouvre. Nonetheless, we're choosing WANZ-515 as one her best early works. In this high-energy title, Ai Mukai is an ovulating cosplayer meeting her 'fans.' Willing to please them as much as she can, she let them cum inside and do their way with her. Aside from the costumes, viewers will enjoy Ai's trademark enthusiasm and as well as the thin mosaic.

Another clear standout is KV-210. This gem from Knights Visual is a one continuous take of ugly men fucking and cumming inside Ai Mukai. We get to see her pussy literally flooded and soiled by dozens of strangers. Ai also takes on a more active role, extracting the cum from a group of lined lined up on the ground. This is definitely a classic from the studio's best known series. 

Riku Minato

Riku Minato is known for her unique charm. Her tall-ish, curvy body is complemented by her one of a kind face.

Riku's career career was a bit unusual. She started her freelancing with small studios, doing hardcore stuff right off the bat. For example, she did a gokkun title very early in her career with FSET-425. She has also done a couple of deep throat and creampie videos. These are all unusual for a talent of her quality. 

However, she eventually slowed down and was eventually signed by S1. She has since did more or less vanilla titles until she retired. 

One of her most intense early videos is DASD-247 which is part of Das' "Bukkake Creampie 100 Consecutive Shots" series. In this movie, Riku is subjected to all sorts of crazy things. She was stimulated with hundreds of egg vibrators, deep throated, creampied, made to swallow cum, and bukkake-d. Despite the intensity of the title, Riku managed to pull herself through. 

There were moments when Riku seems to be already on the verge of tears. Fair warning, DASD-247 is not for the faint of heart.

Another title with more or less the same intensity as DASD-247 is MIGD-618, "Chained in Place for a Creampie Gangbang." This is another creampie shots movie with a focus on keeping the actress stuck in a particular position. This is less hardcore but still well within the hardcore territory. We get to see Riku Minato on the receiving end of an endless semen barrage. 

She also had a couple of interesting titles with S1. Riku seems to have eased into more dominant and acting-heavy roles with the bigger studio (better contract terms, perhaps?). Despite the tamer material, her S1 stint has been particularly fruitful because she proved herself to be a great actress as well. She showed that she knows how to take on the lead and communicate with the camera. This was put on display on the POV movie, SNIS-932, where Riku is a kissing massage parlor hostess. 

Ito Kaiwa

Ito Kaiwa debuted in 2019 but has stopped after only a couple of titles. It's such a shame since she is one of the most promising talents from the SOD Create line. She sports a full tomboy look that we don't see a lot nowadays. 

Her first work is KMHRS-001 wherein she is shipped as a "cool" 19-year-old tomboy. This is also SOD Create's first title under the Kimi Hore line which is supposed to feature cool-looking, fashionable, and urban chicks. SOD Create obviously values her a lot that they gave her 003 and 005 slots of that series. 

One of these, KMHR-003, is titled "Tomboy Shows Such an Unexpected Reaction To This Huge Cock That She Shockingly Started Cumming Like A Woman." The movie obviously aims to capitalize on male viewers who like seeing tomboys showing their hidden woman-ness. You have to admit that that is an interestingly premise, seeing Ito Kaiwa showing her feminine side despite her 'rebellious' look, and letting sexual instinct come out.

On the other hand, KMHR-005 shows her growing out of her shell. The premise is that she is celebrating her 20th birthday. Kaiwa-chan lets herself be enjoyed by a group of horny merry-makers. Here, Kaiwa-chan engages in more sweaty and animalistic sex. 

Mio Kimijima

Mio Kimijima is undoutedly one of the hottest MILFs in the industry today, and she wears a short hair cut. Despite only being more or less three years into her career with the name Mio Kimijima, she has done tons of movies and has become popular under said niche. She has progressively cut her hair into that bob that it is today. 

However, not a lot of people know she has already debuted way back in 2005 under a bunch of different names, including Misa Yosano, Kaede Kyamoto, and others. Back then, she has a more typical long black hair. 

Mio's primary asset is her long and thin body which was put into display in her "High Leg Fantasy" title, DPMI-026. This gives her a domineering aura that puts her squarely into the MILF territory. This is emphasized by her calm and motherly demeanor. 

