Battle of the Aika’s: Versus Mode

Published : July 27th, 2022 Written by Fried Chikan

Today’s Versus Mode will be a difficult one. Today we pit the three Aika’s against each other to find out which one is the best Aika of them all. We pit AIKA, Aika Yumeno, and Aika Yamagishi off against each other. The winning Aika receives the title of the One True Aika, the rest must leave town. Here are the Aika Stats at a glance below.

AIKA (あいか)

Aka Gal Aika

Aika Yumeno (ゆめのあいか) aka Boobs Aika

Aika Yamagishi (やまぎしあいか) aka Aipan

Age: 31 (debuted in 2011)

Age: 27 (debuted in 2013)

Age: 29 (debuted in 2017)

Height: 5’5”

Height: 4’11”

Height: 5’3”

Measurements: 87B - 60W- 84H (F Cup)

Measurements: 95B - 52W -78H (H Cup)

Measurements: 82B - 59W -86H (C Cup)

Descriptors: Gal, Dark Tan, Great Ass, Tsundere

Descriptors: Busty, Pretty, Youthful, Curvy

Descriptors: Slim, Slender, Beautiful, Fit, Great Ass

The Case for AIKA: The senior of the Aika’s, AIKA aka gal Aika has been around the longest of them all. She’s built up an impressive hall of fame worthy career over her 10 years in JAV. She’s become synonymous with Gal girls in JAV and is the de facto actress many think of when they think of Gals in general.

The Case for Aika Yumeno: Not as long as AIKA, Yumeno has quietly and steadily put together a great career. Nearly ten years in JAV, Yumeno has hardly aged and looks as nubile and supple as the year she arrived in.

The Case for Aika Yamagishi: Older than Yumeno but starting her career later is the late bloomer Aika Yamagishi. Nicknamed Aipan by her fans for her love of anpan, the sweet red bean bun. Aipan is my clear pick for best Aika and she was even my favorite actress of 2020. But I will try to hide my bias as we look at the Aika’s more objectively.

Head to Head

Looks and Appearance

In our first head to head are the looks. Probably the most subjective of them all. First there’s AIKA whose had the most work done out of the Aika’s. Her face will definitely be divisive and many will probably dismiss her face alone. She’s very flashy and the colored eye contacts can be hit or miss sometimes. But I think AIKA is pretty and what I most like about her is her ever changing style. Short bob hair, medium wavy hair, to long and straight hair. Aika has styled herself in so many different ways. She’s had deep brown hair, light blonde hair, and highlights galore. With an ever changing style there’s a AIKA look that will certainly speak to you. Personally I like long and brown haired Aika.

Next is Aipan who has matured so well. Starting off as a cute and soft faced and turning into a beautiful stunner. Thanks to some cosmetic work, Aipan has only gotten better. With pretty rounded nose, chiseled cheekbones, striking eyes, and long wavy gorgeous hair. More so than Yumeno is Aipan’s fantastically fair and pale skin. She also has a very versatile style she can sport classy elegant dresses, to prim and proper traditional garbs, to casual and trendy modern wear. Aipan is a model like beauty. Then there is Yumeno who despite almost a decade in JAV has aged little. Time has been very kind to Yumeno who has also matured nicely. One of the prettiest girls in JAV with an ever pleasing face. Yumeno will win you over with her big eyes, high cheeks, and beaming smile. Overall I have to give the nod to Yumeno over the other two (despite my preference to Aipan). She has a really pleasing and nearly immaculate face. Edge: Yumeno


Now we can get to the meat of the matter, the body competition. Yumeno will get the eyeballs for this as she is the most busty and curvy of the three. A pale bodied busty petite with a nice booty to match she is overall the most balanced. Her sweet chest is her clear physical prize winner. Big, taut, creamy breasts that hang off her chest beautifully high with faint pinkish nipples. Yumeno’s chest is A plus. While they might not be as well endowed, AIKA and Aipan beat Yumeno out in the Ass category. Yumeno’s ass is nice but she just gets beaten out by even better butts. Both ladies feature great toned asses. AIKA is the bigger of the two with wider hips but Aipan has trained her ass to become a lean mean fit muscular machine. Aipan’s ass just beats out the gal. The two are also slim and slender babes with fit bodies. AIKA has a great set of legs and a tight tummy. She’s known for her Gal image and personality but AIKA has a great figure.

All in all I have to call this a scratch, a three way tie. Yumeno is clearly the bustiest and curviest but curves aren’t everything. Fans of slimmer and slender women will love what AIKA’s fit and slender figure. Then there is Aipan who takes it in the Ass category with her toned ass. It is just too close to call between these three. Each has their strengths and it all comes down to which you prefer. Edge: No one

Personality and Performing

We’ve talked about how they all look but how are they in action and when getting down and dirty. Yumeno has really improved since her early days and has become a confidant and game performer. She’s really good at service roles and seducing roles and does her best stuff as the more active party. Then there’s AIKA who can be up and down depending on the title but when she is on her game it is something else. A great mean talking femdom, an icy tsundere, or a helpless gal; AIKA has the biggest range of the three. She’s great at being a mean and bitchy or a being helplessly taken as the defiant submissive. Partly thanks to her massive video catalog. AIKA’s been around for over a decade and has had much more different types of videos to work with. Orgies, femdom, team ups, bizarre titles, even pegging. AIKA has seen and done a lot in JAV.

