Great Asses in JAV: Ass Famous

Published : January 13th, 2023 Written by Fried Chikan

We are back at it with the last set of Great Asses in JAV (for now) and we close out on a big note with a jam packed entry. Today we look at the biggest names and their big bottoms. Ask any fan for a great ass and at least one of these names should pop up. This are the most famous and popular asses in JAV. From tight buns to big size queens we've got something for everyone today. Settle in and check out these bottom heavy beauties. (Stay for the end for one of my favorite Ass GIFs of all time)

Kurea Hasumi – Ass Control

First up is the resident ass pro of JAV herself, Kurea Hasumi. The long time actress was a mainstay in JAV for about a decade now. She is known for her perky firm fake boobs, stellar femdom roles, and all things to do with her ass. Kurea's ass is easily her best physical asset. A tight pair of rock hard buns, they are even better becuase of how she works it. Kurea is a master at using her ass to thrill men. Shaking it, jiggling it, flexing it, burying their face in it; Kurea knows how to use that bottom twelve ways to Sunday. Must see porn when up top in the cow girl position. She makes ass play so much more fun and varied than what it can usually be. From her hips to her legs, Kurea has it all locked down from the waist on down. An all around great bottom half and an easy recommendation for anyone looking for a strong woman with a strong ass in JAV.

with a pretty cut back too)

For more of Kurea’s bottom, see her in tight mini skirts and pantyhose in:
MIAD 711 “Female Teacher In A Tight Skirt” 
Here she plays a teacher whose students lust after her fine ass and why would they? Mini skirts, tube skirts, pantyhose; all sorts of form fitting clothes. Her hips and figure looked great in all of them especially that little white number. She also shows off her patented ass slamming technique. Where she gets up and places the back of her feet on a guy's shoulders and slams her ass into their face. Smothering them, letting up so they can breath, and stuffing it back into their faces. She really is a pro with that badonk.

Yuu Shinoda –  Arching Master

The arch master herself is our next ass famous JAV actress. The ten year vet is known for her small but curvy body with her ample peachy boobs and her wide hips. She probably has one of the smaller asses out of all of our girls today but has nonetheless impressed fans with her terrific tushy to become one of the most popular actresses of her time. Like Kurea, she knows how to work it and work it she does to the max. It may be small but sometimes it is all about how you carry yourself and Yuu carries that ass well. She is especially great at arching her back and giving guys a great look at her sweet butt. Popping that ass up to make it look better. Coupling that with her toned back and slim waist has given Yuu a deadly combo from the back. Yuu is the standard of working with what God gave you to. Today she is a bit skinnier and her ass has suffered a bit for it, losing some size and heft to it but the skills are still there. Check Yuu out to see a woman work every inch and pound she’s got from the rear.

See Yuu’s ass shake as she takes it from behind with cream pies for added fun in:
HND 602 “This Horny House wife Is Resisting But She's Getting Adultery Cream pie Fucked From Behind” 
Yuu taking it up from behind while being really annoyed. As good as Yuu is posing and positioning herself to make her ass look good she is also a great actress. She is a much better actress than she gets credit for especially her very expressive face. I loved all her little annoyed and miffed facial expressions. A role she is surprisingly good at and has played a couple of times. Check this out not only to see her little dump truck but also her lovely face.

Kaori – Curvy Mature

The beautiful mature Kaori and her beautiful mature keister are our next pair of great asses. Kaori was a ten year vet and is known for her voluptuous body who retired around 2019. Fat, round, jiggly, and part of a thick pair of legs. It has such a big size to it, more than a handful to hold. Big ups for thick and mature fans, Kaori is Juicy with a capital J. A thicc lady with a nice modest size. Her weight has really fluctuated over the years. Kaori from her early days was a slender babe. Later on she developed a more curvy body while the older mature Kaori is much more about that thickness. Looking at her body as how it changed is a trip. She went on a whole thicc journey as she matured more. Slender to shapely and curvy to thick and plump. Take your pick, Kaori's got a great ass in any era of her career.

