BREAKING: Mino Suzume Is Pregnant, Yuki Maeda is Backs & So Is Nanami Ogura!

Published : April 5th, 2024 Written by trapstar

The first couple of days of April kept us busy, here's a rundown off all the big stories we're looking at right now.

Mino Suzume Pulls A 'Pregnancy' Joke On Fans

Oh man, did Mino Suzume have some fun with her fans this April 1st! First, she drops a tweet with a pic of her sporting a very convincing baby bump, quoting "On a personal note, I have just given birth to a new life. The baby is due at the end of this month. I am sorry to inform you that I will be taking a six-month leave of absence. I will also suspend my social networking activities until I return to work". Boom! Fans are freaking out, wondering if our favorite actress is expecting!

The comments went wild, some congratulating her, others confused (rightfully so!), and a few even started placing bets on the baby daddy. Just as the rumor mill was about to explode, Mino swoops back in, revealing it was all a joke for April 1st and it was nothing but a prop for an upcoming JAV flick she's filming right now Phew! But wait, there's more!

She then throws out this juicy tidbit about "giving birth" later this month and taking a six-month break from AV. Now, fans were in a frenzy, this time questioning if she's actually pregnant or if this is some elaborate retirement plan.

Come on guys, lighten up! It's April Fool's, remember? Seems like the actress played an April Fool's joke on her fans as she cited, "I gave birth safely. It was for April Fool's Day I had the experience of being pregnant during an AV shoot. Please look forward to the release of the work." Although, if you're looking for your next Mino fix, don't forget her steamy collab with Yuko Ono in an exlcuisve JAV with Dahlia that was recently released, where the duo played some seriously horny store employees who couldn't resist a hot new recruit, Yuki Yuduru and end up indulging in a steamy affair with the naive student. Trust me, that one's a scorcher!

So, while a Mino Suzume baby might be a joke for now, there's always that upcoming JAV to keep the anticipation high! Meanwhile follow her on X, I guess

Remember Yuki Maeda? Well, She's Making A Comeback!

Oh my god, did you guys hear?! Yuki Maeda, is BACK! That's right, after a decade of blissful (or maybe not so blissful) retirement, the big tiddy goddess has been resurrected by the almighty power of S1 studios. Yura's back in the game, baby!

Remember back in the day, when tanned skin was all the rage? Yeah, those were the times. This girl was like the holy trinity of AV idols – alongside Ruri Saijo & Rena Fukiishi, of course. They practically had the same skin colour and body, but hey, variety is the spice of life, right? Well, guess what? If you peek at Yuki's latest pics, you'd be hard-pressed to recognize her. Sure, the moles are still there, like a celebrity fingerprint, but other than that? Completely different!

Now, I'm not saying there's been some hanky-panky with the photo editor, but let's just say a little cosmetic surgery and some serious skin lightening might have been involved. And hey, no judgment here! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, especially when she's coming back after a ten-year hiatus.

Speaking of that hiatus, there seems to be a bit of a name change situation here. Apparently, Yuki – I mean, Yura – switched agencies, and the old name just wouldn't cut it anymore. But hey, at least we can be sure it's really her thanks to those tell-tale moles.

Now, Yura might be claiming this is a comeback after a ten-year break, but let's not forget her humble beginnings back in 2010. That's right, folks! Yura, or should I say Yuki back then, started out with a bang in the Moodyz franchise. We're talking a phtoshoot JAV, and let me tell you, those were some serious H-cup mountains we were looking at, back then.

But Yuki, the ambitious minx that she was, didn't settle for just Moodyz. She branched out, did some freelance gigs, and slowly but surely, built up a name for herself. And then, the magic trick – the switcheroo to Yuna Hoshisaki. That's when things really exploded. Yuna threw off the shackles of mosaic censorship and blessed us with the full, uncensored glory that is Yura Takahashi. Amen to that!

Now she’ll use her name Yura Takahasi to perform her comeback JAV according to the previous persona to see she has been 34 years old, so although her tits & ass look still in shape considering her age, she must've gone under the knife to maintain that kinda body, which is not possible solely by fixing your metabolism, or rely on good food and exercise. But time is always unfair to us humans, although modern medical technology can be supplemented to achieve such looks, it also can be seen now that without make-up. minute wrinkles are visible on her face, so although she chose to debut with E-Body, I guess given her age she'd be more suitable for Madonna.

So, what are we waiting for? Let's grab some popcorn, settle in, and welcome back the one and only Yura Takahashi – the Queen is back, and hopefully, her reign will be a long and bountiful one!

Nanami Ogura's Comeback JAV Is Scheduled To Release This Month

Within a year Nanami is back with S1 and how! S1 No. 1 Style described Nanami Kodama as "the legendary girl is back" in her comeback JAV. It's been a year and a half since she enjoyed her retirement from JAV as a girl with a normal life.

