Stark Naked Tag on an Uninhabited Island Part One

Published June 21, 2019

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ROCKET with all thrusters firing in a big budget group game-themed release filmed literally on an uninhabited island.

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Stark Naked Tag on an Uninhabited Island Part One
Translation and Timing by ZENRA
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Even the biggest and most popular JAV studios may outdo themselves from time to time.  We're talking titles that go above and beyond what their most rabid fans desire.  Works that push the limits in every way possible and surely must cost even more than normal to produce.  Usually when studios push out movies like these, they save them for award season though sometimes for some reason or another, they'll just drop one randomly for the heck of it.

And that's what ROCKET did when they pushed out STARK NAKED TAG ON AN UNINHABITED ISLAND, a *HUGE* release in every was possible.  A release that's a *PERFECT* example of a JAV studio firing on all cylinders.  What we have here is a stellar game-themed title featuring a massive cast and shot in the most unexpected of places:  outside at the beach!

While once upon a time, shooting outdoors was easy, seeing a studio push out something like STARK NAKED TAG in today's climate truly makes me wonder where director KANBE TAROU (who's easily my favorite JAV director of all time) and his crew located such an expansive place to shoot.  We're not talking some tiny, secluded beach alcove here where a few quick outdoor encounters were filmed with the bulk of the title being shot indoors (OK, about half of TAG was shot in a 'mission tent').  STARK NAKED TAG features an immense amount of footage filmed right on and around the beach and nearly all of it features naked females running around attempting to find their captured partners.  What's more, some of that beach footage features really overt lesbian play.  Fingered to orgasm as the tide comes in shot in beautiful FHD?  Check.  Naked Japanese women passionately kissing as their pale bodies are engulfed by wave after wave?  Also check!

I really am blown away by how well this ROCKET release ended up being.  It even has CGI!  Good quality CGI too!  You get your high-tech island map ala Battle Royale complete with various challenges that all predictably end with sexual and taboo penalty games (hey, it's a JAV so sex is a given!).  You can kind of consider STARK NAKED TAG an spin-off of the PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME series.  They're shot by the same director for the same company though RIRI KOUDA is swapped for a very brusque female leader who does her job very well.  Said leader commands a small army of 'lesbian hunters' (that almost certainly features REMI MIURA and AYAKA KANOU).  Seeing one of them strip stark naked for that 'kissing among the waves scene' was one of the highlights of this title.

The only very minor complaint I can say about this otherwise legendary JAV movie is aside from the final jealousy foursome (done amazingly well and should NOT be missed!), the penalty games were a bit too predictable.  I'd love to have seen less use of the 'mission tent' (ie, enclosed studio) and more outdoor play.  Also, aside from that foursome finale, dialog from the naked contestants was rather sparse so fans of the constant rivalry often show in the GUESSING GAME titles may be a tad disappointed.  This is a movie that's taboo pretty much in name only, but makes up for it with some of the most amazing outdoor footage of the modern era and even that indoor foursome was also filmed with finesse.

Even from a JAV maker that's known to release bonkers movies, STARK NAKED TAG ON AN UNINHABITED ISLAND truly raises the bar of what they're capable of.  Shooting outdoors is tough and is very hard to do nowadays.  I'm still surprised such a huge property was located and wonder if it was an actual residence they rented out or if the director just knew of a very deserted stretch of land that would work for filming if lookouts were used.  Mind you, this is the same director who some years ago shot another 'uninhabited island' title that may also have been filmed at the same place.  Director TAROU KANBE is a national treasure--or if the Japanese government ever desired to create a JAV national registry of exceptional works, today and Monday's double update should be at the top!

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