Watch Kaori seduce her husband’s employees with her fat ass while sneaking around in:
OBA 366 “Tempted By My Boss' Slut Wife! KAORI” 
She has fun with her hubby's underlings around the house as he is unaware. I liked how much bigger Kaori was than the guys, just dwarfing one guy with her hips when on top of him. He wasn't even a little string bean of a guy either, she was just that much bigger than him. Later on she takes on two of his underlings at the same time. I think I began to like Kaori's big hips the most from her ass when checking out this title.

Shiori Tsukada – Thick Queen

The chubby Shiori Tsukada thunders down on into our list. Shiori is a body first girl, someone you tune into for their awesome body despite any acting or performing downsides. She has a great body that wipes away many of her weak points. Shiori is the biggest and chubbiest girl on our list. If you like em big then she should be a great match. A cute youthful face that likes a bit of BDSM work whose less than great performing. Below that cute face is a body that puts most girls to shame. Shiori is fat everywhere from her big tits to her flabby stomach to her heaving honking ass. Big meaty thighs to enhance her already sizable buttocks. Fans of thicker girls will love what Shiori is bringing to the table.

Get up close and personal in this gonzo title with Shiori thick self in:
FLAV 205 “Temptation Of A Sexy Athlete Big Tits And A Big Ass In Bloomers”
I am not the biggest fan of these brightly lit gonzo videos, I think the close ups are a bit too much and the single light obscure the rest of the scene. But this video wins out because of how nice Shiori's body looked. Not just her ass, which hung nicely while wearing a pair of tight and skimpy bloomers, but also her tits. Nice angles from the camera from below to up above with her bits dangling so enticingly. Either the gonzo video won me over or Shiori did.

Chitose Saegusa – Japanese Amazon

Up next is the amazon Chitose Saegusa. At 5’7” with big boobs and hips, Chitose is a big sexy curvy babe. She’s curvy and thick all over but the best thing about Chitose’s body is just her large frame. Chitose is just a big lady. So fun when paired with smaller guys who she can dwarf over even normal sized men look small to her big bod. It is such a treat to see a big curvy girl like her dominate smaller guys. She can be a bit of a muscular unit depending on where her figure is at. I've seen her slimmer and more toned but also chubbier and bigger. Chitose is also a really good slutty actress; a much better performer than I expected. With these girls who have rocking bodies they can tend to be less than great in bed or as personable. So hot they know they can coast by on their looks but not Chitose. She was fun and real spirited in the few videos I saw with her in it. For a good time with a big ol' amazon, let Chitose tower over you.

Even when touched on a train Chitose takes an assertive and slutty role in:
MAGURO 064 “Chitose Gets Fondled On The Bus – Slut In A Miniskirt & Thong Goes For A Ride” 
These bus chikan videos are usually about unsuspecting women getting felt up by lecherous men while quiet and submissive but the tables get turned here. No not when you have Chitose who throws herself onto these train commuters. After the beginning she becomes more and more aggressive as the video goes along and then the outfits become more ridiculous. This is another gonzo type video with the camera zooming into her chest and ass as she as fun with the whole bus. This title was way more fun than I expected thanks to her very energetic and bubbly attitude.

Yuki Jin – God Ass

Yuki Jin and her Godly Ass are next up. The long time vet has stunned many a fan with her surprisingly great figure. From first glance Yuki looks like a typical slender type actress that’s a little taller than usual with a narrow waist and wide hips. Check her from behind and you’ll see why some fans have nicknamed her with the “God Ass” title. If I had to nail down what makes Yuki’s ass so great, it would have to be the perfect shape from top to bottom. Her cheeks are so round and holds it’s shape so firmly. Her wide hips and round ass taper down her slim legs perfectly. Long looking trim legs and meaty thighs. Just check out that photo below, see how perfect her ass, thighs, and legs come down. From thick to thin. About as perfect a medium sized ass as you could imagine. See for yourself if Yuki and her ass deserves that nickname.

(goodness gracious)

See the God ass in action for yourself as it gets caressed and fondled in:
WKD-015 "Filthy Fetish Sex Records"
Simply Yuki in dim hotel rooms having some hot and sweaty sex. Checking out some of her videos I was surprised to find out that she likes a bit of rough play every now and then. Here she gets some light spanking with her ass twitching nicely after. She is also much sexier than I gave her credit for with a sweet pair of plump and pointy lips.

