Fried Chikan's Top Five Lesbian BBAN Titles

Published : March 16th, 2021 Written by Fried Chikan

Hey all Fried Chikan here with short list, this time it’s all about hot lesbian sex featuring studio Bibian. Studio Bibian is one of the few makers out there that specialize in making lesbian centric titles. Here is an introduction to just some of their best titles.

1. BBAN-088 Ayumi Shinoda Kaho Shibuya

“Sweaty Sporty Lesbian Busty Ballroom Dancers With Colossal Tits, The Most Extreme Carnival!”

Kicking off our list is two girls that love girl on girl action: the milf queen Ayumi Shinoda and the squirt queen Kaho Shibuya. The sex here is all about our two leads in skimpy sportswear in some hot and sweaty sex. Ayumi is your classic JAV milf. Someone with a mature air about them that we all consider a milf but still looks so damn youthful. Her supple body and chipmunky face has endeared her to legions of fans. Kaho is known for her giant low hanging tits and her ability to squirt like no one else. One scene even has her rubbing one of her tits on Ayumi’s pussy. So style points for her there. I’ve seen both girls before so I know what Kaho can do with other girls but I was really surprised by Ayumi. She gets hot and heavy with Erika Kitagawa in JUX-678 but this is on a whole other level. 

The sex is fast paced and sweaty. The action rarely takes a break once it starts and the girls are breathless by the end of scenes. The two move like two long time lovers, moving in and out of positions with ease. But what I really liked about this title was seeing Ayumi and Kaho’s sexy ass bodies get all sweaty and wet. I’m a big sucker for girls in tight clothes getting sweaty and this title delivers this perfectly. If anybody doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about these two beauties then you should check out this title.

2. BBAN-070 Kaho Kasumi Yu Kawakami Kurea Hasumi

“Lesbian Announcers The Fight For The Main Anchor Position!”

Kaho Kasumi, Yu Kawakami, and Kurea Hasumi make up a terrific trio for our next title. The plot is about the three as newscasters that compete for the top spot. This title is all about lesbian “fighting”, where the girls try to sexually dominate each other. The girls here play into the characters more than their usual natural selves. Everyone will know of Kaho and Kurea for good reason because those two are great but Yu deserves her spotlight too. The long time freelancer has built up a strong career that ranges all the way back into 2002. In my limited viewing experience with her I found that she prefers to be dominate and lesbian sex. Both things that shine in this title.

The acting here by the leads is the main draw of the film. All the girls play the role of bitchy newscaster as they try to one up each other. The sex has them taking turns trying to dominate and fuck each. I wrote about Yu’s great performance but Kaho is just as good as her here. She tries her best to match Yu but then again I’m a huge Kaho fan (She also "wins" at the end). This is one of those titles that the acting, in and out of the sex, is more interesting than the sex itself.

3. BBAN-065 Miki Sunohara Mao Hamasaki Asahi Mizuno Ryo Arimori Ayumi Shinoda Mio Kayama

“Lesbian Athlete -The Glamorous, Hot Female Volleyball Player! Non-Stop!! Lesbian”

We have a whopping six girls leading our next title that is just one big orgy. I’m not going to list off all the names here but most will be familiar with at least one of these names. The premise of the video is the girls are a part of a volleyball team who try bond as a team with an orgy. The video is just one long orgy that’s over 2 hours long, which I really liked. The long singular scene lets the girls all get comfortable with each other.

Miki Sunohara is great as she always is in Lesbian scenes. I have never seen a solo Miki title but I have seen her in dozens and dozens of lesbian scenes. Whenever a featured actress does a lesbian scene, studios usually call in Miki to do the heavy fingering and for good reason. Asahi also needs a shout out here due to the great fingering she does here, which is uncommon in JAV for women. But if this title had an MVP award to give it would have to go to Mio Kagami. She is easily the star of the orgy. During multiple times, the entire group descends upon her to finger and kiss her as a group into ecstasy. The girls are just naturally drawn to her. She cums and fucks like a champ here, shinning above stars like Mao, Ayumi and Miki.

