Actress Spotlight: Saeko Matsushita

Published : April 18th, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan

Saeko Matsushita (まつしたさえこ)

Age: 30

Studio: Moodyz

Cup Size: G Cup

Height: 165cm / 5'5"

Years Active: 2015 – 2020

Measurements: 90 Bust – 56 Waist – 86 Hip

Descriptors: Busty, Beautiful, Older Woman

Career and Background

It’s been quite some time now and it seems like she is truly done with JAV, I am talking of course about Saeko Matsushita. She debuted back in 2015 and stuck with the studio Attackers for most of her career. Her debut title advertised her as a former “flight attendant”, a common former occupation listed for new adult video actresses. Saeko has since unceremoniously and quietly retired with her last video coming in mid 2020. Sadly it seems she has truly left the business to the dismay of her many fans which is a shame because of how popular she was and still is. Despite not releasing a title for a while her name still pops up on the top of sales charts months from time to time. Retirement has done little to lessen her popularity. If she were to return I have little doubt that she would be a top seller in JAV. Today we look into the busty beauty and the best titles of her career.

Body, Looks, and Personality

Saeko thrilled fans with her fantastic figure and gorgeous looks with big, taut breasts with really puffy nipples (seriously check out how swollen her nips are) all on that slim frame. Big boobs are always a crowd pleaser and Saeko’s pair are no exception. She would fit under the busty petite type if not for her larger than normal for JAV 5’5” frame. The only flaw is would see with her body is her backside. Her ass is just poor and a little flat and she does have an unflattering tail bone protrusion. Saeko’s got the body but she also has the looks with her demure, reserved, and statuesque features. Saeko was one of the most beautiful actresses during her time with those aloof eyes of hers, well defined cheek bones, and that slim but tall nose. She also had a slight smile kind of like the Mona Lisa. A pristine beauty all around it's no wonder she captured fan's attentions.

Now we get to the downer part about Saeko; she was never a great performer, mainly due to the studio she stayed with for most of her career. Saeko worked mainly with Attackers, a studio that specializes in submissive and more mean spirited sex. For most of her roles Saeko played the unwitting participant; a submissive and passive figure as either the repressed wife or quiet MILF. She did have some great performances in and out of Attackers but never really seemed to go all in with her JAV career. She kind of coasted on her good looks through her career but when you look like her who really cares. Hot enough to make you forget all her downsides.

We kick off with a staple in her catalog and an Attackers classic setting as Saeko plays a sexually frustrated married woman who is seduced by another man. A role she plays pretty well considering it’s the one role she played the most in. The cheating slash unfaithful married wife being her typecast (a role she played for like 90% of her career). The video does two things well; show off how damn pretty Saeko is and gives us the arc of her becoming more into the affair. Even in the homely and dowdy housewife attire, Saeko is an absolute stunner. My favorite being the tiny little yellow cardigan she wears with her top is pulled down so we just get a nice peek of her fabulous bust. My highlight goes to the final scene where at this point of the relationship, Saeko is fully on board and down to commit sweet adultery. The reluctant cheating wife now can’t wait to start fucking and she does a great job in the final scene showing that. We also get a great view of her bouncing titties with her on her back. All around a solid NTR/cheating wife video and a good start for any new fans.

Our next title heads to school as Saeko the teacher is preyed upon by her horny students. This one is more rough and meaner than the last title. Saeko takes some furious poundings and deep blow jobs at some points. A solid title with Saeko helped by the great lighting thanks to the production crew. Say what you will about the studio Attackers but I have found a lot of their titles to have great lighting and camera work. Day or night scenes, they seem to know how to shoot their scenes in the best ways compared to others. You may tire of their plots but their production is usually on point. Attackers sure do know how to shoot their porn to the benefit of actresses like Saeko like in my favorite scene in the athletic room where Saeko gets fondled, caressed, and man handled all over. Her clothes get ripped apart and thrown off ass the action ramps up. Tossed around and fucked silly all while bathed in the light from a window. A beautifully shot scene in contrast to the more rougher sex. One of her better submissive titles.

Next up we have Saeko who gets seduced by her former teacher. A more lusty plot that has her slowly but surely get into the infidelity. Once again Attackers kills it with their lighting but it’s the blowjob scenes that get my high mark. Many of the blow jobs look amazing here with her face, it is no wonder that her blow jobs will look great. Saeko nails that reluctant “should I be enjoying this” look and with her natural beauty on top of it and you can’t help but marvel at those scenes. A lot of them have her with her back arched as she goes down on her former teacher, her long flowing hair draping her face. She even swallows a big hot load in one scene (and no, I don’t care if its real or not).

Here are the first of our titles from Idea Pocket. Saeko did a couple of vids with them and all of them are great to good at the very least. So refreshing to see her work with them, they gave her different roles to work in beyond the same sub roles, though she is still a cheating wife in some form. This one has her playing the boss who shares a night of passion with a lowly employee. Side-note: the beginning has Saeko with the best bit of acting I have seen with her as the tipsy boss who has had one too many.

This video series is a favorite of mine and all around popular in JAV. A staple in porn with many studios that have their own version of this setting. The office lady / worker who fucks their colleagues in one long night of lust. A simple but well done series aided by the stellar production values and focus on passionate sex. My recommendation goes to the bath scene. This series usually features a large and posh bathroom where the women get fucked all over. It has a glass door where women life Saeko can push their massive breasts against as they are railed from behind. She also takes multiple “cumshots” throughout the video. A great series and a great collab with Idea Pocket from Saeko.

