BREAKING: JAV Takes Dig At A Pseudo-Feminist!

Published : October 15th, 2023 Written by trapstar

Okay, so, just when I thought I was about to wrap up this whole series with a big bang, with the final part slated to come out next month, there's been a new update that's gone viral in the last few hours.

Now, we all know Yumeno, somehow she has been our resident feminist icon (pun intended) more than her being the boss at Colabo, the NPO she runs that rescues runaway girls. We’ve covered her vastly in the past, I’ll pin down the links to those articles below. Apparently, she does have a knack for diving headfirst into controversies. But this time, it's different. Someone at the AV production house, Faleno Tube thought it was a brilliant idea to release a parody JAV resembling her. You can only imagine how well that went down with the Colabo boss.

So, let's dive into the juicy details. This all started on October 10th when a JAV produced by Faleno Tube, possibly a subsidiary of AV producer Faleno, hit multiple marketplaces. This particular JAV is based around a lesbian plot and showcases a representative from a women's incorporated association (read Yumeno, lol) engaging in some steamy affairs with an actress from the AV fraternity. And guess who the stars of this JAV are? None other than our onscreen co-stars and real life best friends Miyu Inamori and Sakura Tsukishima. These two have a track record of resisting the very AV laws that Yumeno's organization fought so hard to pass on multiple occasions. They were even present at the Shimbaishi Station protest to overturn the cunning AV law and have been involved in a couple of Twitter spats with the Colabo boss.

Apparently, the hype around this particular JAV had already started building, since the pre orders of the work begin as per Faleno Tube's distributor’s statement, it was already speculated to go viral before even the release happened. We quoted the distributor on this, "This is a controversial work before its release. Although we expect some sparks, the story (drama) and eroticism can be enjoyed even by those who know nothing about it. I don't intend the packaging to be that aggressive, but I think this is a good work for people who are new to Tsukishima-san and Inamori-san fans to watch."

Now this particular JAV is clear about one thing - it's a parody JAV. Like most parody porn, it only shares a resemblance to real-life characters but doesn't claim to actually be those people. You've probably stumbled across a few of these if you've dabbled in western porn most parts of your life. I still have photographic memory of the likes of my favorite MILF Lisa Ann playing Sarah Palin better than the former governor of Alaska, herself… lol!

"It is about the misdeeds of "pseudo-femmes" and is not intended to make fun of actual feminists. Well, I made fun of the pseudo-feminists a little bit, didn't I? LOL!" quoted director Madoka Kazuki.

Moreover, the director of this particular JAV, clearly mentioned that it was not meant to offend actual feminist in his tweet. But it seems like stuff like this doesn't sit well with their eastern counterparts. And Yumeno, being Yumeno, just had to intervene and wrote a whole thread on the matter. This might be the last nail to the coffin, It's almost like she was waiting for something like this to happen. Considering how she pushed so hard to pass that rather severe AV law from last year, now the industry she's been rallying against is making a mockery of her with this particular JAV. Life has come a full circle for Yumeno.

The activist was quick in her reponse after the incident was brought to her notice, "We received word last night that an adult film parodying Colabo is being marketed. The person appearing in the porn is the very same person who first released the tweet that started the attacks on Colabo. Since then, they have been harassing people by coming to the bus café to take pictures, forming a self-proclaimed support group that seems to be aimed at harassing Colabo, and obstructing Colabo on social networking sites. These women have continued to sabotage Colabo by creating a support group and sending out messages on social networking sites."

She also happened to mention that this is purpotedly a work of an organized group that is behind the defaming of her NPO, But that didn't stop her from asking for donations at the same time.

"The reason for the disappearance of the reserved works at FANZA is unknown at the moment, but if they were really dropped due to complaints, it would be an amazing story." quoted Madoka Kazuki

Somehow Yumeno’s plan on attacking the firm might’ve backfired on her since we know for a fact that AV marketplace Fanza & U-NEXT ended up removing the work from their sites, maybe because of external pressures, as per the director or also that they didn’t want to face a lawsuit regarding this particular AV but somehow Amazon saw sales increase multiple folds and it currently stands out of stock now on Amazon Japan, you could say that Yumeno ended up advertising her own parody and the sales figure spiked for Faleno, lucrative enugh. As per the Faleno Tube's distributor Amazon alone accounted for 400 sales in the last 2 days! and if that was not enough, we caught Himasora in a tweet mentioning that he too, bought the AV for his research purposes, lol!

Things got so heated up after the work got taken down on Fanza and Anime marketplace, U-Next, that the featuring actress, Miyu Inamori indirectly denounced the move by the NPO's legal team and even went as far as to call out Yumeno in her tweet, "FANZA and U-NEXT have been ordered to stop selling. We are currently the number one bestseller on Amazon. I would like to ask for your help. I don't want to be defeated by pseudo-feminists!"

Sakura Tsukishima who also features in the JAV, quoted that the AV marketplace Fanza had halted purchases for the JAV due to reasons not particularly mentioned via a fan mail. it read, "We apologize for the sudden notice. Due to circumstances at our site (FANZA), we are unable to continue handling the product you have recently ordered."

Honestly, no one saw this coming in the first place, but this was inevitable as a result of the feminist movement, a new AV law was enacted in the name of relief for victims of AV performances, and AV actresses like Sakura and Miyu were enraged of having been deprived of their jobs. So there’s nothing wrong to this, I believe. The AV production side simply used that as a material to express it in their work. In fact, it is natural for artists to express their anger through their works and you could call it a retaliation but a statement was made.

On the other hand, Yumeno just can't stop associating the industry with immorality, and you can clearly gather that from her Twitter rant. But here's the thing – this is coming from the same person who has a track record of exploiting girls in the name of rescuing them and providing shelters. She ends up taking them to rallies that seem to fulfill her own political motives without a proper employer relationship.

But somehow you've got to hand it to her, she's never been one to back down. And she's made it her mission to establish links between the AV industry and immorality, which is absolutely a noble cause but it seems like she's taking things a bit too personally with this parody JAV. I mean, at the end of the day it's just parody and it's not meant to be taken seriously, and it's all in good fun. Just like those Western parodies we all love, I wonder if anyone objects to those? At the end, I would just leave the readers with this tweet and let them decide for themselves.

"Let me say a few words from my point of view. Don't get so worked up about it! Play, parody, and porn have been like that for a long time. If you were living a normal life, you wouldn't see it. There is no political agenda or anything. A TV person I know said that when a work he was involved in was used in an adult film, he was happy that his work had become nationally known." So, perhaps Yumeno should take it as a compliment rather than fuss about it.

Oh, and if reports are to be believed, things got so serious that FANZA ended up taking down all the works from it's marketplace tagged as 'feminist'. Can you believe it? A Japanese media tycoon bowing down to the threats of a mere activist and making a mockery out of itself in the process, lol!

Now, as we eagerly await the upcoming installment in this rollercoaster of a series, it's safe to say that Yumeno's journey is far from over, and somehow she finds herself caught up in a new controversy. In the meantime, we can only sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch as this drama unfolds in all its bewildering glory. Who knows what the next twist will be? It's safe to say we're all in for quite a ride. Let us know if you'd like someone from our team to review this JAV.

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