Can JAV actresses choose who they have sex with? Amatsuka Moe explains and reveals her favorite actor. Also: his personal harem.

Published : December 23rd, 2020 Written by jta

If you've been reading this blog, you already know about the hard life (excuse the pun) of male JAV actors. Happy as they might look in their yearly Xmas get-together, when they are on set, they are at the bottom of the pyramid, only barely above the AD charged with important tasks like giving a bathrobe to the actress the moment the scene is done, or getting the bentos. JAV actors, especially in their beginnings, are expected to accept whatever work is thrown at them. In particular, they don't have the privilege of choosing their partners, and in fact often will not even know who they're shooting with until they reach the studio. "Overweight grannies again? Today's gonna be a rough day."

But surely it's different for the actress, the one person that really matters in the studio, the real money maker? Like all AV performers, actresses can NG ("no good") people they never want to work with again, but we can expect the golden goose to get preferential treatment and live an easy life having sex with her favorite actors, can't we?

Amatsuka Moe writes:

"Why do people think you get to choose the male actor when you've been an AV actress for a long time?

If I could choose, I would do it with Taku-san more often..."

Amatsuka Moe is not a nobody: she was the runner up for the 2019 FANZA Best Actress Award (my apologies to Aizawa Minami fans, but in my opinion Amatsuka's career and sustained performance would have made her a more deserving winner), was one of the most popular actresses in the industry-leading S1 (Number One Style) studio, and one of the 3 actresses poached by Faleno (alongside Hashimoto Arina and Yoshitaka Nene) in an ambitious strategy to trigger a wide-reaching revolution in the industry. She is also arguably Faleno's flagship at the moment (most agree that Hashimoto Arina's surgery destroyed something precious she used to have).

So even somebody of Amatsuka's caliber cannot always pick, in general, who she shoots with (she can, as said before, choose who she won't work with, though).

What about special projects? She weighs in again

"Even for special movies, I personally have not even once requested a particular performer.  AV actors are not under contract with the studio, so it's a totally unrelated matter, I suppose..."

It's not much of a problem for her though:

"I don't think I cannot, but I've never been asked, and I'd probably get tired of it if I always did it with the same people"

Fans didn't fail to notice something you've probably seen in her first remark... What's the deal with Taku??!

Yoshimura Taku is a divisive actor most JAV fans will recognize even if they don't know his name:

Of all actors, Taku is the one Amatsuka Moe would like to shoot more often, how is that even possible?  If there's one thing Twitter is good for, besides nuclear war threats, it's to get an answer to such important matters:

"What is it you like about Taku? Physical compatibility? His consideration and gentleness? The way he licks?"

Somewhat unexpectedly, Amatsuka replied (while blushing, if her emoji is to be believed):

"Everything.  Personally, I don't think physical compatibility depends on size; I have the feeling that when you face a partner and your respective timings match, the woman's precious parts naturally accept him. Like in a sort of "welcome mode". Conversely, no matter how hot looking (ikemen), if you aren't on the same page..."

The people of Twitter insisted:

"There are quite a lot of actresses who approve of Taku, I wonder if he possesses something special."

Amatsuka obliged:

"Something special? How to put it, I think he's good at sensing how his partner feels. He's good at servicing you and building up enthusiasm! He gives thought to what he can do to make his partner feel good, and conversely tells you what he likes, so you feel at ease with him (blush)"

Taku's harem

I can easily imagine Taku feeling great professional pride (and maybe experiencing an erection) when given such high praise. The talk on Japanese AV blogs is that he ejaculates bigger loads for the actresses he likes, so if his and Amatsuka's paths ever cross again, we can expect a big messy facial.

Most will know (and many hate) him for his roles as a disgusting, fat ojisan with a tendency to lick his partners' face (remember that this is all according to script, though), but as a matter of fact he's held in high esteem by many actresses and AV aficionados. He's often referred to as kaiyuu (怪優), which can be translated as "abnormally fascinating actor", but which is more humorously seen as a portmanteau of kaijuu (怪獣, "monster") and danyuu (男優, "actor"). In other words, he's secured a unique position in the AV world.

