BREAKING: Ruka Inaba's Comeback JAV Is OUT, MINAMO Turns Zombie, IdeaPocket's Annual Campaign & More!

Published : May 26th, 2024 Written by trapstar

Here's a rundown of some of the top stories that happened in May

Moe Amatsuka & Airi Kijima Collaborate On A Phenomenal Concert

Your resident gossip guru is back with the hottest news. Starting off on a lighter note, this month, we witnessed a JAV event so epic, that it had fans craving more. Two of the biggest names in JAV right now, Airi Kijima & Moe Amatsuka came together this month to treat their collective fanbase to an epic collab. Imagine the ear numbing cheer that went down when these two graced the stage together!

"Moe, BØSS who played a wonderful guitar and the host, Takaya! all who were involved in this collaboration. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in this collaboration. Thank you very much for the time. If there is a strong demand, there may be a second one?" Did you read that, Airi just confessed that there might be a second edition, if there's enough demand.

Apparently, the audience witnessed a ‘once in a lifetime’ kinda crossover with the duo performing several of the tracks of the significant other during the a live gig. Yes, you read that right. Moe & Airi didn't just share the stage, they shared the spotlight, belting out each other's hit songs. It seemed as if both had a gala time sharing the stage together. Here's what Airi had to say "After party with Moe was too much fun and over in a flash. It was our first joint event, but we received free love from warm fans who love and push each other, we laughed together, and I realized once again that this is how the circle of happiness spreads!"

Moe had a lot to say about the collab, "The first collaborative LIVE with Kijima-san. I was so nervous, but all the time I spent with Kiji-san, including meetings and preparations, was a lot of fun, and it was the fastest LIVE I have ever done. The kindness of Kijima-san and the rest of her fans and the dependability of everyone, touched me to the depths of my heart. Because of everyone's smiling faces, I am standing here. It was a time when I could feel that this was a solid reason. I will probably have a big one-person review meeting later, but for now, I want to soak in this joyful feeling. To Kiji-san, DUO, Bstar Boss, the staff, the band members, and everyone who came to the venue today and watched the premiere thank you so much for a truly wonderful time. I'll do my best to enjoy tomorrow too!"

Based on Airi’s tweets, I could make out that the setlist included fan favorites like "Desire Scarlet" and "Innocent Angel." Can you imagine the energy in that room? It must have been electric!

But wait, there's more! The after-party was a lovefest of some sort. Moe & Airi didn't hold back on the compliments, showering each other with praise and genuine affection. It was heartwarming, it was unexpected, and it definitely fueled the rumor mill about a potential future collaboration (fingers crossed!).

Now, I know some of you unfortunate souls missed out on this epic concert. Fear not, for the organizers, bless their tech-savvy hearts, came up with a solution: a pre-recorded premiere of the concert! For a mere 3,000 yen (that's roughly 20 bucks, readers!), you can experience the magic from the comfort of your own couch. Talk about a steal!.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a concert to watch (and maybe a fan fiction to write based on the after-party shenanigans). Until next time, readers, stay hooked!

Ruka Inaba's Comeback JAV Is OUT!

Following a two year hiatus, switching agencies and a name change later, Ruka Inaba is back! Oh snap! I mean Riri Haruka. Prior to her return, this little freak acted in more than a thousand JAVs, clinching multiple top positions on FANZA’s monthly charts, so of course it's a big deal that she's back!

Why the name change, you ask? Well, it's all tied to her adopting a new avatar, while she remains affiltiaed to her previous office ListerPro. It's a bit of a bummer that she couldn't keep her original stage name, though. The 23 year old had built up quite a reputation before retiring, and leveraging that popularity would've certainly given her a head start. But alas, to avoid whispers about some shady private agreement between AllPro and LiStarPro, she had to make the name swap.

The silver lining however is that she's locked in her filming schedule, and this month kicks off her comeback JAV! Talk about diving in headfirst without wasting much time. With the AV industry's current rollout pace, I predicted that we might just see her new JAV hit screens midway through this year.

Now she's back to square on as E-Body's exclusive actress, deja vu right?