Aoi aka Yuko Ono – The Total Package

Speaking of medium sized dreams we have the fine Aoi next, also known now as Yuko Ono. Aoi is a name that I hear plenty of and it is easy to see why so many fans love her. I'm not familiar with her all that much but I can see the appeal. Nice perky boobs on a slim figure and a beautifully sculpted face. A solid performer with a playful persona. She’s got the overall package, an easy recommendation to any fan regardless of their tastes. Part of that package is that pretty and pert bum of hers. Plump, round, and shapely that seems bigger than it really is. Good for her size and helped by some full thighs and legs and one fantastically slim waist. A pretty nice set of gams on this one. Aoi, sexy from head to toe. Aoi is solid all over from top to bottom.

For more of Aoi, check out some very choice shots of Aoi’s ass (and tits) bouncing like mad in:  SSNI 272 - “Jiggling And Wiggling Titties And Asses!! She's Indulging Herself In Selfish Ass Shaking Cowgirl Sex” Fast sex that has Aoi taking some power positions. Aoi's ass and body was looking very trim and toned here. Particularly in one scene where she is in this sort of reverse jack hammer position. The guy is pounding into her for dear life from below and you see her toned ass jiggle like mad. A pretty good introduction to how great her overall figure.

Hana Haruna – The Jiggler

We’re getting big with our next ass celebrity. The thiccness herself, Hana Haruna. While not a fan of her myself, I can’t deny the appeal of a chubby body and what a chubby bod she has. Haruna was made to jiggle and jiggle it does. In many of her videos you’ll see her fat getting played with in all sorts of ways. From her fat droopy tits, to her plump tummy, and of course her fat fat ass. Fans of curvy, chubby, or even BBW women should be directed straight to Hana. At 5’4” she is only slightly taller than most actresses but her large frame and heft makes her seem even bigger. While her performing may be subpar at times, her body makes up for that. I would consider her to be another a body first actress personally. Not a great performer or very personable in the videos I've seen with her. Hana still has one of the best chubby bodies in JAV though. A big winner for fans of plus size women.

Get more of the chubby amazon in this nipple tweaking title. LZPL 033 - “Haruna The Female Director In A Triple Lesbian Experience Strap On Dildo Syndrome” While she's not a good performer as a whole but I really liked her performance in this lesbian threesome video costarring with Rika Mari and Ikumi Kuroki. I was pretty surprised to see how lewd she got at times. This is a really fun plot and worth it for that alone. Here she plays a popular idol with a deranged fan in Rika and an overly domineering manager in Ikumi. Rika comes across the two getting it on and is (happily) used as both of their fuck toys. Only later for Hana and Rika to turn the tables on Ikumi and dominate her in bed later on. The changing power dynamics from scene to scene is so fun to see and hotter as the three ladies take turns to see who is the top and who is the bottom. A great strap on heavy lez title. Fun for the plot.

Nami Hoshino – Just about Perfect

Next is the fabulously figured Nami Hoshino. Like Aoi, Nami has got a great all rounder of an ass. Size, shape, firmness, fat, and best of all it’s excellent roundness. Plenty of other girls have fatter asses, bigger bums, or tighter rear ends but Nami is the perfect middle. Not too big, not too fat, just right. I can find few faults with her butt, it is damn near perfect for her size. Despite her hefty rear end, Nami is quite small barely topping 5 feet tall with only above average sized hips. But her ass is just brusting through that small frame. Small girl with a whole lot of ass. However Nami also reminds me of another actress and that would be Hana. Like her Nami is a pretty poor performer in my short exepreice. Another body first actress. Can't say I'm a fan of hers but I can say Nami's got a great ass and well worthy to be on this list for it.