I happen to think he's an irreplaceable presence for several reasons:

  • he's hilarious

  • there are roles he was simply born to play; in fact, Taku had a background in acting, which is why he always delivers when acting chops matter
  • he knows how to make his partners look good
  • he serves as a rite of passage that separates the wheat from the chaff: actresses serious about their career vs. not so diligent ones
  • he consistently cums buckets and does solid facials: this sounds like a must-have, but there you have Kuroda, one of the "big 5" actors, with serious semen drought

The above photo depicts Taku and Kuroda in both extremes, as metaphorically and physically opposite actors: the "macho" style performer with serious moneyshot problems, and the fat ojisan who's a reliable semen hose. It's worth mentioning that his name with the honorific "Taku-san" sounds exactly like takusan (a lot/lots), and I'd bet it's no coincidence.

But enough about what jta thinks, what about the AV actresses?  It turns out there are several very vocal fans of Taku's.

Amane Kanon

"I love Taku-san, I'm a huge fan! He's like a celebrity to me. He's a presence like Tegoshi Yuya [Japanese singer, actor and TV personality] for real."

"So this is why you were so nervous. It's great that you got to do it with somebody you so admire in your second movie."

"So true. Other girls got to do it with Taku in their first, so I was super jealous."

Amane Kanon met her revered Yoshimura Taku again in KMHRS-033 "10 shot semen bukkake, gokkun, and finally her first creampie":

"I was wondering who were going to be the male actors for my 4th DVD, and when I took a look it turned out to be Taku!! That's it! We met again. (...)"

Hoshimiya Ichika

Taku was Hoshimiya's first partner in her debut work, and she's so vocal about liking him that she couldn't stop talking about him in a series of interviews she made with DMM news earlier this year along with her S1 senpai Kano Yura.

Some excerpts show the full depth of her admiration:

Q: Hoshimiya, you were fond of Taku even before your debut, right? It must have been really exciting to meet him in your debut.

Hoshimiya: I couldn't bring myself to say it. "I'm always watching your movies"

Kano: I so get this!

Hoshimiya: I really wanted to say it. For real. Because for me, it's like "a celebrity just appeared!". And the first sex partner on top of it.

Q: Did you request him for your debut work?

Hoshimiya: Of course, I told it beforehand to the producer.

Kano: Wow!


Hoshimiya: It's totally different from what you do in private. The way he kisses too.

Q: Normal people don't kiss like that.

Hoshimiya: Neither do other actors. They don't spend that much time on it, do they? They do several things for foreplay, then put it in. In Taku's case, two thirds are kissing (lol)...

Q: After all the kissing, he gets in the mood and licks your anus, doesn't he?

Kano: What!? That's what I thought (lol).

Hoshimiya: Me too, at the beginning I said "I don't like to have my anus licked". But then the moment I was told "the actor is Yoshimura Taku", I replied "OK, everything's fine then ♪".

Q: It's OK with Taku then?

Hoshimiya: Yes. I thought (based on the movies with Taku I'd seen before) he'd do such a thing, and figured he'd make the scene more dynamic this way. Taking all things together, I thought "it's alright then".

Q: And how was the experience?

Hoshimiya: I thought "there's also this way of feeling good". It's something mystifying.

Elsewhere, Taku picked Hoshimiya as one of his favorites, explaining that they have friendly chitchats on set, and that despite the difference in height (Ichika is relatively tall, at 168cm), they somebody are physically compatible and manage to do good scenes even in demanding positions.

Misaki Nanami

Or maybe not? There's a bit of a story regarding her. In an show streamed on February 2019, Taku picked his "AV actress best nine" (as if doing a baseball lineup), which included Hoshimiya Ichika (he praised her figure), and Misaki Nanami. However, unlike other actresses, for which he gave a reason to pick them, all he had to say about Misaki Nanami was "it seems she's fond of me".

This motivated Misaki's rage on Twitter (as if hurt by the fact he didn't have anything better to say), and an apparent NG, leaving her March 2019 release as the last one with a scene pairing her with Taku (earlier scenes had received high praise by AV fans).

