JAV News Roundup - September 2023 - Volume 2

Published : October 12th, 2023 Written by trapstar

Trapstar here, reporting live from ZENRA headquarters. Bringing you the latest buzz in the Twitter JAV space in recent days

Eightman Talent Finds A New Home In Faleno

I’m not aware if you guys remember the hype regarding a certain newcomer, Rin Hachimitsu a while back? Yeah, certainly the one where her agency, Eightman, was hyping her debut to the max? Skip to this day, it seems like that hype train has come to a screeching halt. But for the fans of the 23 year old actress, it's not bad news at all; rather it’s quite the opposite.

"I'm pleased to announce that I'm aiming for even greater heights I'm going to FALENO. Thank you for your support!" mentioned Rin.

Word on the street is that Rin is about to make a big move in her career. As per sources, she’s bidding farewell to her old employers at IdeaPocket and heading over to become an exclusive artist at FALENO. And guess what? Her brand new AV title just dropped on September 20, marking her commencement under the new studio. For the unversed, this move isn't just about a mere studio transfer, perhaps there is a lot going on behind the scenes. To begin with, it's a testament to the strong bond between the two AV companies, EightMan and FALENO. These guys have been tight for a while, and this move only strengthens their connection. It's like when your favorite artists collaborate, except in this case, it's more of a business collaboration, if you catch my drift.

For those who might be scratching their heads of angst, wondering where they've seen Rin before, let me remind you that her last JAV release under the IdeaPocket banner was on August 8th, just last month. She was doing her thing in the "Luxury Beauty Salon" series. Though I couldn’t extract much insider scoop on this transfer but as per the deal: Rin had a 12-work contract with IdeaPocket, and that contract was up this year. So, naturally, it was time for her to find a new home. And with the close ties between her management agency and Faleno, this move felt almost inevitable to happen. It's like when you move out of your old place and into a new apartment in the same neighborhood, it's kinda familiar, but there's a fresh start waiting for you.

So, some fans might wonder what's next for Rin? Well, we'll have to wait until next month to find out when her second AV title drops under her new banner. But one thing's for sure, this move to FALENO will give her the much needed break. So, keep your eyes peeled, readers, because Rin is on the move, and she's not looking back!

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Who's The Mystery Guy At Yua's Place?

Apologies to all you fans of the fabulous AV sensation Yua Mikami for not dropping something controversial column on the actress in a while but stick to your seats because I've got some juicy gossip that's been brewing lately in the adult industry. For a fact, we all have been curious about what Yua has been up to since her retirement from the AV industry this year, right? It turns out that the former S1 baddie has been mingling with some pretty interesting names from the Japanese entertainment scene, including some big names you won't believe!

So, here's the scoop: recently, the paparazzi over at Shukan Bunshun, the publication known for its knack for unearthing celebrity secrets, stumbled upon something quite interesting. It seems as that two members of the infamous Johnny Kitagawa's boy band empire were caught sneaking into Yua’s apartment in the early hours, and what is even more crazy is that, they did it within just 4 hour window of each other! Yeah, you read that right.

Shukan Bunshun, famous for it’s Page 3 columns, reported that the two idol celebrities in question are none other than Takenaga Senga and Kento Nagao! Now, if you find yourself having a hard time recognising those names, let me fill you in. They are both talents managed by the late Johnny Kitagawa’s empire, Johnny Kitagawa & Associates, and they are considered some of the hottest properties in the J-Pop scene, currently.

Here's where it gets even more exciting, apparently the 30-year-old former AV star, is allegedly caught up in a love triangle with not one but two of the most sought-after J-Pop idols in the business. We're talking about Takenaga Senga, who's 32 years old, and the younger compatriot Kento Nagao, who's apparently a whopping nine years Yua's junior! Can you believe it? Love triangles are a dime a dozen in the Japanese entertainment industry, but this one's got tongues wagging for sure. Now, here's the nitty-gritty of the story. Shukan Bunshun's paparazzi managed to capture Kento Nagao making a visit to Yua Mikami's apartment in the early hours of September 1, 2023, and surprisingly, it happened just four hours subsequent to Senga's visit. Talk about timing!