Finally there is Aipan who I think is the best performer of the bunch. Just as personable as AIKA but so much better in bed. She gives it her all in bed while enjoying it as much as she can. A very generous lover but also expecting the same kind of attention for herself. Great at giving head, not afraid of cum, and so good with using her hips when fucking. Our other two ladies are good performers but Aipan flat out beats in my opinion. Edge: Aipan

Here are some recommendations that should be great gateways to these three actresses.


“This Youthful Wife Hates Having Sex With Her Rich Husband, So She's Figured Out How To Make Him Cum Quickly To Get It Over With - AIKA”

We start off with a fun title and AIKA is no stranger to fun and quirky videos. Here she plays a gold digging new wife to an old and rich but super horny husband. AIKA is great because of her attitude, she is all attitude. Be it playing a mean delinquent or a defiant gal; everything AIKA does, she does with gusto. As the gold digger she wants nothing more than to easily and quickly satisfy her husband’s needs. This is such a fun plot and one she does so well. In a scene she could be cloying and very sexual while also hinting that she wants to just bust his nut already so she can go.

Fucking him is like a chore. Which she actually does in once scene as she gives him head while folding laundry. When he finally busts all over her, she’s annoyed that he came all over her legs and clothes. A chore that AIKA is determined to speed run; trying out sexy outfits, roleplaying, and buying new sex toys to make this old geezer cum as fast as possible. It’s really fun seeing AIKA try her hardest to end things fast only for her to get swept up in it all. AIKA gets a lot of love for her gal style, big ass but that cheeky attitude deserves equal attention.


“Tameike Goro 15th Anniversary YEAR Collaboration 6th My In-Law Acts Cold, But She's Actually My Fuck Buddy - Aika Yumeno”

For Aika Yumeno we have her celebrating Tameike Goro’s 15th Anniversary. Yumeno plays an in-law who gets nice and cozy with her husband’s household. A POV title that keeps it nice and tight on Yumeno’s pretty little face. She does some great acting here with some alluring facial expressions. All domestic cheating bliss with a bit of riskiness to top things off. The video is quite light hearted and easy going. A solid title that shows off her pretty face, much improved acting, and of course that sweet chest.

Yumeno is a sultry seductress here. Using that deep and breathy voice of hers as she entice and ensnares you. She doesn’t have the most expressive face but uses just the subtlest of expressions to drive you wild. Be it a small movement of her eyebrows and puckering of her lips as she is begging for it. She is usually in more bubbly and energetic roles but here she is more demanding and dominant. The best thing about this video isn’t her tit jobs or bouncing ass, no it’s the sweet and seducing pillow talk. Check out this slower paced title that really shows off Yumeno’s acting range.


“A Reverse Pick Up Slut Date With Aika Yamagishi She Milked Me With Creampie Sex And Sucked My Erotic Man Fluids Dry Until The First Morning Train – Aika Yamagishi”

We finish off with another anniversary title with Aipan celebrating her third year. This title gives us both a look at the behind the scenes production while a retrospective on Aipan’s budding career. She’s so personable and the type of actress where a title can just ask her to be herself. The video has her paired off with ‘amateur’ fans and showing her appreciation for all their support. Amateurs or not, Aika is terrific at creating chemistry and a rapport with her scene partners. She really gives her all and that energy only rebounds off the men.

From one on ones to group scenes, she’s so jazzed to be fucking. Especially the group scenes with Aipan looking like a kid in a candy store as a forest of dicks gathers in front of her. There’s a moment where she’s jerking and sucking them off when she stops for a moment to ask them all of how their feeling/looking for a response. Which they respond with a wave of loud praise. My critiques would be the use of fake cum in some scenes. The lighting might be too bright for some but I thought this was a rare case of the bright lighting creating a nice contrasting effect. A great title with hot sex, fun facials, and Aipan beaming with energy.

Summary Vote

The cases have been made and argued for. Overall Yumeno is the most balanced of the three in both body, face, and performing. Not a weak point about her. Then there’s AIKA who can be divisive but her long career, great body, and terrific personality are hard to deny. Finally there’s my pick Aipan with her fair skin beauty, great ass, top tier performing. Vote below for who you think is the best Aika. The losing Aika’s must change their name and leave town. Now what do the three Aika’s have in common other than their first name? Nothing really but it was fun to pit these three together and I hope you enjoyed this fun little experiment.

Til next time, FC out

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Joopten 1 year ago
Aika Yumeno is my favourite. She's been my favourite since very early in her career. The tanned video, the one where she is covered in cum, the one where she is xxxxxx to date without panties, the one where she slowly turns slutty after multiple molestations. Her smile just brightens up the room and her breasts are masterpieces. I hope she has many more years.
Fried Chikan 1 year ago

Voting Update:
AIKA : 37%
Aipan: 23%
Yumeno: 40%

ordyskans 1 year ago
AIKA is great, expecially in her works from the mid-2010s.
R0ck 1 year ago
It's really close for me, but I personally gotta give it to AIKA.
ZENRA 1 year ago

My vote goes to the one and only, the greatest of all time: AIKA.

drk 1 year ago
Out of curiosity, under what name did AIKA perform in 2007-2011? Even places like minnano-av list her debut date as 2011 and she's always been talking about 2011 as her start date. She mentions that her 'true' year of birth is 1989, so while it's possible that she did debut as an 18 year old, I find it a bit unlikely.

(Also minor nitpick but she's a fair bit taller - 165 cm so like 5'5").
Fried Chikan 1 year ago

You are right and of course you an AIKA superfan are. Her data was taken from the wrong Minnano-AV listing (from yet another Aika), correcting it now with her agency listed measurements and career start date. Nice catch.

drk 1 year ago
Thanks a lot, the age is still a bit off (the official one is 31 (32 next month)).
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