Anton's Big Tokyo Trip: Part 6 - A SOD Land Epilogue

Published : April 6th, 2024 Written by Anton Algren

Alright! So, as promised in Part 5 of this series, here is a little mini-interview I did with Pickles Bourne, alongside some PDFs he sent me. First off, let me drop a little TNA for you all, and then we can get to the questions and answers.

1 - Who are you?

My name is Pickles Bourne, and I am the nightlife ambassador in Tokyo. I guide visitors in Japan, helping people get around Tokyo and enjoy the exotic nightlife we offer. As part of my role, I work at "Japanese HENTAI Girls Collection" and "SODLAND".

2 - What is the Japanese Hentai Girls Collection?

Japanese Hentai Girls Collection (JHGC) is a foreigner friendly website for those who wish to participate in a certain sort of saucy activity. The idea behind JHGC is to have visitors enjoy the adult side of Japan safely. At our website, you can find articles introducing how to enjoy the nightlife in Tokyo, and if you ever want to book for a companion, our concierge will do so on the behalf of you. You can be completely open about your fantasies and kinks, and our concierge will fulfill them!

3 - Recently SODLand closed and reopened. Are there any notable differences between what SODLand was like before and after this event?

Well, the reason why we had to close was due to the issue with the permit we had to apply for. I won't go into the legal details, but we took the permit so we are all clear, but the big differences that had to be made was sacrificing the "magic mirror" on the 4th floor and not being able to sell Adult Videos. On the other hand, we can confidently say that the "new" version of SODLAND is better than before!

4 - What are some things foreign customers can do at SOD Land to help put the staff at ease? Especially if they do not speak Japanese.

Definitely have a translation app ready to go! Also, understanding the basic system (the fees, no touching, etc.) would be better. Other than that, foreign customers we see are very mannerly and polite.

5 - Do you have any funny work stories?

Everyday I enjoy talking to various visitors, some come with their partners, friends, and even for a bachelor party. Once I met two Aussie men at SODLAND, and got along so well that we went out for two nights during their week of stay. The first night, one of the buddies went straight to a love hotel after booking a companion from JHGC, and had a blast. The second night was interesting... As a nightlife ambassador, I always advise visitors not to follow any touts, but they wanted to do so just for an experience. I followed them undercover, pretending to be an "Asian-Canadian" (in fact I did live in Canada for a while), trying to figure out how the touts were scamming visitors. We ended up entering a pub full with naked women from all kinds of races, and interesting enough, the service was "fun". They offered us super dense cocktails and overly priced sparkling wines. At the end, the bills obviously did not match as predicted, but it sure was a fun experience going "undercover" as a visitor!

6 - Any further comments you'd like to give our readers?

Japan surely is a relatively safe country, but scams do exist. The erotic culture being conservative, people take advantage of visitors by offering all kinds of services on the streets. Even the locals get scammed often, if they are seen as an easy target, so please do your research and contact a professional like myself to experience the best out of what Japan has to offer. Also, JHGC is looking to expand outside of Tokyo so please contact me about anything outside of Tokyo as well! Looking to see you all soon!

7 - Last question. Just why exactly do they call you Pickles?

This interview is now over.

At this point Pickles threw a smoke bomb and disappeared, but not before leaving his social media links here:

I hope you'll all check them out, and check him out the next time you're in Tokyo. In the meantime, here are the promised PDFs.

Old Menus

First up, here are menus that have been phased out of SOD Land, but which they've been kind enough to share with us all so we can see how things once were...

Unchanged Menus

Here are unchanged menus that are just as they were before things changed (hence them being unchanged).

New Menus

And last but not least, we have the new menus! The new stuff you can do at the new SOD Land. So the next time you're in Kabukicho, I hope you all come on over. It's worth it, I can tell you for certain.

Special thanks once again to Pickles Bourne and SOD Land for giving me these PDFs. And special thanks to June, Zenra, and all of you for giving me an unforgettable experience! Take care.

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