Uptight Glasses Wife Cheating Onsen Vacation

Published September 8, 2023

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Japanese bread maker (literally) who may look demure, but once she opens up and is free to be herself, clothing sheds and her wild nature takes center stage!

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Uptight Glasses Wife Cheating Onsen Vacation

Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Some may look at me weird (virtually, at least) when I write this, but if I had the choice of taking one woman with me to spend our days on an uninhabited island and the choice was strictly limited to RARA ANZAI or the star of today's cheating wife update, it'd be the latter. As you get older, you start looking less at what's on surface and more of what's underneath. This isn't some sappy "beauty is on the inside" essay, mind you. It's more about preferring women who look realistic. Ones who are approachable. Ones who don't look like they spend a chunk of their waking hours beautifying themselves and succumbing to epicurean desires. Our Japanese wife for today is far from all that. She, in fact, makes bread! Yes folks, a true blue p√Ętissier! A ZENRA first!

Following in the footsteps of other cheating wives onsen vacation movies by GOGOS, what we get in UPTIGHT GLASSES WIFE CHEATING ONSEN VACATION is quite similar to that spectacular dynamite chest update from last year. Sure, this time the lady in question is younger, thinner, and at face value, a bit more of the bookworm type. But that's the charm! It's seeing such a demure married woman doing the unthinkable. Why did she decide to meet with resident director Karaki? What can this bread maker want with him that her husband cannot deliver? Surely, not hoagies! Does she have a forbidden fetish of mixing food and sex? Let's not go there; bad things have happened down that road.

Like other movies from this series, expect surprisingly deep conversions that run long, but make for the following romance even enjoyable. GOGOS movies often feel less like JAV and more like a lower budget drama that happens to have realistic sex thrown in. Breaking the fourth wall for a moment, if porn ever became 'illegal', these types of movies would probably survive that apocalypse due to having so much of back-story: from a train encounter, a walk in a park, a serious chat among greenery, and only finally then the sex and gosh is it great! Glasses stay on, but libido comes out. Karaki found an ideal wife who really needed a weekend of wanton coitus with a stranger. At the end of this huge 160 minute release, you have to wonder whose benefit is this for? The JAV director or the wives wanting to cheat?

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1500

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+The glasses seal the deal.
+Pale, demure, but very kinky!
+As always with this series, peak realism.
+Sex, while self shot in a limited location, is surprisingly varied.


-Yes, like all other movies in this series, the buildup is slow.

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