FC’s Best JAV Actresses of 2023: Part 1

Published : January 2nd, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan

Criteria: For our list we’ll be picking names based on how well they did this year. My picks from the best sellers, most popular names, most productive, and best quality actresses. Taking in account for how many videos they sold, to how popular they were, to how many videos they made, to the more subjective quality of their videos with a few of my own personal picks. These are my picks for the Best JAV Actresses of 2023.

Sumire Kuramoto

She may be small but she’s had a big year. I am talking about Sumire Kuramoto the 5’0” petite who started out in 2021 and has since become a star freelancer. Her cute as can be face with her thick eyebrows, those tiny bright eyes, and that big smile; all on her very expressive and animated face. A thin and slim body with small C cups and a decent ass for her size. Physically she’s not much to write about but her performing and personality are up there with anyone else. A bubbly and fun little lady who can go hard or nasty in bed. Sumire has plenty of fun and vanilla titles as well as more hardcore content. Quite surprising to see the amount of hard and rough sex titles she likes to star in alongside her lighter stuff.

Appearing in well over 100 titles this year; Sumire hit the ground running with plenty of content to check her out in. Fun team ups, cosplay, BDSM, dramas, femdom, pegging, squirting, VR, outdoor exhibition, deepthroating, and plenty of rougher stuff. With her buddy Ichika Matsumoto going exclusive, Sumire is poised to become one of the hottest freelancers in the game. Fans of cute girls doing cute things should like Sumire as well as fans of seeing tiny girls getting pounded hard. I was also not immune to her charm. She became one of my favorite actresses this year. Her cute expressive face, her bubbly charm, and willingness to go hard all won me over. Sumire Kuramoto; one of the best petites out today with little signs of slowing down just yet. 

MIAA-808 "Drink My Body Fluids" Saliva, Tide, Holy Water Slutty Sex Mansion

For Sumire’s highlight title we look into one of her wilder videos of the year. This is a spit and licking heavy video with some heavy squirting to boot. Helmed by Nao Masaki it’s a video that might not be for everyone. Not the wildest premise but Sumire gets real nasty with it while delivering lots of fun sexy costumes and scenarios to boot. We get Sumire the bunny girl kissing to start then her in a see through schoolgirl number while sucking dick, the soapland treatment, some light femdom in POV with a simple bedroom scene rounding things out. The video is fun, bright, and colorful; Nao puts together another great title while highlighting the best of Sumire.

The best of Sumire being of course her expressive face, that energetic charm, and her nasty performing which are all on blast for this one. Picking a best scene is hard as all of the main sex scenes are great as well as the smaller scenes in-between. My particular favorite is the soapland scene which is not something I particularly like but Sumire was so good in it. She aggressive with her kissing and using her all of her body. Sumire used every bit of her tiny body to please her man; grinding up on him with her crotch, arms, and legs. Trying to get as much as she can out of that tiny little body. Enthusiasm is the hottest thing you can have in bed and Sumire has it in spades. One of her best from the year, I would've included it in my list of Top Videos of the Year.

Rei Kamiki

Next is one of the rising stars with SOD’s Rei Kamiki. Almost two years into her career now and Rei has blossomed nicely since debuting. Seeing a growing popularity in and out of AV with her building quite the fandom in Taiwan and South Korea. She was also one of the names that went over for the star studded Taiwan Red Expo and other events abroad. On top of that I think she’s one of the prettiest actresses in JAV right now. Her porcelain skin, her beautiful eyes, that pretty face shape, and that cheery smile. A pretty face that is getting lots of modeling and gravure work. Body wise Rei brings the goods too with her milky soft G cups and her soft supple ass. Beautifully imperfect tits with her mole, uneven sizes, and those perfectly pink nipples. Love her tits.

Better yet her performing has gotten so much better in 2023. Becoming more animated and personable while in bed becoming a lot more sensual and assertive. More experience and her added success has invigorated Rei nicely. She is putting herself more and more into her works. The biggest work she did this year was her team up with fellow rising name Momona Koibuichi. A great team up from the rookies and she has a solo title that you should see mentioned in my Top Videos of the Year later. Rei’s another one of my personal favorites of the year too and it wasn’t a hard pick. She is an easy crowd pleaser. I expect SOD to push her hard alongside their other promising rookies. Rei’s a fully stacked actress with her looks, body, and performing. She’s got it all.