All that demeanor, however, is tarnished with a title as nasty as HND-511 which is part of Hon Naka's "Endlessly Ejaculated by 30 Cocks" series. In this movie, Mio is ravaged by a crowd of lust-deranged men. She gets fondled, fucked, bukkake-d, and creampied by one cocks after another. 

Nevertheless, Mio is the most in her element when she plays a housewife role. She puts her NTR acting into full display in JUY-689 where she is a wife who takes boxing lessons with a black man, a former boxer. Her husband gives her permission on the condition that she will bring a camera with her to the gym to film her training sessions. Of course, none of these measures prevents her from falling into her trainer's BBC. 

JUY-689 is full of hot gym scenarios. Mio wears a variety of tight sportswear which emphasizes her perfect figure. Seeing her getting railed with a BBC is also a treat. 

Hibiki Natsume

Another rookie in our list is Hibiki Natsume who debuted in April this year. Prior to her debut, she was hyped in a bonus scene in SOD's prior videos in which she doesn't show her face. She lived up to the hype though and has moved on to become part of SOD's growing stable of short-haired talents, including Mana Sakura, Makoto Todo, and Tadai Mahiro.  

Her career is still picking up pace but her performance in STARS-268 ("Sexual Intercourse Where Her Uterus Is Stimulated By His Big Glans") is a step in the right direction. Part of the "Intercourse Up The Uterus" series, STARS-268 is all about fucking Natsume-chan with a thick dicks. There is also this whole thing of stimulating the G-spot from the outside while the dick is inside the pussy. Again, we are not experts in sexual biology so we don't know how that works. But it is satisfying to see this rookie get properly used and made to cum. 

Another work on our list is STARS-257 which is basically a 3-hour massage parlor title. This is another interesting title as it puts Natsume-chan on the driver seat, servicing the lucky dudes with her tongue skills. She also seems to have fun doing this video: playing with nipples, licking assholes, slurping on balls, all with a smile on her face. Everybody loves an enthusiastic worker, don't we?

Mana Sakura

Last on our list is one of SOD's biggest assets, Mana Sakura. Sakura-chan has been in the JAV for quite some time, and she has gotten the respect of her peers, most notably Tadai Mahiro who seems intent on following her idol's step. Used to playing JK roles in the earlier part of her career, she has developed into a pretty versatile actress which helped in her career's longetivity. 

A large part of Sakura-chan's image lies on her short hair. Although she has experimented with growing her longer to shoulder length, many still consider her boy-ish short-haired version as the definitive Mana Sakura. 

One Sakura Mana movie that highlights her acting skills is STARS-304. Here, she plays a variety of roles in different scenarios: an office lady, a waitress, a (some sort of) car mechanic, and a friend in a party. In all of these scenarios, she is an older and assertive girl whose kink is to make guys cum in public. She does this while whispering naughty things into the guy's ear. The sneaky sex, Sakura's voice, and her willingness to please all come together to make one hell of a movie. 

Another great title is STARS-169 wherein Sakura-chan is a wedding planner who will do anything to get a five-star rating from her clients. That includes sucking on their tongues, fingers, and cocks. But things become a little bit more complicated as another wedding planner who seems to hate Sakura-chan's guts put her under a series of sexual games. This title has more than a few twists and turns, so we get to see Sakura-chan putting her drama skills to work. 

What do you think of our list? Did we miss a actress that you think we should include? Tell us in the comments and stay updated with Zenra's blog for more stories such as this!

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U forgot about Mari Rika...well, speaking of her, she already make a comeback right?
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Women with short hair are my favorite, great write-up.I would have included Aoi Tsukasa, even though I don't like her fake boobs but she still looks incredible. I also really liked Umi Hirose, shame she retired.I do prefer Ai Mukai with long hair though, that is my only exception.
ZENRA 3 years ago

Going by the chatter I see among our writers, there is a high probability we'll have another entry with this theme.

Bomo1330 3 years ago
Remu Suzumori, Asuna Kawai, Aoi Tsukasa, Yura Kano, Yume Nikaidou, Nozomi Ishihara
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