Maria Ogura is Full of Milk

Published December 11, 2019

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

A real mother shortly after giving birth decides to do JAV though her lactating breasts are the real stars of the show via GUTS.

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Maria Ogura is Full of Milk
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Lactation has never been a big thing at ZENRA and I admit this comes more from personal taste than simply an access to authentic young mother content.  There's just something I find a bit off-putting about it.  That's it, an honest confession.  And at the end of the day, while personal tastes may sometimes play parts in content licensing, there also is the factor of satisfying all subscribers including putting up types of movies that may just not be my cup of tea.

Today's update is one of them.

MARIA OGURA IS FULL OF MILK, a release short in running time, from #ClassicJAV maker GUTS should satisfy even the strictest fans of milking mothers.  MARIA is extremely attractive, has a knockout body complete with plus-sized chest (possibly due in part to really only having given birth not too long ago), and surprisingly, she used this to her JAV star advantage.  Her career wasn't long just like many other actresses of the early to mid-2000's, but in a short time she appeared in a few dozen titles with many having lactation themes.  Talk about milking one's talent! (it had to be said...)

FULL OF MILK reminds me more of a slightly newer amateur DREAMROOM release.  It follows a similar execution.  You don't leave knowing MARIA's life story; just the basics really:  recently divorced, loves sex--especially kinky sex involving binding and blindfolds--and has no qualms about living on her own.  She hints that she may never find true love again (aww...), but ya never know.  If anything, her short career as a JAV star was a way to simply remove all the stress from her body from being married to a less than spectacular guy who cared not for his pregnant wife and her impressive breast milk production capability.

I can't comment too much on the nuts and bolts of FULL OF MILK.  If you're into real Japanese mothers with impressive upper body squirting capabilities, then I think you'll be happy.

Score:  2.5/5

Pro's:  Very attractive actress who can easily lactate

Con's:  Short and mainly shot POV style by director with an obsession with close-ups

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 140

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