However, she lifted her NG and worked with Taku again in this year's IPX-527, back in August, with favorable reception.  This historic reconciliation earned a wave of enthusiasm in some Japanese AV blogs (hah).

Mikami Yua

While Mikami hasn't said anything about Taku, it's apparent that she's quite comfortable with him: they have shot many scenes together, and they are always great. They've been together in SSNI-756, SSNI-618, SSNI-452, MIDE-599, SSNI-205, SSNI-178, SSNI-054, SNIS-964, SNIS-919 and TEK-083.

The least we can say is that they work well together... I haven't heard Mikami say anything about her coworkers, but Taku has extolled publicly Mikami's professionalism.

"Would you kiss Yua?" The interaction between Mikami and Taku (with him doing his saliva play and her getting back at him with a cum-flavored kiss) in SNIS-964 made some waves.

The others

There are several other actresses who have expressed admiration towards Taku, and treat him like a celebrity. After all, he's been in the business for over 20 years, and as disgusting as many might find him (note that he used to look better when he was younger), he's a charismatic presence. I have seen a trend of actresses who didn't get an exclusive contract and didn't debut with one of the "usual suspects" (Shimiken, Kuroda, Sadamatsu, Moribayashi Genjin, Odagiri Jun, Tamaki Rei) but instead shoot their first scene with Taku so as to prove their worth and resolve. The most prominent example is Mitani Akari, who showed promise in her first video, and has developed into one of the most solid performers around, as Hasumi Kurea's sort of protegée and eventual successor ("Hasumitani" is a thing).

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Kitty-tama 3 years ago
Honestly, I think Taku is super cute! I like that he isn't the super chiseled, typically-handsome type you'd see. He feels more... real? I guess you could say. I'm a fan.
jackfromdownunder 3 years ago
These interviews with two male JAV stars are interesting and hilarious including Taku
Could we get the film codes for the images where Taku's doing the weird open mouth bug eyed thing to an actress above the line "Of all actors, Taku is the one Amatsuka Moe would like to shoot more often, how is that even possible? If there's one thing Twitter is good for, besides nuclear war threats, it's to get an answer to such important matters:" and "The above photo depicts Taku and Kuroda in both extremes," or is that just some random promotional thing?
The Force 3 years ago
Taku is so inspirational. I want to be like Taku when I grow up. lol.
BASED TAKU 3 years ago
Based Taku, insightful article, future article on noteworthy Taku scenes?
ZENRA 3 years ago

We have an uncensored movie he was in on our site. Not sure if you want to see him without pixels, but it exists. Do a search for 'fountain of semen'.

Taku Jr. 3 years ago
1. Why won't Shoko work with him?2. Kirara, Acky, Mia Malkova hated working with him. Who else? 3. What about Yuta Imai versus Taku?
ZENRA 3 years ago

What did Mia say about him?

8 3 years ago
And he's still on Shoko Takahashi's NG..
kim_sama_999 3 years ago
I don't get the problem with Taku, I think he's ok
BlckTne 3 years ago
When I see Taku, I always skip it. There is such a thing as too much. I have the impression that these 20 years in the industry are no good, still the same positions , each scene with him I have the impression that it is the same, it does nothing new, but the same as in the last few years.I think he is liked by actresses because he doesn't do anything he wouldn't do in thousands of other scenes and it's such a "safe choice"
DigaRW 3 years ago
Sex is disgusting in general, but once you get into it, you'll start asking more something repulsive. Taku's appearance as dirty pervert male is best match to anything about sex. I don't particularly fan to him, but I often glad when Taku appeared in movie I watched; especially with my favorite actress.
ZENRA 3 years ago

I whole-heartedly disagree with the first part of your comment.

cacao 3 years ago
A lot of people just gets soo triggered when Taku appears, but I think the industry needs people like him, because he is just there to fill a niche, like the black actors, the kimomen and even the poor dude who always plays the cucked husband
ZENRA 3 years ago

He is far from a good-looking guy, but he also doesn't come off as a creep. A fun-loving perverted older uncle type. Sort of like Narusawa, but not as ugly.

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