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Published : June 12th, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan

Ai Mukai AV Fan

JAV fans will know that Ai Mukai is a veteran actress whose been around for quite some time now. Someone whose done a variety of genres including uncensored during her freelancing days and who has since become an exclusive for the mature maker Madonna in recent years. What they might not know is that she’s a bit of a JAV fan herself. Her hobbies include baseball, pro wrestling, One Piece, and watching JAV; all of which I can get behind. A self-proclaimed intermediate porn user, let’s see if we at ZENRA can do what we do best and find her some porn recommendations.

Yuu Shinoda

First up is the ever fine Yuu Shinoda. Ai has publicly fawned over the legendary actress while lining up to hang out Yuu at the hostess club as a customer and fan. Such a big fan that she even showed off her favorite Yuu videos on FANZA in excitement. Quite good taste too in videos I might add. Funny enough this isn’t the first time an actress has admitted to watching Yuu with Umi Yatsugake saying that she watched Yuu to completion also. Recommending videos for Ai with Yuu will be the easiest of them all since we can see what she already likes. Clearly preferring Yuu in older roles that focus on her ass with NTR action. Which is honestly how I like my Yuu Shinoda too.



Ready To Cheat That Day, She Was In Her best Lingerie And Spreading Cream On Her Ass Cheeks When Her Husband Spotted Her. Thinking It Was All For Him, He Fucked Her Brains Out Then And There, And Came Inside Her Until She Was Pregnant


Anyways for my recommendation I’m going with this Hon Naka video which might be different from the usual NTR fare but something I think NTR fans will enjoy regardless. This is a NTR subversion where Yuu plays a no good cheating wife who was getting ready to cheat on her husband  until he sees her all dressed up and pounces her and her sweet ass. Yuu’s trying to cheat on her husband only to find him intensely attracted to her and the two ending up humping like rabbits. So Yuu’s cheating on her cheating partner with her husband. A cheating video that turns the genre on its head and into a wholesome husband/wife couple video while still playing with the cheating theme.

Enjoy Yuu’s surprised and conflicted facial expressions as she has to fuck her husband and even more perplexing to her; enjoying it all. Her fun and varied facial expressions with her big eyes have made many a fan. Those fans will especially like  her face during the mirror scene where the husband worships her ass while going to town on it with his face and mouth. This is also Yuu from quite a few years back now when her ass was even fuller and mightier than it was in present days. Plenty of butt shots to satisfy ass fans like Ai too. I imagine Ai like a lot of fans was sad to learn that Yuu had quietly exited porn. Thankfully she’s left a vast library of goodies to watch.

Kana Mito

Now for some talent Ai has worked with but has a hankering for and that is the adorably mature Kana Mito. The two starred together in Kana’s lesbian ban lifting in JUL-489. The two came together, pun intended, for a pretty great lesbian video that featured sweet Office Lady attire. While Ai has had a taste of Kana in real life it doesn’t seem that she’s had her fill of her just yet as seen by her posting about buying one of Kana’s videos. Pretty funny to see her watching someone’s porn even after having sex with her. Perhaps that’s where Ai became a fan.



The Married Woman Whose Body Is Adorned With Accessories By Her Husband's Boss


Judging by her video pick we can give her one that’s a bit similar. This is another plot based drama with Kana in an exotic revealing outfit. Here Kana plays a married housewife who has to start an affair with her husband’s boss. All while dressed up in this very revealing and unique bead lingerie that hardly covers her body and flattering her somewhat modest figure. I like how the outfit had some nipple rings that clung onto Kana’s breasts. Seeing the normally quiet, reserved, and mousy Kana looking and acting all lewd is a huge part of her appeal and we get some of that here. That cute little milf with her big acting and over the top expressions while getting into all sorts of sexy time fun.

Hibiki Otsuki

Ai may have it for the legendary Hibiki Otsuki too. Both a friend and a fan; she’s hung out with Hibiki on her own time and in hostess clubs like the Red Dragon (she might just love hostess clubs). Hibiki is also someone who she’s worked with in and outside of porn in promotional events or videos like HMPD-10001. A Nao Masaki joint that has Hibiki getting it on with a much younger and short haired Ai. The video itself is quite nice and has not only straight forward sex scenes but some scenarios with the pair roleplaying too. A nice little video with Ai happily letting Hibiki take charge more. Since Ai also likes to watch porn of actresses she’s worked with before I imagine she would be down for more of Hibiki on the screen.


With how many titles Hibiki has worked over the years we and Ai has tons of videos to choose from. Here are a pair that she might like. First she can see her fantasy of Hibiki at the Red Dragon hostess club with her BFF Yui Hatano. Hibiki at the club, chilling with her customers, and also giving them some under the table service.


Kana Morisawa's Exquisite Ass Is Getting Assaulted By Hibiki Otsuki And Yui Hatano In A Threesome Lesbian Series Of Sex Beautiful Butts Getting Fucked


Now if she doesn’t want any boy/girl content and wants to self-insert with Hibiki lesbian action then there are plenty to choose from. I think she would especially like the series of lesbian threesome videos she has done with Yui and other actresses. Like this video with Kana Morisawa who gets tag teamed by the famous duo. Not only that she opens up her asshole for the pair to jam their straps-on into. I think the idea of getting tag teamed by the lovely pair will entice Ai and this is just one is a series that they have done so she’ll have more to pick from.

Akari Mitani aka Akane Mitani

Next up is someone she’s only shown a passing interest to but fits some of her type preferences with the fine Akari Mitani. With Ai marveling at Akari’s dancing while hoping to see her as a blonde for that Christina Aguilera look (which is something I didn’t want until now). Akari’s got a sweet firm ass that Ai will like and also plenty of lesbian content for her to enjoy.


 Three days when I met and fell in love with my long-distance girlfriend for the first time in a while


As much as Akari likes to dance sadly she does not have many videos that feature it in a JAV title. So Ai will have to settle for the next best thing; Akari giving the girlfriend experience in first person POV. One of my favorite videos of 2023 and one of Akari’s best. It also features another favorite actress of Ai with Hibiki Otsuki playing the POV girlfriend. A loving, wholesome couple video that should really tug at Ai’s heart and her nether regions.

Sora Shiina

We go out of pocket for my last one with Sora Shiina. Sora the tomboy of JAV might pair well with Ai who is a bit of a tomboy herself as a sporty chick who also loves her short hair. Which she finally came back to recently. Anyways I think the blonde and spunky Sora would make for a nice recommendation to Ai. A cute face, tomboyish looks, a sneaky fat ass, and a lover of the fairer sex too.


Sora Shiina's Girls-Only Road Trip Vlog Special - "We Filmed A Porno With Just Girls!" - Real Candid Documentary!


For Sora’s video I’ll be reccing this documentary style video about Sora going on a road trip with her having sex on the road. Even though it says girls only that only refers to the trip goers. In bed Sora takes on a bevy of dicks to satisfy her on the road. It also features Ai’s IRL friend Rena Aoi behind the camera. A nice little video with Sora looking cute, showing off her attitude, and that sneaky nice body.

That is all from me today folks. It’s nice to see actresses being a fan of JAV too and if you have any recommendations for Ai chime in below. You can find more from me online @Fried_Chikan.


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