Yui Hatano - Pleasure of Exposure

Published July 3, 2020

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Watch JAV star Yui Hatano transition from prim and proper housewife to an exhibitionist masochist in the next iteration of this popular ORGA series.

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Yui Hatano - Pleasure of Exposure
Timing by Patonyan
Translation by ZENRA

You can kind of consider PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE to be a quadrilogy of sorts.  ORGA released four of them and in a rarity for JAV, they actually do reference each other.  We're not talking an actual continued storyline, but the blog element at least shows each captive wife what previous 'slaves' went through on their road from normalcy to becoming full-on masochistic, exhibitionist perverts.    Thus, if you've seen the previous two updates, you should know what you're getting into here.

Nothing really new happens in YUI HATANO's iteration of PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE and yes, while it doesn't push the 3 hour mark like SAKI HATSUMI's, it's a very solid entry in the series.  YUI has certainly reached legendary status and I still think MIKI SUNOHARA's portrayal of a wife turned salacious beast of a woman will never be outdone, but what we see here with YUI is totally fine.  Beyond fine, really.  Like pretty much all ORGA releases, it almost feels like cheating when trying to compare them to standard JAV (even from big makers).  The camera quality and everything else is nonpareil.  You almost need to put them up on a major motion picture pedestal.  Even the mosaic is microscopic (though that may be due in part to this title being released just before the heavy diktat came down).

I'm pleased with PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE.  Sure, the chances of a real wife being ensorcelled by a blocky introvert who runs a slave training blog is slim to none.  And yes, the chances of not only becoming his slave, but having sex with him while a masked audience watches and cheers also is straight up JAV fantasy land material.  You can't go into something like this hoping for reality.  That is something a drama maker like ORGA cannot deliver upon.  Their bread and butter is taking our wildest fantasies (most often starring actresses portraying married women) and running riot with them.

YUI HATANO has been in many of their movies; so many that it's hard for me to pick a favorite.  Like MIKI, she doesn't phone in her performances.  Her transition from everyday wife to sex freak was a joy to watch.  Casting less established actresses in roles that require so much (that last scene alone consisted of some of the wildest sex I've ever seen!) just wouldn't work.  This is one of the reasons why drama JAV rarely feature new faces.  Early on, you can be a total mute masochist and let actors have their way for you, but staying power?  You need more than good looks.  In fact, good looks may not be the most important thing.  You need the ability to convey emotion and totally immerse yourself in the role.  YUI does this masterfully.  A wife turned delirious sex slave?  For her at least, I can kind of believe it.


Score:  4/5

Pro's:  Amazing picture quality, tiny mosaic, and the masked audience sex scene.

Con's:  Identical plot to previous movies in the same series.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 935

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