(I can't criticize that ass)

For more of Nami and her badonk look no further than SSNI 255. Of which I have included it’s excellent trailer. As you can see her ass gets plenty of play with loads of ass jiggling. The ass focused title may or may not sell you on Nami but it should at least convince why she is ass famous. SSNI 255 - “The Total Domain Of Knee High Socks And A Bulging Ass Double Taste Double Fetishism”

Elly Akira – PAAG (Phat Ass Asian Girl)

(New Elly, Old Elly)

Elly is a name and face I was pretty surprised to see. See first debuted in 2006 and has since been active for the most part since with a few gaps. Over fifteen years though! I was familiar with her work around the mid 2010s. Since her early days to now, Elly has enhanced herself greatly it seems. From a cute face with a slender body and tight booty to a curvy milf with a whole lot of ass. Like a Charmander into a Charizard, Elly leveled up greatly. Elly's current ass gives me pause as it might be a rare case of an enhanced ass like a Maria Nagai. Fake boobs are a dime a dozen but fake asses are rarer and more difficulty to determine. Real or fake, I think current Elly's big ass is great. A lot of size to it and her hips and thighs. A long time vet who knows how to work it too. Of our names today she is also the most adventorus, she's got little reservations.

You can see more of Elly in MIRD 075. Part of the stellar grand orgy series, Elly is one of the big bright spots in the crowded title. Those huge massive orgies were something else I tell you what. This is her pre-plastic, for her more recent stuff you can look into ATID 459, where Elly and big ass take some big black cock, an Elly specialty with her starring in plenty of IR titles in her long career.
MIRD 075 - “MOODYZ Fan Thanksgiving Day Fuck Bus Tour 2010”
ATID 459 - “A Big Black Dick Is Fucking My Anus!”

Maria Nagai – Plastic Supreme 

The next pair of cheeks we’ve got today is the curvy Maria Nagai. She is one of the most plastic of all actresses out there, not doubt about it. It might turn off a lot of people but I for one like the occasional plastic. And Maria is plastic supreme. Ass fillers or whatever black magic her plastic surgeons used, have made a ludicrously fat ass. Fake or not, Maria has a jaw droppingly big ass. Plastic aside, Maria is also a fantastic performer. Superbly slutty and game for what plot or role is handed to her. Maria fits into that bimbo archetype (a term I use without insult) that you would see in more western porn. Which is rarer in JAV. A lot of these photos are of Maria from the middle of her career, since then Maria has enhanced herself up even more. To the point where her ass might be the biggest in JAV right now at the very least in waist to cheek ratio. That thing is ridiculous now, a marvel. I very much prefer 'Prime' Maria before her mega evolution. If you want a "tamer butt" look into Maria at the middle of her career. For a world record worthy ass check out present day Maria.

From Maria I recommend MIAA 241. Where we get a variety of ass action. Cowgirl, doggy style, ass teasing, face sitting, and even some sumata action (thigh fucking). A great intro to her great ass. MIAA 241- “Out Of Control Piston Pounding Action Explosive Ass Pressing”

Aya Sazanami – Small Body, Fat Booty

What a shame that our new ass celebrity is retired now. Aya Sazanami’s body and booty is just my jam. A smaller petite girl with a fat and oh so round booty, a real fat bubble butt going on, Aya has just about got the type of ass I like; round with a really fat looking butt. I love how curvy and shapely it is for her small frame, she could've easily made it onto our Small But Great Butts entry. Sadly not only is Aya retired but she has also de-listed her videos. If you can find them I would check out DVAJ-219 to see her plump rump dressed up in all sorts of costumes and outfits. It’s not as fat or jiggly as these real flattering pics might suggest, but for a girl her size it is still pretty darn plump. A Retro Review worthy bubble butt.

Mao Kurata – Ass Hype

Mao Kurata is another ass celebrity very popular among bottom fans. I was not familiar with Mao at all before this, I know her mainly for her ass reputation prior.  Which is the beauty and aim of Great Asses in JAV, learning more about the best butts in the biz. Because Mao lives up to the hype and then some. Slender with eye popping hips. She would’ve easily made our Hips entry but the best thing about her ass to this newbies’ eyes is the bubbly shape. So round yet firm with bounce; a really unfair ass. To have that shape yet still be blessed with the fat. It is one balanced bubble butt. Pictures don’t do her enough justice you need to see her in action. She also has some sweet breasts but I’m getting away from the point. Mao Kurata she lives up to the hype; I’ve got her penciled in for more the future and I suggest you do the same if you haven’t.

For more of Mao and her hype worthy bottom I suggest checking out CJOD-162 “Asshole Exhibition Intense Huge Ass Oil Massage Parlor Gives Amazing Cum shots”. Is there anything better than a fine ass slathered up in oil? Mao puts that to the test in this message and outfit heavy title. Don’t just read my words, see Mao in all her glory yourself.

