Age Gap Mature Clients Full Service Lesbian Massage Clinic First Half

Published January 12, 2024

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Pushing fifty and looking for a massage that goes the extra mile, Miki Sunohara provides that and more with fingers, tongues, and possibly an anal dildo.

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Timing and Translation by Patonyan

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If there's one thing jet-set Japanese wives do more than eating out lunch with other like-minded friends with a bit too much money and way too much free time, it's various spa treatments. Imagine simply having nothing to do all day but chatter and feel good (not in that way, but we'll be getting to it soon!). One can hypothesize that as one's libido drops, idleness is filled less with salacious thoughts and activities and ones more epicurean. Now what if a massage clinic existed that was rumored to provide such unique services that those long-lost feelings of lust could actually be rekindled?

In AGE GAP MATURE CLIENTS FULL SERVICE LESBIAN MASSAGE CLINIC, we encounter three such clients eager to find out if the rumors are indeed true. Pushing dangerously close to four hours across three extremely passionate scenes, we get what in some ways is AOYAMA but with that fourth wall separating realism from 'lesbian porno' soundly broken. This actually was one of the reasons we always had a bit of apprehension with showing these types of movies. PETERS has shot so many, but be it them or any other JAV studio aside from GOGOS, hyper-realistic lesbian massage movies just don't seem to be made. If anything, if you've seen what U&K makes, our update today is significantly more grounded in reality and what's more, stars one of the few actresses who can pick up where Y.S. left off.

That mosaic does not cover her face and it's beyond obvious, we can freely admit that we are blessed with MIKI SUNOHARA appearing as the therapist in all three scenes. Yes, frequent readers should know by now how much I adore this 10+ year veteran (who still looks darn near unchanged from her debut!). Not to pad a review again about my love of MIKI so if you want a quick refresher, refer to the review penned for an update from last fall. She is glorious though, really. As under-rated as they come.

Massage fans at ZENRA may be quick to point out that we're showing two massage JAV movies close together by the same production company and shot in the same studio. Sometimes with scheduling, that's how the cookies crumble. Of course the huge difference is the former involves a therapist who both looks like a woman and has a penis working on two 'young wives' in their twenties whereas here all three clients are well into their forties (including one who lactates!) making for lovely age-gap lesbian encounters.

Unlike AOYAMA, as noted above, the sex here is wild and unchained. From fierce fingering to scissoring with such velocity I could've sworn I saw smoke rising from pubic hair and of course toys up the yin-yang INCLUDING strap-ons galore, this is not your grandmother's lesbian JAV movie (though for our Asian fans, the actresses may look like her!). We've more on the way and if these types of movies do well, will be sure to license tons more for future updates.

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+MIKI SUNOHARA appearance for 100 bonus points.

+Shot with still cameras, but done with skill.

+Actual mature performers (OK, 40's, but that's mature in JAV discounting RUBY).


-Don't go into this expecting AOYAMA 2.0.