Great Asses in JAV: Tight & Toned Tushies

Published : February 28th, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan

We are back with another entry into the Great Ass in JAV. This time we are looking at all the pert and hard bodies of actresses. Firm butts in tighter and smaller packages. Big and large asses get all the love, it is time to give some appreciation to the less endowed. What they lack in size they make up for in firmness, so much that you could bounce a quarter off of them. This is Tight and Toned Tushies; from firm to toned to tight booties.

Firm: Anna Kami – Plump and Firm

We start off with one of the best girls with Idea Pocket in recent years, Anna Kami. Sporting a 95 cm hip size Anna has an above average sized ass on her that looks like a perfect medium sized dream at first glance. It’s an ass that was nice at the beginning and become her best physical asset since. It’s a butt that is both firm yet plump. It’s got fat and size to it but is still so taut. You’ll see guys fondle and touch it only for it to bounce right back into shape. It might not be super round or protrude all that much but it is still a great dumper. If she puts on more pounds in that ass we can start putting her in the fat ass category. This ass will be missed.


Super Close-up Butt Fetishism Sensual Angle SEX Enjoy The Beautiful Buttocks With A Special Camera From The Bottom Of Your Heart! ! Anna Kami

I am not a fan of these up close gonzo films where the camera is right up against the girls but this title is too great as an ass title I can’t overlook it. This is a title that is 100% devoted to Anna and her fine butt. Loads and loads of great shots of her ass here. Being played with, being pounded from behind, and just being admired. The close ups do wonders for her ass. Really if she gets any bigger I’ll need to take her out of this list and into the fat ass one. While I wished we got more wide shots of her whole self I’ll have to do with all the great close ups of her bouncing ass.

Ai Mukai – A Perfect Medium

Next up is another favorite of mine today and that’s Madonna’s Ai Mukai. I have written plenty about Ai’s terrific journey as she started off as a tomboy type with a bad haircut and into the older woman type with big Onee-san energy. A transformation that has done wonders for her career and popularity. Part of that transformation is her slender and in shape body. Her fine and tan body is a slender dream with her medium sized butt. A surprisingly round as that has both fat and firmness. It’s got some fat but also bounces right back into shape. And what a shape it is; I love her peachy shaped ass with its round cheeks. Ai seems to be getting better and better with age. Recently she's put on a few so that but is even fuller.


With The Overwhelming Hip Swing Of A Sweaty Married Woman, I Never Moved My Hips And Made Vaginal Cum Shot. Ai Mukai

Our title with Madonna will not only show off her ass but the rest of body, those hip riding skills, and her phenomenal performing. All while glistening wet. This is a title about a man being seduced by a married woman during a sweltering heat wave. Their hot and sweaty bodies coming together as Ai takes what she wants. We get lots of great shots of her body and ass in it with Ai’s hip riding skills really get a chance to shine too. I recommend checking out the kimono scene in the middle. Beautifully shot and lit to showcase her figure. All in all a great title from Ai and shows off her quietly stunning slender body.

Sora Amakawa – Small but Great

Next up is Sora Amakawa. She started off with S1 before heading to Faleno and eventually doing a bit of freelancing. Not a big name at all. You would be surprised to learn she’s got a great ass. This thin and slim woman has one great butt. Small but great. She could also be put on our list of great small butts. A bubbly butt with a great rotund shape that's got a good firmness to it. It’s pretty amazing how a slim and thin girl like her can have such a nice ass from out of nowhere. Perhaps her larger than average 5’5” frame has something to do with it. I’ve gotten more and more familiar with Sora and that bubbly taut ass is abig reason why.


Perfect Beauty Big Butt Close Distance Enjoying Plump Sexual Intercourse Sora Amakawa

For Sora’s title we check out her with Faleno. It took a minute but they finally realized where Sora’s moneymaker was and with this she gets to really shake it on camera. Here we get her as a masseuse, a trainer, in a soapland type scene with a bikini, and later getting a massage. All nice outfits but the star of the show is her ass.  

Mana Sakura – Perfectly Round

Now we move onto SOD’s Mana Sakura. A long time star, she’s a Hall of Fame worthy talent. Known for her cute short hair; Mana also has a well balanced figure. Ample breasts with her F cups and 89 cm hips that got so well with her well rounded ass. Mana’s got a medium sized ass that is oh so nicely round. So plumply and shapely. An ass you want to grab because of how nice it looks. She’s probably underrated for her body. It has changed over the years. Today it is not as round and shapely but bigger and fatter. A more than fair tradeoff. Check out younger Mana for a cuter more supple and firm ass and check out later day Mana for a whole lot more ass.