(bonus Mao tits and ass)

Yui Hatano – Legendary Top to Bottom

Yui Hatano is a bonafide legend in JAV already. No need to mention all that. What is less talked about is her body and that sweet sweet ass. Yui has a low key great ass with some real heft to it especially during her weightier times. An underrated body all over in my opinion. I'm a big proponent of Yui's body overall. Her booty might not have a great shape or horizontal plumpness but she makes up for it in other ways. Like with her wide hips, muscled buns, and thick thighs. Those smooth hips and meaty thighs being my favorites about her bottom half. She’s also a bigger than you would think with her 5’4” frame. A bottom heavy babe, just my type. This legendary actress has got the skills and the goods to back it up.

For more of Yui I would look into XVSR-447 “Yui Hatano Has A 95cm Ass And When She Starts Face Sitting You're Going To Get Lots Of Cum!!”. Lots of closes up to make all you butt fans happy. Happier when you see her put on those tight cutoff jeans. Easily the highlight of the video and needs more play in all other videos.

(I'm not even looking at the blowjob)

Ai Uehara – Phat Ass

We end our list with the legendary Ai Uehara, we've saved the best for last. What can I say about the fat assed cutie. Ai amassed a legion of fans with her stellar performing, adventurous titles, uber cute face, and that jiggly bottom half. With her body, acting, and personality; Ai has cemented herself in the JAV Hall of Fame despite being active for a relatively short amount of time compared to other greats in JAV. Ai’s ass isn’t the biggest or the most shapely or the most muscular though it is a bit meaty. It is however one of the fattest for her size or at the very least the best of the fat asses. A fat and thick ass on par with thick girls like Shiori or Kaori pound for pound. She might not be as big or hefty as them but it is just as good. It is amazing how jiggly it can be, it always surprises me when you see it in motion. Bouncy, soft, and loads of fun. I credit her ass gif for awakening in me my inner Ass Fan. Ai has a fat ass that should be seen by any JAV fan.

Sadly more and more of her videos are becoming de-listed but some still exist like this one with her costarring with her found doppleganger. There is a surprising bit of lesbian fun between them:
ALD 809 “The Uehara Stepsisters' Miracle! Their First Appearance In Porn Together!! The Stepsisters Are Ready. *Double Cream pies Blow jobs And Cum Faces In The Bath” 

That is the end of our ass famous ladies in JAV and another entry in the Great Asses in JAV. Some more well assed JAV celebrities I could have mentioned where Yuri Oshikawa, a long time vet who sports one very balanced and curvy body. Another name is Eimi Fukada one of the most popular names in JAV in the modern period. She's known mostly her divisive plastic looks and tits but she also has one heck of a booty. Is it enhanced too; I don't care. It's a surprisingly great ass. Mizuki Yayoi is another name whose gaing ass celebrity status in recent years. So much butts so little time. a

(Here you go)

Til next time, Fried Chikan out


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dantte 1 month ago
Maria Nagai's butt looks absolutely horrendous after she got implants. Try looking at it from an angle or when she walks and see how ridiculous it looks. Its a great shame because her butt was fantastically huge before and suited her perfectly. Guess bigorexia even hits jav actresses. I can't watch anything she makes anymore.
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BDrake 1 year ago
Nao Jinguuji is an omission I also felt. I would trade her for Yui Hatano actually. I feel that she has a pancake butt like Asahi. But overall this is best list this site has produced done so far!
1 0
drk 1 year ago
I think that XVSR-447 is the best choice for Yui's ass - both the topic and (I believe that) she was at her thiccest when it was shot.
1 0
Pussy Fucker 1 year ago
These lists are legendary.But where are the mentions of Asahi Mizuno ( Her younger and mature days both) and the future legend Nao Jinguji ????
3 0
ZENRA 1 year ago

Asahi has kind of a pancake butt so I can see a reason why she isn't on this list. However, I agree Nao Jinguji's absence can be felt.

2 0
Fried Chikan 1 year ago

Asahi popped up in an earlier entry for hips but you're right she should've mentioned.

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