BREAKING: Ichika Matsumoto Breaks Silence On Frozen Account, SOD Takes A Dig On DJ Soda, Mono Koibuchi Gets Harassed & More!

Published : March 22nd, 2024 Written by trapstar

Here's a rundown of some of the top stories that happened in March

X Bans Ichika Matsumoto's Account, Reverts It Days Later

When you look at this clip on Youtube, the bubbly Ichika who dons a haircut with a serious expression planted on her face, JAV producer Tomoko on the thumbnail, you know something is wrong at the first sight.

Well, what even happened to her you might wonder? It turns out that during an ongoing challenge her main X account with 460k followers was frozen. Even worse is that to become exclusive to DAS, she was required to reach 500k followers and 2,500 likes before she could join the studio, and just when she was on the verge of achieving her goal, Ichika found her account had been frozen, You know, that kinda frustration is palpable.

Reportedly, the producer had an agreement with Ichika to boost her following, but prior to this Tomoko (pictured above) had announced that the project is suspended. As you can see from the video, that she'd asked Ichika to find out the reason for the ban and a way to restore the account.

For fear of losing access to her updated X handle again, Ichika locked her account and adjusted her posting schedule to not face a ban. Since the main account was banned and the account was locked, posts were infrequent, and she chose to gradually shift her focus instead on to grow the YouTube channel.

Ichika did admit in the video that she was hit hard.Though we don’t have the scoop on what led to it, for the current breed of JAV actresses, community is king as they interact with their fans on social media platforms on a daily basis, especially an actress like Ichika who was also given a target to achieve by her producer to assess her trajectory but unfortunately, she had to face ban.

There are several actresses who have flipped from freelancing to an exclusive actress in the last year unlike Ichika, but she has been asked to rake in half a million followers on X by the end of it and her work must have a minimum of 2,500 likes. Could this be a clause on her contract at the time of signing as an exclusive contract, why did she even entrain this at the beginning?

But fast forward to the current day, Ichika's main X handle was revived, so what is she upto, lately?

Well, when she got her account back, the actress posted "yea, the account is back on" but she didn't say much about what she's going to do next. So we don't know whether or not she's going to continue with her challenge of getting 500k followers, and whether or not she'll have to make adjustments to her posting. But no matter what, it's good to have your account back, so let's see what the strongest little devil in the industry has in store for us next!

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Momona Koibuchi Shares Harrasment Ordeal

Just when we’d enough of a guy harass Mao Hamsaki while she was out in public, once again some idiot blew up. Here’s another one coming right outta JAV’s tinsel town. Okay, so here's the scoop. The manager over at Life Promotion agency gave us the scoop on his official X handle. It turns out that our busty JAV starlet Momona Koibuchi had a run-in with a creep. Now, this is where it gets real! Although the culprit has not been caught, the actress herself had whipped out her phone and recorded that jerk's face! She preserved the evidence and has already filed a police report in the hope that she’d be brought to justice as soon as possible. Talk about taking charge, am I right? Get this, she wasted no time in filing a police report and wants the cops to nab the culprit and serve justice.

Via X, the office gave this statement "Report and request to important people, Thank you for always supporting our actresses. Yesterday, Momona Koibuchi was harassed in private. A situation has occurred. harrasment is a crime and cannot be tolerated. It is an unforgivable act. Although the criminal was not caught red-handed, the police are working on it. We are in a situation where there is judgment and evidence. We also ask the local police station to take action to apprehend the culprit. I have the evidence. As I wrote at the beginning, harassment is a criminal act. We appreciate your continued support. I would appreciate it if you could. Thank you."

So, what went down exactly? Well, I did some digging on this particular case. Turns out, this creep had no idea that Momona was an AV actress, hence the audacity! He thought he could pull a fast one on her when no one else was around. But oh boy, did he pick the wrong target.

Momona sensed something was off, so she busted out her phone and started recording and even though the jerk slipped away at first, Momona had all the evidence she needed to drop the hammer on him. The cops are on it, and they're confident they'll nab him soon.

Ironically, Momona Koibuchi admits that she has often received sexual harassment from just verbal to deeds. This is what then encouraged her to pursue a career as a JAV artist. No wonder, her big breasts are to hard to pass off.

So, let's show Momona some love and support, folks. Sexual harassment is no joke, and it's time we stood up against it. Keep your chin up, Momona! We've got your back every step of the way.

And there you have it, folks. Another day, another scandal. Stay tuned for more gossip-packed updates, because you know I'll be dishing it out hot and fresh.

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DJ Soda Fans Are Furious After SOD Mocks Her With A Parody JAV

I don’t really get it why all these studio who make parody JAVs are all so scared when it comes releasing the damn JAV, I mean have the balls to stick to it! Earlier, we saw Faleno back off from releasing a parody JAV mocking Colabo and it’s founder and now we’ve SOD one of the most renowned JAV studio pull off it’s work off the shelves after maybe getting sued by the attorneys of South Korean DJ Soda.