According to inside sources, Senga and Yua had reportedly called it quits at the end of June. But lo and behold, Senga has been showing up at Yua's place for reasons like "taking care of her pet" and so forth. On his recent visit, Senga was incognito, donning sunglasses and a mask to conceal his identity. He spent a solid three hours at the former AV star’s place. And then, just four hours after his departure, at around 3:00 a.m., another mystery man rang Yua's intercom. Surprise, surprise, it was none other than the "ace" of the "Naniwa Boys" himself, Kento Nagao! And guess what? The paparazzi found Nagao to be rocking the same outfit as the day before. Clearly, he and Mikami have gotten pretty close recently, considering he's visiting her apartment at such odd hours. Despite the significant age difference – nine years, to be precise, Nagao seems to have been quite assertive in pursuing Mikami. How did he even pull her off!?

Now, the burning question on everyone's mind is, what's the deal with this trio? Shukan Bunshun tried to get answers from both Johnny & Associates and Yua Mikami's management, but they've been keeping mum about the whole affair. With this explosive revelation, it's safe to say that the seemingly close relationship between Yua and YouTuber Kano-kun, with whom she shot a YouTube video not too long ago, might just have been a well-orchestrated gimmick for the purpose of filming a dating video. I hope this latest and greatest gossip from the AV industry has filled your gossip appetite. Who would've thought that Yua Mikami's post-AV life would be this eventful? We'll just have to keep our eyes peeled for more developments in this love triangle that has set the rumour mill on fire. Stay tuned for the next chapter in this captivating celebrity saga!

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Nanami Ogura Is Back, But There's A Catch!

Much anticipated (also, shoutout to that one reader who mentioned Nanami’s comeback) I've got some wild news for all the fans of Nanami (formerly known as Nanami Ogura). Despite her early retirement from the JAV scene last year, we're in for a jaw-dropping surprise! That's right, Nanami is back, and she's about to make a fresh start under an all-new agency! Here's what she had to say regarding the comeback, "I am pleased to announce that I will be working as a member of T-Powers! I will be working under a new name, "Nanami Kodama". I will do my best to give you many good memories! Thank you very much!".

For those living under the rock, Nanami left the industry in October last year, and many of us thought we'd seen the last of her on screen. But boy, did she prove us wrong! Happens so that she's returned with a new name, Nanami Kodama and will access the services of her new management agency T-Powers, Momo Sakura, Yotsuha Kominato and Riri Nanatsumori happens to be some of the idols who prefer the agency’s services. Now, with Nanami joining T-Powers, the burning question on everyone's mind is when and where she'll make her comeback as a JAV actress. It's still a mystery that have the fans seated on the edge.

Let's recap on her previous stint in the industry. Nanami started her career as an exclusive performer at S1 under the name Nanami Ogura. Her debut movie hit the screens just two years from now, and she was lucky to gain a following quick. But as we know, she decided to step away from the glitz & glamour of the industry last year, leaving her fans utterly dissapointed. To cite, her retirement statement shed some light on her decision. She mentioned having numerous discussions with her office and contemplating the move for months. It appears that physical and mental issues played a significant role in her choice. The overlap of a period when she couldn't shoot due to her struggles and the introduction of new laws regarding AV shooting seemed to have taken a toll on her and the little money from making soapland or selling Fantia was not enough to cover life, whatever happened had to happen. Post that, Nanami made the tough call to step back from her rising career.

