Sex with Newhalf While Jealous Girlfriend Watches First Half

Published May 21, 2021

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One half cuckolding, one half...uh, newhalf? Real Japanese couples test fidelity in the most abnormal of ways.

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Sex with Newhalf While Jealous Girlfriend Watches First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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We don't show newhalf movies that often at ZENRA.  As we've noted in previous reviews, it's not about not being fond of these types of individuals, but more about not being that happy with the type of movies they usually appear in.  More often than not, they're quite low budget and all things considered, quite vanilla.  Rarely do we get movies that incorporate zany themes such as a trio of them visiting public bathhouses or a guerrilla camera crew finding out about a local sento that has a special newhalf day.  It's usually just Plain Jane solo affairs; a newhalf with an actor or two doing unusual, but still believable kinky things.  HOT ENTERTAINMENT, a JAV studio not known for these types of movies, has once in a blue moon released newhalf content that thinks outside of the box and that is where we are today.

Take cuckolding, jealousy sex, extremely bizarre dares, and handsome actor MU-TAN before he got bloated (we'll get to that in a review for a future movie), and you get SEX WITH NEWHALF WHILE JEALOUS GIRLFRIEND WATCHES.  Scene after scene pairing incredibly beautiful newhalfs with real amateur couples!  I tip my hat whole-heartedly to HOT ENTERTAINMENT for not only coming up with a fantastic theme that sadly has not been done elsewhere (including sequels) and finding multiple beautiful newhalf actresses to take part.  They're all lookers, really, but the one in the first half, MIRUKU AIMA, I'd never know was a newhalf until her panties were dropped.

One important technical note in relation to MIRUKU's scenes:  SEX WITH NEWHALF WHILE JEALOUS GIRLFRIEND WATCHES is a bit of an odd duck in that the first half--the bulk of her scenes--were originally from a movie released quite a few years back.  While the second half of this four hour movie is recent and shot in FHD, the first half is obviously SD quality footage upscaled to FHD.  Please keep this in mind before complaining to us about its picture quality.  We're aware.

What I really enjoyed about this movie was how not all scenes even end in sex.  We're given some scenarios that end in all out threesomes with the girlfriend--no longer jealous, but horny!--joining in.  However, to contrast those 'outings', we've a few examples of boyfriends panicking and fleeing the room the moment they find out the woman whom they thought they'd be having sex with has something extra between the legs.  That's what makes this movie all the better though.  I don't want scene after scene of a girlfriend faking outrage while her boyfriend has full-fledged anal sex with a stranger.  Some level of drama is needed.  Failure is needed too.  And fortunately, we get that along with moments of greatness.

It pretty much goes without saying, but if you're in the small minority that has zero interest in newhalves (or newhalfs?  What do think they should be called in plural?), you probably will take one look at this movie's title and close the tab.  But if you've even the slightest attraction to unusual situations that combine elements of cuckolding, confusion, jealousy, and gosh knows what else, I can't recommend SEX WITH NEWHALF WHILE JEALOUS GIRLFRIEND WATCHES enough.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 958

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Really, really unique theme.
+Fantastic casting.
+Lots and lots of anal sex (a given, really).
+'Failure'/Panic scenes rather than everyone ending in sex for added realism.


-First half older SD footage upscaled to FHD.

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