Low Key Teasing at the Sento

Published April 3, 2023

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Ladies and gentlemen: if JAV directors wanted to emulate the happenings of Crayon Shin-Chan with a cast of idiots and busty, beautiful women, this is what we would get.

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Low Key Teasing at the Sento
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

While I am darn near certain I mentioned this before, the entire gist of ROCKET's 'Low Key Teasing' series is basically taking Crayon Shin-Chan and making a JAV out of it.  On paper, it's a pretty simple concept and I think the only major hurdle is finding capable actors.  In fact, come to think of it, when this was shot in the early 2010's (yes, we at ZENRA show movies both new and 'old') there happened to be a surprising number of 'chibi' actors on call.  What I describe as 'chibi' are guys who are a bit on the shorter side AND can really nail the 'young imbecile' routine.  Sadly, it seems we are now in something of a drought of them.

It's kind of funny starting a review talking about the guys and not the women, but for a movie like this, we get a JAV release where it's the men who carry it and the men who this is mostly focused on.  Thankfully, it works really well and like the last update we showed from this series, we get nonstop antics pairing these younger lads with slightly older Japanese women who excuse their perverted immaturity for reasons I cannot even fathom.

LOW KEY TEASING AT THE SENTO is filmed at everyone's favorite JAV sento.  Featuring Amano-kun and friends who see how far they can get with a very big cast of faces and showing ROCKET really cared deeply to hire big which is becoming harder and harder nowadays.  Amano, now of age, is lucky in that his folks who own the sento let him man the bandai.  For those who have never been to a traditional Japanese sento--a dying breed so hurry up!--the 'bandai' is the raised seat located in the middle.  On top of running the register, the person sitting there can also monitor the bathing areas.  Yes "areas".  Traditionally, the bandai can see into both the male and female areas and yes, traditionally, 99% of the time the person sitting there would be an old lady for in Japan, old women are the Crayon Shin-Chan's in our tale that if they keep their head down can easily saunter into the male side to do cleaning with bathers never batting an eye (true story).

The visuals are top-notch with most women being nothing but naked the entire time.  We get some familiar faces from previous ZENRA updates shot in a familiar location.  Fans of the original V&R bathhouse teasing update will recognize the heavily modified massage chair.  As that movie was shot by the same director before ROCKET was even a thing, the same slapstick comedy and tropes found there are significantly enhanced here.  I can't find much fault in this movie.  Even if the creampies are as staged as staged gets, they work given how LOW KEY TEASING AT THE SENTO absolutely detaches itself from reality.  I kinda hope we see more like this if capable actors are found.

Before closing this out, an odd tidbit:  one of the actors--and it will be obvious once watching this--for reasons beyond my ken had all his lines re-recorded by someone else.  I am not sure if it was intentional or not and there is part of one scene where it's wildly out of sync, but otherwise, it also works well due to the voice actor's capability.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 798

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+If you love big, busty Japanese women, look no further.
+Comedy JAV that works!  Expect to be laughing while stroking.
+A gold mine of a theme if more capable actors are found.


-I wonder if the over-dubbing was needed?

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