BREAKING: FALENO Teases It's Version Of SODLAND, Twitch Streamer Leaks His Ai Hongo JAV Library, Rumina Yuki Hints At A Comeback & More!

Published : April 13th, 2024 Written by trapstar

Here's a rundown of some of the top stories that happened in April

FALENO Takes A Dig At SOD With A New Theme Park

Hey there, readers! Your resident ZENRA reporter is back at it again to dissect the latest industry shenanigans.

Okay, so let us begin the list with a real knee-slapper... or perhaps a massive facepalm, depending on how you look at it.

Perhaps if you’ve been a part of this blog, you should be aware of SODLand right? Okay, now what if I told you that SODLand has a clone! Well, it seems we might be getting another shot at... well, not exactly SODLand itself.

Enter Faleno. The SOD subsidiary studio decided to tweet up a storm on March 31st. The tweet? An announcement that would have had fanboys reaching for their wallets faster than one could imagine. The studio announced, "Important notice from FALENO! ! ] This time, on a certain day in May 2024, a sexy food theme park will open in Kabukicho. “FALENOLAND” will open. In today's world, there is so much gloomy news...Let's have some fun and drink some erotic stuff to blow away the news. Let's get crazy!" Literally, FALENO claimed to open it's very own SOD-styled theme park, set to debut this May and you’d believe the hype right? The tweet even came with a picture, and let me tell you, it looked suspiciously familiar. Like, an uncanny resemblance to a certain not-so-imaginary SODLand kind of familiar. We're talking near-perfect replicas, the kind that could make you question the existence of this themepark even! Let’s just say that it looked like a Photoshop job done by soom noob graphic designer at the studio.

Ofcourse the fans, naturally, went into a frenzy. Fans must've been foaming at the mouth, wallets in hand, ready to dive headfirst into this 'supposed JAV paradise'.

But hold on because the plot dries up faster than a poorly-written porno script. See, even the folks at SOD themselves got wind of this announcement and they hopped onto Twitter like a bunny on viagra, feigning outrage and accusing Faleno of the ultimate sin that one could think of in a creative industry like JAV i.e. plagiarism. Apparently, creating a near-identical copy of a competitor's theme park design is a big no-no in the JAV industry, who knew?

SOD wrote, "I didn't think it was a competitor or but it's so much our shop. And they even copied the wording of the concept of drinking and snacking on porn. Are you kidding me?"

Just as the drama was to reach its peak, the top dawgs at Faleno decided to come clean. Turns out, the whole thing was a big, elaborate April Fool's joke! Faleno tweeted, You know, like that time Mino Suzume faked a pregnancy only to come back clean a day later? Yeah, even that was believable to an extent!

Here's the thing though, the joke fell flatter than my last week's pancake breakfast. Maybe it's because Faleno being a subsidiary studio of SOD kind of gave the whole thing away from the start. Maybe it's because, well, the whole SODLand concept itself was a bit too outlandish to begin with.

Whatever the reason, Faleno's attempt at humor landed with all the grace of a drunken hippo on roller skates. However it does leave you with a question, is this the best the JAV industry can come up with these days? I mean, if even one executive from a top JAV studio is reading this right now, I’d like to put across this message, “Look, I'm all for a good laugh, but come on, guys. Up your game. Give us something a little more original, a little more... well, SNL-worthy!" Until then, I'm afraid we'll have to stick to the tried and tested, beautiful Japanese women and the promise of a good time. Now that's something we can all get behind, wouldn't you agree? Meanwhile, you all could keep up with the studio's latest updates on X.

Famous Twitch Streamer Accidentally Reveals His FANZA Purchase History

You won't believe the drama that just went down on Twitch!

Okay, this is some next-level internet drama happening right now. So, there’s this super popular Japanese streamer Junichi Kato, who went live on Twitch and was streaming his usual stuff, chatting with fans but then bam, disaster strikes! Apparently, he somehow streamed his whole FANZA purchase history and someone from his fanbase decides to leak it right after on Twitter. FANZA, for those who need a refresher, is basically Japan's Netflix for, well, let's just say adult entertainment.

Now, Junichi seems like a much reserved guy, but this particular incident must have left him redder than a fire truck. Turns out, he's a huge fan of S1 hottie Ai Hongo. The screenshot that got leaked showed him having purchased a whole library of her work! Let's be real, who wouldn't be a fan?

