Lebian Nanpa with Director Haruna - Erotic Massage Lessons for Real Amateurs First Half

Published March 22, 2024

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We approach real women around Tokyo and see if they would like to receive a free massage (by a woman of course!) and things get a bit carried away.

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Timing and Translation by JM84

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What are the chances a nice lady can approach other nice ladies around Tokyo, invite them into a very pink and mildly decked out studio van for a sensual massage that turns into an anything goes strap-on galore lesbian sexcapade? Those who read these delightful exercises in written thought that sometimes take the form of reviews knows the answer: in JAV Land, where anything is possible! Welcome one, welcome all to the first of most likely many of DIRECTOR HARUNA's wild creations via PETERS.

A note before moving into the nuts and bolts of this dialog-heavy double update: this movie, LESBIAN NANPA WITH DIRECTOR HARUNA - EROTIC MASSAGE LESSONS FOR REAL AMATEURS is actually the 63rd (!) in a series that ran until 124 (maybe Haruna retired?). Even if we only showed these movies by PETERS and nothing else and even just stuck to the ones in FHD (which covers at least half of them), we'd probably never finish showing them. There are just too many! Thus, while we now follow FF3 -> FF7 rules for naming JAV movies from series with many entries even if we don't show them all, for now at least, we will stick to naming these based on the sub-title of each release which unlike the numbers and main title, do indeed vary.

We know many long for AOYAMA updates and sadly the wait for that type of 'serious' lesbian massage may be a long one; what we get here is not U&K level levels of lezzing out and probably is more grounded in reality than the other lesbian massage series PETERS has released (and yes, the early to mid 2010's saw PETERS release A TON of lesbian content though recently they are focusing on 'people monitoring' and solo female masturbation movies). DIRECTOR HARUNA movies thus are a unique combination of real amateurs, some amount of keeping it real, but by the end, all bets are off, and they're all filmed in that spacious studio van for added wildness.

The most amazing thing about this movie and series overall is how so many lesbian--OK, performers--are able to be found. Usually a problem in JAV where it's seen as a 'ban' to later 'unban', but here we get a glorious release pushing three hours and featuring seven amateurs PLUS a long time coming YURIA HIDAKA and presumably HARUNA herself behind the camera. Props to YURIA whom extremely long-time JAV fans may fondly recall from the mid-2000's and actually did remain active in roles such as the one this series required until the later 2010's. No more innocent student for her! YURIA's all grown up and is wielding big, black strap-ons complete with bulging veins. What a glorious transformation!

Given this is our maiden update in this series, we are eager to see how you, the loyal user, will enjoy it. If the first few do indeed do well, we'll strongly consider focusing more on them for future licensing with PETERS. Good lesbian content that doesn't get too out there (you know what this means) is hard to find and zooming in on lesbian massages, they have released a ton of it over the years--some in vans and others in a proper clinic environment.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1861

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+In spite of the strap-ons, this one remains pretty authentic.

+Excellent variety in casting. All young, but still varied.

+YURIA HIDAKA shows she can do more than wear a sailor uniform.

+Love the studio van setup. More JAV should be shot this way.

+Very thin mosaic.


-May not totally scratch the AOYAMA itch.

-For some, strap-ons may be too much.

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