Sakura Mana Thick Ass Butt Meat Spitting Big Dick Fuck And Cum Shot With Fuck

For Mana’s title we’ll be going towards a medium in between the two versions in 2018. This is an ass focused title with the camera spending a lot of time on her rear side. More than enough eye time for ass lovers to enjoy. My favorite moment in particular is when they oiled her up. Her round ass looked so nice and shiny in it. A solid title that’s notable mainly for the butt focus.

MINAMO– Gravure for Ass

Rounding out the firm ladies is Minamo. I have really come around on Minamo since her debut. A pretty face fit for a magazine cover with a nice pale complexion who also has a one nice ass. A medium sized tushy at 88 cm. She sports wide hips that come out to a shapely and firm ass. Minamo’s solid ass shape might be the best thing about it as it is nicely round and smooth. A solid dumper. Titles have taken note of it and are featuring it more and more. She was hyped up for her gravure background and model good looks but it’s her ass that should be get top billing alongside them.


MINAMO Who Can't Help But Rub The Extreme Peach Buttocks

This one is pure eye candy. Lots of fun costumes and varied angles of Minamo’s firm ass. This is one of her best titles to date and perfectly highlights her bum. The video is just so much fun to watch. The scenes are all varied with different costumes and outfits. The camera doesn’t just give us close ups of her ass but from different angles and shots. It’s a visual ass feast. Big props to the production crew. They gave her a title worthy of her fine ass. A whole lot of fun and should convince you of Minamo’s butt.

Tina Nanami – Boney Butt

From big and burly to small and tight, Tina Nanami is up next. These two ladies could not be further apart from each other. Miki is a large Amazon and Tina is a tiny little thing. The former idol singer is skinny, thin, and fit. Her rail thin weight giving her a really cut appearance sometimes. She probably has the smallest badonk out of all of our ladies here today. But we are here to give appreciation to all butts; big and small. Tina has a compact little package with a boney looking butt thanks to her tight muscles.


“Personal Trainer Seduces Client With Her Thick Beautiful Ass And Has Full-Body Sweaty Sex Tina Nanami”

What a great looking cover, absolutely fantastic. Tina is a personal trainer whose clients pick her for her rocking body. She looks great in all these trendy and tight fitting athletic wear. Snug tank tops and form fitting leggings that compliment her lanky body so well. I actually liked the teasing and sex with it on than off. If anything I wished they kept it all on for most of the action. With her skinny body and slight frame, Tina won’t be for everyone but I think her firm fanny deserves a mention on our list.

Toned - Akari Mitani Ass Dimpled Pro

First up on level is the terrific Akari Mitani. Not especially busty or curvy, she makes her living with her fit body, charismatic personality, and ass mastery. As Kurea’s protégé, who herself belongs on this list easily, she has learned lots from the tight assed veteran. Akari, on top of her buns of steel, knows how to work it and work that sturdy butt she does. Great at ass centric positions, she is so much fun to see on top in cowgirl positions. She has become a very skilled performer and magnetic actress. Her bottom might not very large or big but tighter and more muscular with ample hips and nice definition. That pale ass of hers stiffens up nicely when riding guys vigorously.

Looking so much better when she bends over and the roundness and musculature come through. Her ass dimples being so damn seductive and the best part of her buttocks. My only gripe with Akari’s butt is how much it will get covered in makeup in some of her videos. It can have quite a bit of blemishes and pimples on it so they try to cover it with makeup but it’s unappealing. I’d wager the reason she has all those marks is because of how hard she works it. That ass is taking a pounding. Akari is probably the mascot for our list of Tight and Toned Tushies today in JAV.

HMN 108

“Every Scene & Every Bare back Fuck Session Is Filmed Uncut! Love Juices, Cum, And Sweat Swirl Together In Juicy Cream pie Sex Akari Mitani”

Our video is a juicy one by studio Hon Naka. A video that cuts right to the action from the get go, “uncut” continuous sex from scene to scene with little set up or gimmicks needed. The action is hot, frenetic, and sweaty; just how Akari likes it. There are some great shots of Akari and her ass like this GIF below where her ass dimples nicely as she is riding on top. I love how assertive and active Akari is during sex. Not a passive chick at all. 