Matter of fact, if you don’t remember, she started off as an E-Body exclusive, credits to the studio for scouting such a gem! But despite her previous sales ranking, and a hiatus of two years a name change and all the anxiety that a comeback brings with it, Ruka is still undeterred. The last few days have been equally exciting for Ruka-san, as she had been dropping hints on social media that something big was going to happen, in the hope of getting everyone's attentive eyes, that will be released in June

In order to explain her comeback, E-Body publicly stated that in the past two years, Ruka was in a state of "abstinence", and had an itch to come back to carry on work as an AV actress and as I’ve been made aware, the minute she got into filming, Ruka turned into a wild freak. The trailer is evident she has had no cosmetic surgery done and her H-cup tits are very well alive, her body is still thick at the right places. This new avatar of Ruka-san is so good that the director couldn’t find a reason to call a halt to it, just watch her drain the actor with every single shot!

I’m glad FANZA’s chart topper is back, even after a long hiatus she is still amazingly powerful. Even if E-Body will keep her for a long time, with her glorious past, I think the agency would like to lock her down as an exclusive before she changes her mind and turn into a freelance actress so let's just take out the toilet paper and quietly watch how this plays out.

MINAMO's Third Anniversary Flick Will Give You Sleepless Nights!

This JAV features perhaps the most outrageous of kinks out there that being said SOD never makes ordinary JAVs. The studio really hit it out of the ballpark with this one! The undeniably bonkers world of SOD Star's latest offering: a "half-zombie" tribute to their very own poster girl, the delectable Minamo!

I’m pretty sure you've all seen your fair share of steamy scenes in the past, but have you ever witnessed a leading JAV actress being bit by a zombie bug? Apparently, SOD wasn't content with just pushing out JAVs. So, to celebrate MINAMO’s third anniversary of her debut in JAV, the studio came up with an outrageous plot to exhibit MINAMO's acting skills. The studio went as far as to release a "ZOMBIE themed JAV"

Minamo wrote on X, "This is a new work. Please enjoy it. It's a 3rd anniversary work! That's incredible!"

Imagine, if you will, SOD’s resident siren, transformed into a shambling, moaning creature with a hankering for… well, let's just say the living aren't the only ones with desires. The makeup department deserves a raise for this one, folks. They somehow managed to make Minamo look both terrifying and strangely alluring – a feat that would leave even the most seasoned horror director speechless.

But that’s not even the real scoop. This JAV’s backstory is a doozy – a cocktail of bad peer drama, cunning loan sharks and (wait for it) scientific experimentation gone horribly awry! This poor girl, once a normal high school student, is now a patchwork of flesh and decay, all thanks to some mad scientist's tinkering.

Now, I know what you're thinking: why would anyone be attracted to a half-zombie? Well, SOD thought that a lot of horny folks would be lining up to have a shot at fucking the character. But, what’s funny is that, as a result, someone's tool was bitten off by Minamo!

Look, this isn't for the faint of heart. It's more like an unadulterated GIGA-JAV, with costumes so outrageous they'd make Lady Gaga blush.

For the curious kittens out there, Minamo even uploaded a behind-the-scenes peek on YouTube, showcasing the magic (or maybe mayhem?) that went into creating this monstrous masterpiece. So, if you have a morbid fascination with the bizarre and a penchant for the, ahem, unconventional, then this "half-baked zombie" offering from SOD Star might just be the perfect midnight movie for you! Just remember, readers, bleach is your friend after this one.

Grab JAVs At 30% OFF In IdeaPocket's Annual Campaign

Moving on, Ideapocket has took the covers off of it’s annual campaign and you heard it hear first! So, get ready for a month of exclusive discounts, original merchandise, online raffles, live chats, and the signed photo albums. Now let us find out IdeaPocket’s top actresses participating in the event. Sounds like a fan's dream, right?

But hold on, what's even more surprising is that there are only 10 actresses this time. The following is a list of the members who have participated in this activity: Kana Momonogi, Momo Sakura, Karen Kaede, Wakana Sakura, Mitsuri Nagahama, Honoka Furukawa, Yume Nishinomiya, Airi Kijima, Tsumugi Akari, and Hikari Azusa. You might be wondering as to where’s the rest of the Ideapocket roster? Apparently, a whole bunch of their exclusive actresses are MIA in this year’s ‘We are IDEAPOCKET’ campaign.