The internet, of course, had a field day while Junichi tried to salvage the situation by begging Twitch not to ban him through a series of tweets. Apparently, the stream was already pushing the boundaries of NSFW. But I guess, the damage is done. So Junichi pleading, "Please Twitch, don't ban me" fell into deaf ears, I guess

Amidst all this, Ai Hongo, happened to catch a wind of this whole thing. Let's just say, she has a good sense of humor (and probably a killer PR team). So, she didn’t waste anytime seizing the golden opportunity, and hopped onto the streaming platform, Twitch! In a first, I guess an active JAV actress debuted her very own stream on Twitch. Talk about capitalizing on a moment!

Apparently, over 2000 fans tuned in for her first show, eager to see what the JAV hottie would bring to her Twitch. What was supposed to be a hilarious internet blunder turned into a win-win for Ai. Now she's got a side hustle going, streaming live for all her fans. Who knows, maybe she'll even spill some tea about her latest JAV that hit stores, that seductive esthetician who lures her clients into some, ahem, slippery situations. Sounds like something we all need to unwind after a long day, right?

So, there you have it, folks. Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go "check out" her latest work for "research purposes," obviously. Meanwhile, keep up with her on X.

Rumina Yuki Is Planning a Comeback After Her Infamous Arrest

Remember Rumina Yuki? Yeah, that JAV sensation who literally vanished into thin air a while ago? Well, good news is that she's making a comeback and it's got fans hyped up but what’s even more interesting is her story. So let’s just do a quick brief on her,

Flashback to a few years ago when the sexy seductress was thrust into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. I mean, all the big dawgs in the news game were covering her story. Yahoo Japan, Bunshun, you name it. Back then, a renowned name in JAV caught up in a sticky situation was the talk of the town. As it turns out she got herself in hot water for dabbling with the forbidden substance. Now, perhaps if you don’t realise, like most countries in Japan too, that's a big ol' red flag waving in the face of the law. You could say it was not at all a smart move for someone like Rumina.

The fallout was swift and brutal. Prestige, the studio she was repping at that time, parted ways with her faster than one could actually imagine. It was like a total chaos for them! The studio had to pull the plug on events, refund tickets to fans who had booked for her event, that was around September, three years ago. And just like that, Rumina vanished into the shadows, leaving us all wondering what the heck happened to our favorite idol.

But here’s the good news, Rumina's back, baby! Having wrestled with her demons, it turns out our girl has been dancing with the devil, if you catch my drift. Recent rumors suggest that she's been battling a serious case of the addiction blues. But fear not, dear readers, for there's a silver lining! Rumor has it she's on the road to recovery.

"I'm still going to be honest! I was planning to return to porn this year! But the moment the new year started, I'm going through a lot of circumstances again. I don't know what will happen at the moment! For those who are waiting for me to come back, Thank you for waiting so long!", it's lilkely evident from her statement that she has been dealing with some issues lately though she wants to make a comeback.

Now, the million-dollar question remains, when will we see Rumina grace our screens once again? Oh, you know it's just a matter of time before she's back in the limelight, stealing our hearts all over again. But which studio will be lucky enough to snatch her up for her grand comeback? That's the juicy tidbit we're all itching to sink our teeth into.

So, grab your popcorn, 'cause this is one comeback story you won't wanna miss. Rumina’s story reminds me of the phoenix rising from the ashes of scandal, ready to reclaim her throne in the world of JAV. Stay tuned, folks! To keep up with her comeback, follow her on X

Having Left JAV In 2019, Rei Aino Rethinks Her Decision

Rei Aino is a name that might not be on the tip of every hardcore JAV enthusiast's tongue, but for those who were around in the mid-2010s, it sparks a flicker of recognition. This enigmatic performer burst onto the scene in 2016 under Alice Japan with a stage name that I don’t really recall right now. But in her 3 year stint lasting till 2019, what followed was switching multiple agencies, hiatuses, and reappearances that had fans scratching their heads. But since she’s back this time and she's packing some serious heat, let’s talk about that!