Aika Yamagishi – Plump but Tight

Next up is Akari’s good friend and pal in Aika Yamagishi. This chummy pair are like two peas in a pod. Both are slim babes who aren’t very well endowed. They make up for things with their stellar performing and toned tushies. Narrower hipped, Aika is smaller than her buddy in most regards but her behind is a bit fatter and plumper though. A medium sized behind that is has a solid shape, a nice firmness, and some muscle to it. The muscles really showing out when she is tensing them when grinding one out. A great all-rounder ass with some toned legs to boot. A cute butt that will surprise you with how toned and fat it can be.

PRED 277

“Adultery Is The Best The Sex, My Life I Feel Like I'm Melting Into A Puddle Of Love”

Our video is all about hot lusty adultery sex with Aika. Expertly acted and performed they really convey the simmering steamy appeal of the affair. The title was picked because of how nice her ass looked and moved especially during the final scene. Aika on her stomach, face down ass up. I loved how firm and supple her butt looked as she arched it up. Then came the ass grinding and pumping. A white hot lusty cheating title with some choice ass shots. Plus Aika in glasses.

Masami Ichikawa – Fat or Fit, Take your Pick

Next is Masami Ichikawa. A solid veteran actress with SOD, she was quite known for her posterior while she was active. During her earlier days she sported a much fatter and fuller ass. Round and plump it was pretty darn nice. Later on she slimmed up and her ass size did suffer for it but in exchange she toned up and built up a much solider and muscular ass. Meaty thighs, svelte legs, and a bouncy hard behind. For some Masami was getting too thin and her previous ass was much better but I think it is at least up for debate.

She may have gotten skinny but was filling up nicely recently. Much more well-rounded while becoming more fit before her long hiatus. If she kept up with her regimen we would be looking at Masami the muscle chick right now. Which was why it was such a shame her career was cut short due to illness. Masami took a long break from AV until finally calling it quits. Never getting to return to the screen. A bummer of an ending but we can still marvel at her tight bottom half in the videos she left.

STAR 937

“A Slender And Beautiful Swimming Coach Who Spasms In Ecstasy And Bends Her Body Into A Supple And Sexy S Curve”

Masami in all sorts of one piece swimsuits and fucking while still wearing them. I’ve always liked more slender and slim ladies and Masami is pure catnip in this title. Her figure looks so great in this especially her long and muscled legs. It also features a super-hot bukkake. Masami is gets a vibrator on her pussy as guys unload on her face and lips. The cum dripping off her open mouth as she moans louder and louder.

Yuki Takeuchi – Fit Grinder

The short haired offensive continues with Yuki Takeuchi aka Masami Ichikawa 2.0. Like many of our girls. Yuki doesn’t have a show stopping body at first glance. The short haired beauty with thick soft lips is also known for her slutty performing and fit bod. Forget just her ass, Yuki is toned and tight all over. A trim and slim sporty looking babe with a solid core. Her small butt is as taut and hard as the rest of her body. It is small but she knows how to make the best of it. Great at positions on top like cow girl, Yuki is a fantastic cock grinder. The deep movement of her hips and the tensing of her cheeks.

PRED 369

“A Hot Spring Naka dashi Affair With A Junior Employee. I Was A Married Man And She Made Me To Share A Room With Her For Reverse NTR”

The hot spring trip turning into a vacation of debauchery and adultery, a staple in JAV. Yuki is someone who is really flying under the radar at Premium. Such a good performer in bed, she and that lewd tongue of hers is very aggressive. She gets a really nice reverse cow girl moment during the POV scene. I also really liked seeing her during the bathing scene. Her teeny tiny ass all wet, rubbing back and forth the man’s arms. Don’t discount her for her size, this fit grinder has some fun with her hips.

Muscular Miki Yamase – Muscular Gymnast

Now we get to the rock hard ladies. Not all of our ladies today will be slim and slender girls with modest bottoms. No because Miki Yamase aka Nozomi Mikimoto makes it onto our list. Not the biggest name around, it was such a treat to discover this older milf and her physique. Miki has such an interesting and unique body hardly seen in JAV. A big and muscular lady who was still busty with curves. She is a bit bigger chested than wide hipped but size isn’t everything. With Miki we are going for muscles and might over shape and fat.

JUFD 532

“Obscene Sports Trainer's Big Ass Cum shot Management Nozomi Mikimoto”

Miki plays a lewd athletic trainer for various disciplines with the tried and true tested AV method of using her body to motivate her clients. In the gym, in the weight room, in the locker room; the title gives us the standard athletic settings. With a big emphasis on that hefty ass of hers. Miki might not be for everyone. She isn’t very pretty or a perfectly manicured actress. But she has a special body type and game for a variety of videos.  

