2021 Debut Review - Mai Kanami

Published : December 14th, 2021 Written by Oppaira

Mai Kanami

Birthday (Age at debut): 1997-05-15 (24 years old)

Height: 171cm

Measurements: B88 - W62 - H93

Cup Size: D Cup

Debuted: For Idea Pocket on 2021-08-06


Facially Mai was alright. She reminded me a lot of Miu Shiromine actually, interestingly enough. Maybe more like a cross between Miu and Touka Rinne. At any rate, I found myself enjoying her face but not loving it. Not someone I would go around saying is incredibly pretty but definitely pretty enough to enjoy.

Mai's boobs weren't anything of note. They're on the smaller side at D and you can certainly tell they're not very big, especially compared to the actresses I tend to watch. For that size they were rather enjoyable, they still had a bit of jiggle and she had some nice nipples. My personal preference still gets in the way, that too small to give paizuri is a problem, and they absolutely were too small. In fact, she tried at one point and it didn't go well.

Mai's ass was okay. Like many actresses, an ass can be enough to enjoy but not nice enough to want to watch them specifically because of it. I wasn't unhappy when she turned around abut I also didn't find myself wanting to see her turn around more. I would say it's maybe slightly above average, but slightly above average isn't particularly great, especially with some debuts this year having really nice asses.

Mai's body was definitely where she shone the most. She was tall and skinny and I think that sort of body type stands out a lot. 171cm is fairly tall, it's two standard deviations above the average actress height, so she definitely stood out there. Watching her stand beside Yuki Yuzuru in the video and towering over him a bit, it gave a unique perspective that was fun.


Mai's performing was okay. During plot parts she was enjoyable, acting like a lovey-dovey girlfriend and having nice expressions.  She made it seem like she was enjoying herself and having fun, which is always nice to see.

I thought during sex she became pretty generic. She put a lot of emphasis on kissing to try and mitigate how much moaning she had, not that it really helped.

Video Review

Mai and Yuki are in a loving relationship, and like any two lovebirds, constantly are having sex.

The performance from Mai was rather mixed throughout. I found that when it came to plot-oriented parts she was enjoyable enough. I could enjoy seeing her act like she liked the guy and wanted to fool around with him. Seeing her during the kitchen part and initiating as he was cleaning, or giving him a blowjob while he was on a conference call, nice  to see. Even during normal blowjobs she was nice enough. During sex that went away completely and she was quite generic, but at least there were some good parts to the performance.

The content itself was quite solid actually. Even with a fairly generic theme they found ways to make it interesting. Seeing casual things turn into sexual things, like washing the dishes, is a nice way to play out this kind of content. It's also easy enough to start a scene off with cuddling in bed and turn it sexual, and those play out well enough too. What I liked most is that they were willing to do it all over the place. You noticed that especially in that kitchen when she was in a chair getting pounded. It's not as if a chair is a unique setting but the way that chair was shaped made it quite nice.


So far Mai has just five videos, once per month. That's standard stuff from Idea Pocket so no surprise there. It's hard to really comment on her career, was can expect her to keep working for IP and to keep having one video per month with the occasional VR release. IP is at least a great studio to be at and if she continues to work there she has a bright future ahead of her.


Rating - C

It is unlikely I will watch them again but if the right content comes around I'm open to it.

I liked some aspects of Mai and disliked others. I can see myself watching her again, I can just as easily see myself skipping over her. She falls in the exact same boat as Miu Shiromine for me, another IP debut from this year. She certainly fails to stand out but she's enjoyable enough that you might give her a second watch. She's no Momo or Minami but they're fantastic, and lesser actresses can be enjoyable too. Mai's height is certainly an interesting aspect, but she's actually only listed as 1cm taller than Miu Shromine, so she doesn't really offer anything different compared to her. I think whether you watch Mai or Miu is going to depend entirely on how attractive you find them, and honestly they're quite similar all around.

If you're interested in following Mai, remember to check her out on Twitter.

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