But first, let's rewind a bit. After a scorching run with Alice Japan, Rei vanished in August 2016, only to resurface as an exclusive for Attackers. Six sizzling titles later, she went dark again, leaving fans wanting more. But as they say old habits die hard, Rei reappeared in February 2018, launching a new Twitter under a new moniker and signing with Minds agency. This comeback was short-lived, as she switched agencies yet again to LIGHT in October 2019, finally settling upon the stage name Rei Aino before taking a three year long break that lasted till this month.

Fast forward to March 5th of this year, and Rei throws us a curveball. Out of the blue, she reemerges and updates us on her whole new avatar that she intends to use for her future endeavors: Miyu Kanesaki. Not only that, but she's joining the ranks of LINX agency, signaling a fresh start to her second stint in the industry. She tweeted "Nice to meet you. I am pleased to be a member of LINK! I'm Miyu Kanesaki. I want to do my best to be in many works. I'd like you to follow me on and I look forward to working with you"

And now just a few days later, Rei, or should we say Miyu, has confirmed her return to the industry in early April. "Nyan! Today I'm back shooting for the first time in over a year. To all the makers who are filming me. Thank you. Please give me a shout out from everyone!" She tweeted about filming her first comeback JAV, solidifying the possibility of her comeback into the JAV industry.

So, what does this mean for us, the discerning viewer? Well, one thing's for sure, Miyu Kanesaki, formerly known as Rei Aino, is back and promises to be hotter than ever. Her talent and undeniable charisma are sure to set the scene ablaze. With a new agency, a new name, and a renewed passion, Miyu is poised to take the industry by storm. I guess the wait of watching this hottie on screen is finally over readers! Meanwhile, keep up with her on X.

A Dull Career Is To Blame For Yoshino Mitsuba's JAV Exit Within A Year

In today's edition of 'just another retirement news', we're waving goodbye to a fleeting shooting star, the lovely Yoshino Mitsuba. Remember her? Debuted last May alongside Tameike Goro, but then kinda fizzled out faster than a gas station romance.

Now, Mitsuba wasn't exactly prolific. We're looking at a measly three flicks in her entire year-long career. Three! You could practically count her filmography on one hand... with a couple of fingers missing. Kinda makes you wonder what the agency was thinking, huh?

Anyway, in a tearful (or maybe not so tearful) retirement announcement, Mitsuba spilled the beans about her decision to bounce outta the adult biz. According to her statement, she's been itching to ditch the whole industry thing for a while now. But hey, contracts gotta be honored, right? So, she's sticking it out until September this year, fulfilling the terms of her two-release deal. She tweeted, "At first I was worried about whether I would be able to make it, but I've managed to make it this far. Recently, however, I have been thinking more and more about it, and as a break, I have decided to retire from the industry at the end of September."

"To all our supporters, thank you so much for always supporting me. It's been about a year since I made my debut in this industry. I am able to be active in this way thanks to all of you who support me. I think I will still be able to produce at least two more films. That will be the end of Kano Mitsuba. I'm so sorry." Now, this "two-release deal" situation is interesting. Sounds like our girl Mitsuba went rogue freelance after that initial debut. Her last flick was with some outfit called Emblem – never heard of 'em myself. Must be a small-time studio or something.

Anyway, the good news for you die-hard (although slightly confused) fans is that you can still catch Mitsuba at fan events until September. So, there's your chance to snag a handshake or a signed photo – whatever floats your boat. She wrote, "By the end of September, I'll have a chance to meet you all at a photo session. I hope to be able to talk to each and every one of you."

But let's be honest, fellas, this whole Mitsuba situation is a bit of a head-scratcher. Debuts with a big name, does practically nothing, then bounces out after a handful of films. Makes you wonder what her original plan was. Did she just get cold feet? Or maybe the industry wasn't quite what she expected?

Whatever the reason, Mitsuba's departure is a blink-and-you-miss-it moment in the grand scheme of things. But hey, at least it gives us something to talk about, right? Besides, there are plenty of other starlets out there waiting to take her place. So, let's just chin up guys! The future of adult entertainment is bright... and hopefully a little more long-lasting. Keep up with her on X, until it lasts.

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qduv36 1 month ago
Ai's been streaming on youtube from time to time prior to twitch. She had some eng/jp streams of TLOU2 a few years back.
Blcktne 1 month ago
Ai Hongo is not first active JAV star streaming on twitch , Aimi Rika streams a lot and Aiga Mizuki
trapstar 1 month ago

Thanks for bringing this to our notice.

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