The sex is sloppy and fast and at the end of the film the girls are all disheveled and exhausted. There’s a lots of squirting, fingering, kissing, and pussy eating galore. Typical of any great orgy, the sex devolves into a sea of tits and ass with tongues and hands all sliding into and out of each other. For a stellar if messy lesbian orgy, give this title a go. It gets a big recommendation from me.

4. BBAN-246 Mao Hamasaki Rena Aoi Ririka

“Uncut Scenes Of Aggressive Lesbian Action – Ririka Is Driven To Climax Hell”

This is next video is all about hardcore lesbian action. You have been warned. The wild Mao Hamasaki and the devilish Rena Aoi bully the docile but tough Ririka in this next title. This title is the most hardcore lesbian video I have ever seen in JAV. This is on the level of something you might see from If you’re ready for some hardcore action then read on.

If you follow Mao and Rena then you might know how mean these two can be when they want to. And boy are they mean are they to Ririka. Ririka is new to me and I wasn’t sure what to expect but she plays the perfect sub here. She takes everything that comes to her like a champ. Slapping, choking, spitting into the face, deep throating strap-ons, feet and more are all on the board for Ririka and company.

In one scene Rena and Mao smile maniacally as Rena fingers Ririka furiously and Mao gags her with a dildo before deciding to also deep throat the dildo herself. In another scene Ririka gets a foot in the mouth and made to suck it. The sex here is just flat out crazy, especially for JAV. Mao and Ririka in particular go all out. If you aren’t faint of heart and enjoy some rough lesbian sex then you should check out this title.

5. BBAN-060 Yui Hatano Ichika Kamihata Saryu Usui

“The Female Undercover Investigator Who Was Captured By Lesbians”

The journey woman Saryu Usui and JAV veteran Yui Hatano star in our next title with Ichika Kamihata in a supporting role. The plot is the classic undercover investigator who gets captured and sexually tormented. Saryu plays the investigator and Yui and Ichika plays the tormentors. Saryu isn’t a big name, her releases are a bit hit or miss but she has been a favorite of mine for her unique looks and diverse title choices. She does a lot of odd and weird movies, this being one of her tamer titles.

A lot of my enjoyment with Saryu has to do with her face. I find her face to be unique looking and expressive. Performance wise she’s game to do anything depending on what the title is. She’s got a slender figure and is quite tall at 5’6’’. Although she takes a submissive role here, she is equally comfortable as the opposite in other titles. Yui and Ichika back up Saryu here and they are fantastic. Yui has the special ability to create a rapport with anybody guy or girl and Ichika is as game as both girls. Saryu and Yui costar in another lesbian centric title (BBAN-114) and their chemistry is great together there and here.

The lesbian sex here is pretty explicit. It isn’t the most hardcore but the action is hot and heavy. Real lesbian sex, I’m talking fingers and tongues deep into pussies and mouths. Not the light kissing you’ll see in some titles. The deep fingering and deep kissing being the highlights of the film. The kissing being especially hot between Saryu and Yui. The film even ends with a post credits kissing session between the two that you should not miss. The hot hot kissing and lesbian sex is must see JAV.


6. BBAN-154 Renon Kanae Yu Arima

“Women Only The Lesbian Series Yoga Class A Slender Beauty In Danger”

I want to cap off our list with a bonus entry that’s stars some lesser known idols and might not be for everyone. The thin Renon Kanae plays a yoga student that gets seduced by her teacher, the milfy Yu Arima. The two are surprisingly limber and the sex has them take all sorts of fun positions and poses. Renon nor Yu are the most pleasing physically. Renon herself being super flat but they make up for that in other ways. I’ve noted Renon and her limber body and long tongue which she uses to please the domineering Yu to great effect.

The sex is all about Renon getting fondled and touched by Yu while doing her stretches and poses. I’m a sucker for women in for fitting athletic wear and when you combine that with the poses and lesbian sex, it’s all over for me. If you want to see two limber sluts go to town on each other then do yourself a favor and watch this title. You might be pleasantly surprised. 

I was only going to originally review one title but fell into a JAV lesbian/BBAN hole, which gave us this list. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Fried Chikan out

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