Top Class Newhalf Lesbian Sexual Oil Massage Clinic

Published December 29, 2023

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Jet-set Japanese wives discover a special massage clinic with a delightful menu that given the nature of whom provides it, cannot be considered cheating.

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Top Class Newhalf Lesbian Sexual Oil Massage Clinic

Timing and Translation by ZENRA

PETERS is a unique JAV studio whose output can be divided into three types of movies: nanpa, massage, and solo female masturbation. The latter may be a bit ho-hum among our users at least, but the former two have always been well-received and thus that's the treasure chest we plan to keep reaching out of as we continue down the path of showing this studio's works. As we've surely noted in previous reviews of newhalf movies, one of the trickier things about this genre is longevity of the actresses.  Most are mid-transition and there seems to be a big gap between fans of 'chicks with dicks' and fully transitioned women who were born otherwise. The performers mostly seem to have full SRS in mind thus a newhalf performer has taken up the 2 year clock considered standard way back in the earlier days of JAV leading to a revolving door of faces (increasingly more it seems!) and some good movies to boot.

Today we feature the first of possibly many massage-themed movies by PETERS. In the early 2010's through current day their bread-and-butter for this genre at least has been lesbian ones. Think AOYAMA but a bit more lezzy (and yes, we will be showing those releases too!). Today marks the first update in their TOP CLASS NEWHALF LESBIAN SEXUAL OIL MASSAGE series. Numbering nine movies, we initially licensed four because--and prepare for incoming honesty--sometimes newhalfs looks-wise can be hit or miss. You know what this means and we'll leave it mostly at that. If the initial four prove popular, we may go back and give the others a second look.

Long term ZENRA fans may recognize KANA SAYUKI. Not too long ago she actually appeared in another newhalf massage movie if you can believe it. There it was 'tricking' male patrons who were too horny to turn down a good rub-and-tug. Here, KANA's roll is a bit closer to Y.S.'s was in AOYAMA. The first portions of the initial two scenes in a way feel like we're watching something from AOYAMA LESBIAN MASSAGE: the therapist stays clothed while the clients receive increasingly amorous treatments leaving them more and more exposed. The difference and the one thing that may turn off AOYAMA fans (well, aside from the masseuse being both beautiful and also equipped with a functional penis) is the encounters do transition from real life 'sexual non-sexual' massage to all out wild sex. Props to PETERS because even though the last scene in some ways never even has time to erect a fourth wall, they do work in why the two returning clients come equipped with strap-ons galore.

On one hand, it's hard to say which type of fan TOP CLASS NEWHALF LESBIAN SEXUAL OIL MASSAGE was made for. Lesbians? Newhalfs? Massage JAV? It covers many bases, but some in conflicting directions. I for one think mixing women and newhalfs is a great combination. Even for fans of newhalfs, sometimes it can get awkward seeing a guy give one a blowjob; it's almost the equivalent of going to a fashion health and accidentally encountering another customer while you and your partner walk to/from the shower (most of these places have a phone in each room the cast member will use to free up the hallway to avoid this type of situation!). This is a unique massage JAV movie and KANA SAYUKI dare I say it does a really good role as a masseuse. Even if she went full SRS, having her return in a non-sexual role ala Y.S. to erotically treat clients in multiple editions of NEWHALF MASSAGE CLINIC FOR WOMEN (fake title name, don't look it up yet!) would be a neat idea and probably less expensive for the studio to shoot.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1125

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Classic theme given a nice, stiff twist.

+Kana Sayuki is both a great therapist and beautiful newhalf.

+Both female clients are easy on the eyes.


-Aoyama fans may want to skip the last scene if they prefer extreme realism.

-Hard to understand how an at-times flaccid Kana can say "I'm cumming!" and we're supposed to believe it.

-Kana is a better therapist than JAV performer.

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