In a scoop I shared earlier, it was evident that Nanami was itching to make her comeback to the JAV scene, and she was quietly shooting some scenes under the radar. Fans who follow her on Twitter have likely caught wind of it.

Surprisingly during her retirement, Nanami claimed not to have had sex in her personal life. She has also been labeled a "virgin" for 500 days.

For those living under the rock, Nanami left the industry in October 2022, and many of us thought we'd seen the last of her on screen. But boy, did she prove us wrong! Happens so that she's returned with a new name, Nanami Kodama last September and will access the services of her new management agency T-Powers. Momo Sakura, Yotsuha Kominato and Riri Nanatsumori happens to be some of the idols who prefer the agency’s services.

Now with Nanami’s comeback, all of her accumulated lust that she has been holding back has been unleashed. She also promises to be naughtier than ever and it’s quite evident from her upcoming JAV. Her JAV revival movie will be released later this month by S1 on April 23, 2024!

Frankly, her comeback JAV doesn't seem that exciting to me personally. It has been shot mostly from a gravure POV, with several different landscapes acting as a backdrop while highlighting our bubbly Nanami in a series of different outfits. But, there's always something exciting about a Nanami JAV and this too has the element to it so let's jump right into it. The actual JAV action that takes place in the later half of the trailer as it reminds you of having sex with your virgin girlfiend on a hot summer afternoon, snuck away in some love hotel. I guess, pretty much that's what there is to it but then we're shown a climax scene which has considerable action to the point that we get to see her indulge in a threesome with her male co stars while being blindfolded.

Let's recap on her previous stint in the industry. Nanami started her career as an exclusive performer at S1 under the name Nanami Ogura. Her debut movie hit the screens just three years from now, and she was lucky to gain a following quick. But as we know, she decided to step away from the glamour of industry in 2022 at her peak, leaving her fans baffled.

To cite, her retirement statement shed some light on her decision. She mentioned having numerous discussions with her office and contemplating the move for months. It appears that physical and mental issues played a significant role in her choice. The overlap of a period when she couldn't shoot due to her struggles and the introduction of new laws regarding AV shooting seemed to have taken a toll on her. Subsequent to that, Nanami made the tough call to step back from her rising career.

Previously, Nanami announced her retirement due to health problems so she could not continue acting in AV. But then, material things decided consciousness, when the little income from doing soapland gigs or selling Fantia was not enough to cover life, whatever happened had to happen. So, now as she's back, you can, keep up with her on X.

After 7 Years, Moko Sakura Is Done With JAV

Spill the tea on the latest retirement! Our favorite KAWAII idol, Moko Sakura, just dropped a bombshell tweet. After seven years of gracing our screens with her sugary sweetness, she's calling it quits to the JAV biz. Remember back in 2017 when she started out with Kawaii? Yeah, that feels like ages ago! Then she made the jump to Attackers last year, keeping things all the more interesting. But all good things must come to an end, and it seems Moko's ready to move on.

"Dear all, thank you for all your support. Thank you very much for your support. We are pleased to announce that Moko Sakura will be retiring as a sexy actress. I am sorry for the sudden notice. I am really thankful for the 7 years since 2017. I am filled with gratitude. Thanks to the support of everyone around me, my friends and fans, I have been able to work so hard. I am truly grateful. I have fulfilled all my goals as an actress and I want to move on to the next step, so I would like to take some time off and then work in a different way in the future. We will keep you updated on our activities."

Among those who congratulated the stars were renowned names from the industry like Sakura Tsukishima & Yuki Takeuchi who congratulated the actress.

While Masahiro Tabuchi recalled his time shooting with her, "Thank you for all your hard work over the past seven years! I'm very happy to have had the chance to work with you a few times. It's a great memory. Thank you very much. I wish you all the best in your future. I wish you continued success and development. I sincerely wish you all the best."

But wait, there's more! Moko was also part of the idol group Ebisu Muscats, belting out tunes in between filming scenes. She was a regular appearance and had performed several gigs with the idol group until it dissolved back in 2022. Remember those catchy concerts? We miss them too! Speaking of side hustles, she even had her own loungewear brand, mococo. But with retirement on the horizon, it seems like she's saying goodbye to that too.

In a tweet, she mentioned of not any particular reason behind this move, "I have decided to resign from my loungewear brand MOCOCO due to personal reasons. I cannot give you the reason for my resignation as it is not my own personal decision. Thank you for your cooperation. I would like to thank you all for your support." 

Now, this has us scratching our heads. Is everything alright with Moko? Her tweet mentioned using her newfound free time to explore other things, but it leaves us wondering what exactly caused this career shift. Maybe she's got a secret passion project waiting to take flight, or perhaps she just wants a well-deserved break from the spotlight. Whatever the reason, we totally respect her decision.

So here's to you, Moko! Thanks for the amazing scenes. We'll miss seeing your adorable face on screen, but we wish you all the best in your future endeavors! Now, if you'll excuse us, we gotta grab some tissues and re-watch our favorite Moko scenes, while you binge through her pics on X

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