STARS-766 The ban on first raw vaginal cum shot is lifted. Sweaty Climax, Screaming Sex

Rei’s highlight is her “creampie” lifting title. Fudged creampies aside it’s a great title takes to the nice shots it gives of her body and the sweat inducingly hot sex. Rei’s improved performing and relaxed self is on display as she takes a bunch on guys for three great scenes. A simple sex title with two normal sex scenes and a final FMM threesome to end things off. The action gets nice and wet with Rei covered in cum and sweat by the end of scenes. The first scene is my favorite and it has choice shots of her bouncy titties while the second has good shots of her ass. It’s a good title from Rei this year and a great way to get into the budding SOD star. 

Yotsuha Kominato

We stay on the SOD train with another of their new Big Four with Yotsuha Kominato better known formerly as Rikako Inoue of the J-pop group FARIES. Interest has stayed high for the former pop star. Fans love a celebrity debut and Yotsuha is a real one. She’s posted high on Fanza’s actress ranking and sales charts. A slender figure beauty with small tits, a nice flat tummy, and surprisingly nice booty with even better jiggly thighs. Yotsuha is someone I was ready to write off completely as celebrity debuts rarely make for great pornstars but Yotsuha has a been a pleasant surprise this year. This chick is more than the gimmick as I’ve been saying for a bit now. She might not be incredibly beautiful or very physically well-endowed but she has a pleasing charm and is quietly a great performer. A subtle performer whose not a loud screamer like most, she looks great orgasming with her whole body. Yotsuha Kominato is earning that popularity and when the gimmick fades hopefully fans see the quality underneath.

STARS-796 NTR A Weather Lady Who Couldn't Go Home Due To Heavy Snow Continued To Be Developed By the Director's dick

Our title to focus on for Yotsuha in this NTR drama about her playing a Weather Lady stuck in a hotel with her coworker. Trapped by the snow what else do the two do but explore each other’s bodies. Your standard overnight NTR video that highlights her acting and her body. A natural performer she can also act and handles dramas and plots nicely. Regarding her figure most might not like care for Yotsuha’s body but it's a lot nicer than it seems at first glance. Her flat tummy has some ab definition to it while her whole body is quite soft. That ass and those thighs are much more soft and jiggly than they seem. A soft and smooth figure with a pleasing shape. Fans of more slender figures and performers might see the hidden gem of a porn actress beneath this celebrity.

Sumire Mizukawa

Moving on we check out Sumire Mizukawa. Sumire’s had a great run leading up to 2023 and this year she took the show on the road. She left Japan for a spell to work with niche studios in Europe like Hentied to heavy hitters in American with Vixen and Brazzers. While her videos were still coming out for JAV and all the while still shooting amateur content with her OnlyFans (there’s even talk right now about her shooting TAV). Sumire went all over and fucked all over. A one of a kind there are few like her in all of JAV. This party girl is a tanned babe with a great body and a much small lady than you’d think at 5’1”. Sumire sports a slight hourglass figure with her perky breasts, her narrow waist, to her ample hips, and down to her firm little ass. A fit body that’s well rounded with a fantastically tanned complexion; Sumire’s overall figure is even better than her tits or ass by themselves. Add on to that with her sexy looks, her party girl attitude, and her decent performing and you see why she’s in demand even abroad. Who knows what will happen with this tanned dynamo in the future but if her 2023 is any indication then it’ll be one fun trip. 

JUQ-240 Physiologically impossible. Former Sexual Boss Runs An Obscene Cream Pie Beauty Salon

Our Sumire highlight is a Madonna plot video about Sumiire meeting her creepy ex-boss at a beauty parlor. He gets way too handsy and pretty soon she’s giving up her body to him. While it is a plot focused video, which Madonna does a good job of doing, it’s her body that is the clear standout. Sumire’s body gets all oiled up and played with while all under the moody Madonna lighting. Her performance is great, the production well done, the story and vibe engaging too. Kudos to the director Yukio Haruka for the great job overall but particularly for how well they featured her body. Her soft tits especially look amazing under the lights as they are shimmering and caressed. So nice. It is eye candy throughout; one of Sumire’s best this year.

