Minami Aoyama - We Love Youth

Published June 3, 2020

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Famous V-Cinema actress during her days as a young and nascent JAV star hopeful via GUTS.

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Minami Aoyama - We Love Youth
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

One of the longest-running series by GUTS is their one focusing hard on 'innocent' Japanese schoolgirls.  In the modern era--at least the one I am writing in--there has been an industry-wide shift from an eternal fascination with youth to that of older women.  Market trends, really, not anything more sinister have dictated this and my money's on the pendulum swinging back to nostalgia in good enough time.  Remakes are in after all and what better way to experience the past than by being intimate with someone who barely is even 20?

If you've seen other titles from this series, you should know what to expect in WE LOVE YOUTH starring MINAMI AOYAMA:  cute, young JAV star doing some play that's eyebrow-raisingly weird, but otherwise sticks to tried-and-true sexual antics.  Two full-on sex scenes--one with a group theme--some masturbation here and there and you get the idea.  However, just like with all JAV movies, it's the journey, not the destination (unless you're only here for the cumshots).  Does MINAMI AOYAMA deliver a performance captivating enough to keep you engaged from start to finish?  Is the journey with her worth it?

She's a fighter, that's for sure.  Not exactly my type, but almost certainly that of many of our subscribers, MINAMI exudes a wicked combination of innocence and eroticism that defies her age.  She volte-faces from extreme naivety about her body and its needs to energetic sexual deviant almost instantly.  Movies we've seen in the past have often starred actresses who may have been cuter (debatable), but have been less capable turning their time in front of the camera into something of a dead fish affair.

MINAMI AOYAMA delivers.  It's true many may not be familiar with her name this far into her post-retirement years, but her performance in WE LOVE YOUTH warrants many a viewing.  Is she totally innocent?  Highly doubtful.  Is she a 'slut'?  Absolutely not.  She--at the time at least--is just a young Japanese woman fresh out of high school who wants to live a bit dangerously.


Score:  3.5/5

Pro's:  New actress that delivers a solid performance including some great solo scenes.

Con's:  Title suffers from mild scene creep.  Could have been edited to run shorter without any real loss.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 401

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