Also, here's a Page 3 scoop, it's evident that Nanami is itching to make her comeback to the JAV scene, and she's been discreetly shooting some scenes under the radar. Fans who follow her on Twitter have likely caught wind of it. Now, perhaps the big question remains, which studio will Nanami choose to re-debut with? After leaving S1, there's a world of possibilities out there, and fans are eagerly awaiting the big reveal. The anticipation is shooting through the roof! Nanami's destination is currently unknown, as T-powers' network covers all studios from S1, Idea Pocket to Premium or even freelance actors. Returning to the old home of S1 seems difficult when S1 now has so many great rookies in both sales and body, Madonna is probably a bit too old for this girl born in 2002. Idea Pocket is in crisis or go back to Moodyz and meet your best friend Ren Miyashita again, I predict this is could be an exciting reunion, if you know you know!

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Eimi Fukada Set To Debut With A New Studio

To conclude, I’ve certainly got some exciting news for the fans of the talented Eimi Fukada, so listen up! After a year long hiatus from the industry, Your favorite JAV idol is back and how! As per sources, Eimi has made a big move in her career, and it's got the adultboards buzzing. Apparently, Eimi has switched gears and shaked hands with Faleno, like Rin who gets a mention in the column earlier. It's a big deal, and fans certainly couldn't ask for more. Her first JAV under the Faleno banner released on the 13th of this month, and the studio has been claiming it as "Real Sex That Changes the World", woah that’s a pretty big claim to make!

There’s another JAV in the queue that has got her fans talking and if you've seen the trailer for this upcoming release, I’m pretty sure you’d too. Apparently, the former IdeaPocket star seems to have had a little work done to enhance her looks post leaving the studio. The word on the street is that she surely had a boob job done. But hey, whether it's enhancements or just some clever camera angles, we know one thing for sure, Eimi is looking stunning as ever and other actresses should take a lesson or two from her on that. But here's the real heartwarming part of the story. Despite being a seasoned pro in the adult business, Eimi was reportedly quite nervous about making her comeback with a new studio after a year off the scene. It's a relief to see that even our favourite stars have moments of vulnerability and concern. It just goes to show how much she cares about her fans and her career.

Now let’s dive into the JAV itself. As one could make from the trailer, Eimi could be seen getting emotional while being paired alongside male talent Kensuke Samejima for some steamy scenes, and rumor has it, her performance was top-notch in the JAV. In fact, the production staff on set were said to have had a hard time keeping their composure, if you know you know!

But that's not all. What’s even more exciting is her second JAV with Faleno with a concept that is sure to blow your mind. It's a concept JAV that takes us behind the scenes like into an actual movie set. The JAV commences with a live stream featuring Eimi and the legendary Shimiken, and it's all happening on YouTube. The twist? The live stream goes on until just 5 seconds before the shooting of the, well, you know what scene. It's a tantalizing peek into the world of JAV production, and as a fan, I surely can't wait to see it. Earlier during a live streaming video that aired in May 2023, Eimi admitted that it was a bit awkward to get intimate with Shimiken in front of the camera because, well, she already considers him a friend. But it seems like Shimiken had no problem with the situation at all, a true professional!

Apparently, Eimi isn't just a JAV artist but a businesswoman too! In the beginning of this month, she officially launched her latest venture, AimeCare. It's a line of products designed for the care and hygiene of women's intimate zones. Talk about branching out! This isn't her first rodeo in the business world either. Her first product, AimeProtein, a high-protein supplement to support dietary needs, has already made its mark and has got positive feedback from the customers. Here's what Eimi had to say of her new venture, "Finally, starting today! My brand, Aime care, will be releasing a new delicate soap and cream. I hope they reach everyone because I've been working on them for about a year by trial and error and I'm very proud of them. I've been using it for a long time now and love it. Please let me know in the comments if you buy it!".

With her recent move, Eimi is certainly back in action, and we can't wait to see what she has in store for us. With her exciting career moves and her dedication to her fans, she's proving once again why she's one of the most beloved stars in the whole JAV universe. Stay tuned for October 12, and let's show our support for Eimi Fukada as she continues to light up the screen!

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