Non Ohana

Up next is everyone’s favorite Onee-san Non Ohana. The 22 year old isn’t old at all but she has a face that can pass for older (in porn anything is possible). This has allowed her to play older characters like Milfs or the Onee-san type. And Non’s not complaining. She’s gotten tons of work this year while starring in well over a hundred titles this year; she really went to work and studios all over wanted a piece of the Non pie. A fully figured woman with a nice body and a good bottom. Not a skinny little thing she has a nice fullness to her body overall. Her soft and shapely F cups are the star of the show of course. Milky soft tits that one of the best pairs in JAV today. All on her pleasing face with her big nose and innocent far apart eyes. In bed Non is a solid performer all around whose good at playing the characters and roles given to her. Sadly for she has exited the freelance market for now and joined Madonna of all studios. While the Non pie might be scarce soon, she gave plenty for fans to eat in 2023.

MIAA-757 Lose To The Temptation Of My Neighbor's Busty Onee-chan’s Boobs, And I'm Taken Down Day After Day

These types of titles are her bread and butter. The Onee-chan seduction videos are perfect for her, she plays them well, and it’s a good intro into Non. A quieter performance with Non seducing men at home. She straddles that line of innocent and kind woman to unseeming seductress well. All while straddling men with her sweet chest and ass.

NNPJ-576 REC. A document that turns a cuckold into a meat urinal real-life individual shooting Creampie (7) in a row! ?

The first video is a good starter into Non but this is one of her better titles in my opinion. It’s a simple video about her going to a fancy love hotel to get some pipe laid into her. Making full use of the space with the hotel’s many sex toys, bindings, and bathtub. Just great sex with Non letting guy’s have their run with her and also has a bit of spanking in it. Showing a different side of the usually prim and proper Non.

Yuki Takeuchi

This is the most personal pick on the list but Yuki Takeuchi’s had a great year and deserves the recognition. A moderately popular name with Premium, she left them this year and joined Madonna shortly afterwards. A thin and skinny woman with flat little C cups with a firm little ass. Yuki has gone through quite the glow up this year looking prettier than ever with her plump full lips, her, long smooth nose, longer hair, and a great skin tone. Looking tanner while keeping skin so smooth and shiny. She also leveled up body wise thanks to the gym getting into fitness and body building more. Her figure looks fitter, more in shape, and muscular in parts with her abs, back, arms, and that tight little ass in particular. Still a skinny lady but looking much more cut and toned now. Doubling down on her fitness in and out of JAV; Yuki’s made big gains this year.

PRED-472 The Libido Liberation of an Onee-san with Abdominal Muscles! Sweaty, Drooling, A Gym Member Rich Cowgirl Position

Our title highlights Yuki’s newest and best assets her toned figure. The Gym Trainer series is a somewhat popular theme you see throughout JAV and one that fits Yuki to a T. You have her playing a trainer who uses her body to motivate her clients to be the best that they can be. A POV and close up heavy video, it stars a much tanner Yuki than usual. While it’s close angle heavy it still has enough shots of her full figure in all of it’s toned glory. The best moments coming in when Yuki is grinding up against someone while her abs are on full display.

Honorable Mentions

There is little doubt in my mind if she stayed in JAV then Hana Shirato would’ve been on this list. A red hot rising freelancer who went totally MIA to start this year. The pale cutie with the dimpled cheeks and wide hips were looking like a freelancing superstar until her sudden exit. Fan interest stayed high on her this year despite her absence. Jun Suehiro was another freelancer who had a great year. This ass heavy lady with the great skills in the bed room has turned into a premier freelancer. Alice Otsu continues to be the wildest hardcore actress and one of the most popular. The squirting monster has become a good name for anal videos too. Finally we have Yua Mikami who bowed out fittingly for a star like her with special titles and videos littered throughout the year. 

Too many great actresses this year and not enough time. We’ll continue listing off the best of the best in Part 2 coming soon.


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AV Alex 5 months ago
Hope Ai Sayama is in the next batch, seriously, she outdid herself this year and had a batch of top tier films during 2023. That being said i must add that i liked your selection.
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