Our last title with Attackers this one has her as a convenience store employee fucking around work. We get her in this frumpy store uniform and some public fooling around and she also wears glasses for most of the video. A lot of the scenes also play around with risky sex. A pretty standard cheating wife plot that has her taking a more willing role. The best scenes all take play in the store; be it her sucking him off behind the drinks section or getting fingered behind the registrar. The highlights are all the public facing scenarios that really play with the risky situations. If anything I wished we had more of it as the title splits to the scenes between work and home. My highlight and recommendation goes to the backroom love making with Saeko in her uniform and glasses taking a passionate fucking just feet away from the public eye. My favorite moment was seeing her bent over and fucked into the couch. One of the best titles she had with Attackers.


When My Girlfriend Was Away On A Trip For 4 Days, I Went Crazy With Creampies On Her Oneechan - Saeko Matsushita

Next is a nice slash not so nice title. Saeko spends a short week with a man having non stop sex; screwing all over the house and letting him fill her up with his cum via creampies. A sweet couple like title with Saeko being more flirty and loving than usual. The only catch is that she’s fooling around with another woman’s man. This is a documentary style video lacking that studio polish and touch while featuring more static hidden camera style angles and handheld shots. Cameras put all over the house as Saeko and her (not) man fool around to their heart’s content. I particularly liked the second scene that has a bit of the guy filming her on his phone with some nice shots of Saeko with her titties up close POV style. A decent home video type title overall and one of Saeko’s more rock solid films in her short time in JAV.


A Full Course of Whore Sensuality Saeko Matsushita

Coming next is Saeko in some costume fun with more from studio Be Free in a scenario and costume heavy title. With a body and face like that she’s sure to be bursting through some outfits. We get her in a skimpy sailor suit outfit, a sheer see through Chinese inspired lingerie, and a pilot captain like costume. These were such fun costumes and should be used much more in JAV. My favorites being the lewd sailor suit and the translucent Cheongsam like outfit. We get her in a few different scenarios; a bath scene, a soapland, and a gangbang. A solid film with her in a variety of nice outfits and different themes. My only quibble is with Be Free’s so-so lighting; they could’ve been much better in that department especially when you compare them to her stuff at Attackers.


Cum Inside Me Until I Get Pregnant...

Saeko teams up with studio Tameike Goro for our next title. Masters at drama, our title asks a bit more from Saeko acting wise. Here she plays a woman who seduces a man around the house. Acting wise she’s just fine, body wise however she instantly draws you in. Be it from wearing some athletic clothes and doing stretches or putting on a tiger printed swimsuit and getting her body oiled. Which really is the perfect way to sum up Saeko. Not that good acting, performing, or personality wise but that body makes up for all that. You give her a pass because she looks so darn nice.

Finally we have her in something other than the cheating housewife (though title still markets her as a married woman). Saeko gets to play the hostess / club worker who offers a little something extra for her customers. Saeko as the very eager to please worker, yes please. The title has her in all sorts of outfits and with a slight focus on her awesome boobies. It is so great to see Saeko in a more proactive and assertive role. She plays the experienced and dutiful pub worker very well. She has one job and that is to thrill her customers to the best of her abilities and man does she do that. Her titles with Idea Pocket are both a treat to see and also show the missed opportunity that was her career. Imagine if she was given all sorts of roles to work with, she would’ve been even more popular.

The intro scene is the best and sets the mood for the rest of the title. It starts with Saeko entertaining a guest in a room filled with other customers and employees servicing their charges. She starts off him off with some deep kissing and before long the nervous man is stuffing his face into her chest. She takes him to a side booth where the two of them fuck each others brains out barely hidden from the rest of the club. Saeko is amazing here and the public sex is just as great with the two of them really going at it with each other. A nice slow blow job, a long stroking handy, and some great cowgirl fucking. Saeko is at her best here and any fan of her should check out this scene. It is one of her best and has her in the rare title where she gets to enjoy it from the get go.

Finishing us off is hands down Saeko best title. She plays a boss who seduces her employee for a two and a half hour ride of passionate, intimate, and fun sex. From minute one Saeko is a sex kitten ready to pounce all over the man meat in front of her and it is something to see. I was so surprised to see Saeko play this role so well. She is so damn seductive and personable you have to ask where this person was hiding the whole time. Even outside the sex, Saeko’s acting is much better and animated. The only shame about this title was that we didn’t get more of her like this.

There is so much I could highlight here. The intro scene where she gets all handsy, or the great bath tub blow job that ends with a cum shot to the mouth, or the stellar POV office lady fucking. Every scene is a winner but my recommendation goes to the first full sex scene. Saeko is incredibly lovely and warm in it while also being incredibly down to fuck. She starts it by cozying up to his leg and stroking his cock over his pants. A fantastic loving sex scene and a big surprise from the cheating wife pro. This is Saeko’s best title and one that every fan, new or old, should check out. Big recommendation.


It is such a shame to see Saeko retired because of her untapped potential. She was already a top seller but if she worked with more adventurous studios or gave a little more effort in her films then Saeko could’ve been one of the top names in JAV. Along the like Yua Mikami or Anri Okita, this busty babe could have been a heavyweight in porn if she wanted to. As sad as her retirement is, she still left us plenty of smut to enjoy. Some real gems in fact. Enjoy it while it lasts, you never know when they will leave.


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Z.E 1 month ago
This woman was top tier. Shame that she was stuck on Attacker's hell. Every title was xxxx and/or NTR and that gets old pretty fast. Her last title was such a breath of fresh air. Just a loving wife, no drama. I wish the porn industry in general wasn't so focused on trying to be kinky and xxxxx.

Another actress that I see on the same boat is Iroha Natsume. Such a goddess, but stuck on Attacker's hell.
0 0
sub hunter 1 month ago
Wasn't IPX-493 the very last title she released? What a way to call it a career after all her Attacker movies.
2 0
Fried Chikan 1 month ago

You're right it was her last (not counting compilations) and yeah a much nicer end than say an Attackers retirement video.

2 0
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