So, on March 5 SOD, one of the big shots in the JAV scene, drops SUWK-014 featuring Luna Tsukino. But hold your horses, this ain't your run-of-the-mill JAV flick. rather this was intended to be a parody to take a jibe, and guess who's the target? None other than the famous South Korean DJ Soda. Sneaky move, right? They didn't straight-up name the character after her, but come on, we fans are not blind. One could see from the resemblance. Even the movie had this infamous scene where her fans intentionally grabs her breasts,enacting the incident that the Korean female DJ encountered during her Osaka tour in August last year.

But, as expected, the internet went ablaze faster than you could blink an eye. DJ Soda's loyal fanbase didn't take too kindly to the parody. Twitter was lit with criticisms faster than you can say "cancel culture." It got so heated that SOD had to yank the movie off the shelves in a hurry. Poor Luna must've felt the heat after all this took place, but hey, props to her for sticking to her guns. She put in the work, and she wants the world to see it, negative feedback be damned.

Now, here's a juicy tidbit for you: this ain't the first rodeo for JAV parodies stirring up trouble. Let us rewind back to 2023 when Faleno Tube stirred the pot with their Colabo parody, starring Sakura Tsukishima, Twitter practically exploded then too. Seems like these studios just can't catch a break

But here's the thing, even though SOD pulled the plug on SUWK-014, you know how the internet works, right? Once something's out there, it's out there for good. You can bet your bottom dollar that even though the movie's been wiped from official channels, it's still lurking in the depths of the internet. One quick search, and boom, you're knee-deep in tube sites featuring the infamous title, "Social Media Uproar over a JAV."

And that, my friends, is the tea on the latest JAV parody. Looks like these studios might wanna rethink their parody game plan or brace themselves for more online storms. But hey, at the end of the day, it’s drama that actually sells, right?

SOD's Runaway Felon JAV Has An Intriguing Backstory!

SOD is at it again, does the cover remind you of anything? It looks like a copy of a news footage, doesn't it? If you know a bit about Japanese society, you'll know that the cover girl has a striking resemblance to Yuka Takaoka, who was in the headline 4 years ago for stabbing her then boyfriend, when she was just a college student, she stabbed up her american boyfriend with a kitchen knife on the street, she was soaked in stains but her calm face was so impressive that she was nicknamed "The Most Sick Killer Girlfriend" by the netizens in Japan, and was later released from jail after serving a 3.5 years sentence.

So the guys at SOD, thought they’d find her an alternate reality, giving the impression that she had to go into pornography because she couldn't find anything to do after prison and an idea for a new JAV plot was born.

It's not possible to make this JAV without a certain degree of journalistic acumen, because the news of her boyfriend's murder was so big that if you didn't pay attention to the aftermath, you'd have fallen for SOD's tricks. So let me talk about Yuka Takaoka's recent situation, after her release from prison, she's become a bit of an internet sensation, and ran a Twitch account for a while. She has more than 10,000 followers on both X and Instagram and her updates are not only about her daily make-up and clothes, but also about her video game live broadcasts. Although it's not clear what she's doing to earn, she's obviously not an AV actress, so don't be fooled by SOD latest JAV.

Next we have to deal with the actress plays Yuka Takaoka, well who is she?

The actress herself has retweeted, it's Ichika Kasagi, coincidentally she made her debut in February 2019, the same month as the Yuka Takaoka incident, and at that time, her persona was that of a beautiful virgin girl that the studio took two years and more than 20 times of lobbying before they could successfully sign her up, and it was the discreet all this while that the studio, kawaii*, used to take part in the AV OPEN awards and scored her from there.

However, she did not become kawaii's long-term exclusive actress, in December of the same year, she left kawaii* to travel around the world to work as a freelance actress until now, that is to say, she stayed in this line for more than 5 years garnering attention towards her slender frame, with a couple of releases in 2020 and 2021 but her recent appearances have faded to the point that she is unrecognisable now.

I can only say that SOD is still quite able to keep up with current events, especially in the implementation of the new AV law now, the work has had difficulties nailinglthe right time (because from planning to signing a contract to filming and then send out the film most of the half a year's time), but this work will have it's fair share of fame until people remeber Yuka Takaoka. Readers can go grab it, as it's up for sales already and Ichika nails the look as a fresh outta prison felon, out of nowhere, but also the sexual desire to surge! Ichika Kasagi really brings out the drama of a girl who has just been released from prison and has no way out, yet her sexuality is soaring! Until next time, keep those ears to the ground and those eyes peeled for the next big shocker!

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OppaiLover90 2 months ago
They need to actually get DJ Soda. Make it happen JAV gods!
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Don't think that'd go down well with her fans.

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