But who's the golden girl this time around? That title goes to Nagahama Mitsuri, a January debutante. This tells us one thing: rookies are probably out of the running for these promotional gigs. If you look at it, some big names are missing as well like – Rio Asahi and Himeka vanished because they jumped ship to Madonna (cue dramatic music). But that aside, veterans like Saki Sasaki and Suzuno are nowhere to be seen. Though, they are still in the IP roster but they did not participate in promotional activities.

That makes me wonder is Ideapocket giving them the boot? Some folks might scoff and say, "Nah, Ideapocket's too powerful to ditch five actresses at once!" But hear me out. We already know rookies are out, and guess what? If you count the newly-minted Yuka, there are six actresses who didn't make the cut. That's not a coincidence, so is IDEAPOCKET trying to omit them from their future blueprint?

The final nail in the coffin is that the Will Group, Ideapocket's parent company, is overflowing with fresh faces across their studios – S1, Moodyz, and IP itself.

Look, I might be wrong. Maybe these five ladies are just taking a well-deserved break. But with the constant influx of newcomers and the silence from Ideapocket, things aren't looking good for our favorite veteran actresses.

So, here's to Saki, Suzuno, and the rest of the missing ladies. May they find greener pastures, because Ideapocket might be leaving them behind.

And to the rest of you, keep your eyes peeled. This industry is a revolving door, and who knows who'll be next to get pushed out? Stay tuned, because Spill the Tea will be here to catch all the drama, one leaked script at a time.

Riko Momose Retires From JAV, But Will Continue Making Porn

Former local station announcer and JAV actress Riko Momose has turned to crowdfunding, but for a rather...unique retirement plan.

Yes, you read that right. Momose, now with a little over 2 years experience in her purse, made amends to raise funds to produce her very own retirement JAV. Now, while the idea of a crowdfundeed farewell JAV isn't exactly unheard of with actresses having gone that route previously, but Momose's chosen platform has got fans intrigued, "The purpose of this crowdfunding campaign is to leave my last work as an adult film actress as a break from her career as an adult film actress!"

In a recent tweet, Momose announced her plans, framing the project as a special gift for her fans. But there’s a catch, unlike most JAV releases that find their way onto marketplaces like FANZA, the blonde hair cutie intends to distribute her self produced JAV through Fantia, a fan-exclusive platform. I guess, you’d have to be subscribe to her to watch it then. "After all, you're going to do porn again in the fan tier, aren't you? I know there are some people who may think that I will end up doing porn again at the fan tier, and that is certainly true, but in my mind, this is the end of my long career as an AV actress, so I hope you can understand my feelings."

And that's not all! Riko has hinted that this is just the beginning of her exclusive collab on Fantia. So, maybe If you were hoping to catch more of Riko on the open market, you're out of luck. It seems Momose is setting up shop on Fantia for the foreseeable future, "I know this is a long story, but I love being out in the public eye and being a product of my own work! I hope you will continue to warmly watch over me! So I would like to create and deliver my best self-produced work at this FANTIA. I would be very happy if you could help me!"

So, what does this mean for fans? Well, for one, it suggests a more direct connection between Momose and her audience. By cutting out the middleman (i.e., major studios), Momose might have more creative control over her projects. Additionally, fans who subscribe to her Fantia channel can expect more exclusive content, potentially including behind-the-scenes glimpses and personalized interactions.

Of course, there's also the question of accessibility. Not everyone is comfortable with subscription-based platforms, and some might find Fantia's exclusive nature a turn-off. But for the rest, we’ve got you covered. Our most demanded feature; PPV is live that means you can watch JAVs at ease, on top of that what’s even more fantastic is that we offer subscriptions, so for a mere few bucks you can access the whole library with not just riko but all the top names in JAV.

Riko’s career has been fascinating overall, from a local newscaster to and exclusive jav debut and now as a fantia freelancer. Whether this Fantia focus will be her final act or just the next chapter in her ever-evolving career remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: Riko Momose knows how to keep her audience guessing. Meanwhile, subscribe to her Fantia before she delivers her self produced JAV on the platform.

We'd keep bringing you more such updates at ZENRA, to hop on the fan wagon follow us on Twitter


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