Chanyota – Real Muscle

Our second muscle girl is Chanyota who is also the new resident pro wrestler of JAV. She might not be winning any bodybuilding competitions but this chick’s muscles are not just for show. She is big and bulky and training her away into a real unit of a body. If you followed her journey in the beginning you could see how much she’s grown. She is as one Philadelphia bouncer will say “cultivating mass” and harvesting it. With that bulk coming in the form of one meaty, thick, and sturdy butt. A hefty and firm bottom. Just as muscular as many of the butts here today but with more size and fat to it. A sizable chick who uses her well earned gifts in JAV and wrestling.

SDDE 648

“Hard Pounding Only - Training Up To The Ultimate Ecstasy While Building Beautiful Bodies”

Studio label Senz is at it again with another weirder than usual video. Chanyota, costarring with Honoka Tsuji and Miyabi Midorikawa, play gym trainers who work hard and play hard. Plenty of surreal scenes like them getting drilled from behind while doing work out demonstrations or getting notes about their form. My favorite WTF moment was the wall dildo squirting scene with one of the girls squirting so hard she dislodges it from the wall. With her physique Chanyota gets loads of these gimmick athletic slash muscle woman type roles.

Ruisa Totsuki – Rock Hard Ass

We finish off with a promising newbie by the name of Ruisa Totsuki. Ruisa is as fit as they come. A muscular body that looks little in body fat she looks cut. Unlike our other two Ruisa is slim and in shape. A tight body that extends to her rock hard ass. At 5’5” with an 86 cm caboose; Ruisa’s butt is modest in size. Only in size that is. In musculature, toneness, and tightness; she sits up there with anyone in JAV. A tight rear that really shows off her muscles when she is tightening up while riding guys. So hot seeing her glutes tensing and releasing. On top of that a nice and brawny and cut back. A debut from 2022 with Idea Pocket whose freelance now I am very interested in what this tight body does next. She truly has an eye stopping body and she’s only getting started.


Rookie Kyoto AV Debut FIRST IMPRESSION 156 Naked Rui Hizuki

Ruisa’s debut title is a great first place to check out this cut babe. One of the rarer cases of having a good debut title. It shows off her sweet body while delivering on the sex. As a newbie to porn Ruisa gives a decent performance here. Squirting quite a bit too. This video being just eye candy for fans of fit chicks.

Kurea Hasumi

So many more we could mention like Kurea Hasumi who is very well known for her chiseled bum which we’ve mentioned before in Ass Famous. If Akari is the mascot for this list then Kurea Hasumi is the Patron Saint of it. A long time name this legendary actress is well known for three things. Her femdom videos, her tight and muscular ass, and using both together. Better than her tight bottom was how hard she used it. Kurea pounded men into submission with her ass and everyone loved it. Her squat fucking jackhammer became her bread and butter move.

Tsukasa Aoi and the gal AIKA are two ladies with finely firm fannies. AIKA being the more toned of the two but Tsukasa beating her in size. There is Hibiki Otsuki who worked herself up to a fine firm ass. It’s works well with her top tier hip riding skills. And for a deep cut there is the very cut and muscular Keiko Shiratori. A short lived AV actress who looked like a legit bodybuilder complete with a rock hard butt.

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Adman 2 months ago
Surprised Nao Jinguji isn't here? Or is it because everyone already knows and loves her big ass?
ZENRA 2 months ago

Nao Jinguji has a great butt, a big butt, a majestic butt, a butt that could end wars perhaps, but surely not a 'tight' nor 'toned' butt.

carbonic 2 months ago
This is definitely my category whether I knew it or not.
Every one I know I love, and every one I don't I gotta check out.
Brilliant Bill 2 months ago
I really don't get the fixation on asses. Nice to look at, but nothing special. And for me, if you've seen one, you've seen them all! Now, pussy and ttits --- a whole different matter.
ZENRA 2 months ago

Sir, I disagree with you with utmost conviction.

pachuli666 3 months ago
In my humble opinion, who today is Kurea Hasumi's successor in best ass is Yayoi Mizuki (unfortunately she is very thin and you can see that in her booty). And I don't want to forget someone who recently returned to JAV and she is one of my favorites and she is going to fight Yayoi for the throne: Aya Sazanami (or Aya konami today)
Silky Whirlwind 3 months ago
Mizuki Yayoi was the successor up until mid 2023 which is when she lost a lot of weight. Nao Jinguji has the throne now.
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