Old and Abandoned Man Needs a Home

Published November 7, 2015

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The softest title by YAPOO'S MARKET serves as their introduction on ZENRA starring a perverted old man in drag who crosses paths with SHU-MEI aka Yui Komine.

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Old and Abandoned Man Needs a Home
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Imagine Japanese AV as a well.  A deep, dark, and yes...dank well.  Think the well that SADAKO calls her home.  What you have at the top--hell, what you have beyond the top and scattered around the ground surrounding it are your straight-forward adult video titles.

You've got your debuts, amateur nanpa, and other titles you can unabashedly stack at the top of your porn stash (assuming you still collect titles in physical formats).  You're proud of these titles and can freely tell your internet friends how often you view them for...uh, you know...admiring how well they were shot.  The beauty of the colors and all that jazz.

Descend the well and things get murky.  You find yourself encountering harder and harder titles the lower you go.  There's the femdom, the lesbian bondage, the hell of nose hook play, and with curiosity piqued you keep you on descending.

Lower and lower.

And lower...

You pass large women--both big and tall.  BBW actresses and massive giants of Japanese AV--literally--find solace at the halfway point that is the well of extreme Japanese AV.

Keep on going.  The bottom's in sight!  To your left, right, and behind you are titles that deal with things coming out of the human body.  We're talking genres and themes even we can't show on ZENRA...unfortunately.  We see things with toilets and some titles that be beyond that.

Finally, at the bottom of this well we find it.  IT being the studio to end all studios.  The hardest femdom production company not only in Japan, BUT THE ENTIRE WORLD.  We mean this.  We really, really do.

Enter the world of unchained and relentless Japanese femdom.  The world where men voluntarily become slaves and will do anything...ANYTHING at all.  The whip is their bedfellow and sustenance comes solely through the gaping legs of a pale and feminine Japanese butt.  When that anus spreads and...

...well, we'll stop there.

Let's just say that the bulk of what YAPOO'S MARKET produces is in a class by itself and only a sliver will be appearing on ZENRA.  Some, like today's release, will be totally uncut whereas other titles we have had no choice but to remove certain instances of 'extra extreme' footage.  Sorry about that.

OLD AND ABANDONED MAN NEEDS IS A HOME was released not that long ago under their PURE GOLD sub-label.  Like most Japanese AV production companies, YAPOO'S MARKET categorizes their releases oftentimes under different labels.  This allows their fans to quickly select titles that best meet their needs.

PURE GOLD is unique amongst their output in that it's all shot by a well-known mainstream AV director.  MOMOZOU's the name and most likely this director also works with many other companies using many other aliases.  PURE GOLD titles are all shot beautifully and are usually a bit more story-oriented than the 'document'-theme that other titles in the YAPOO'S MARKET arsenal follow.  

SHU-MEI aka YUI KOMINE is the star of this release and holy hell, if she did not already retire, she'd be just as popular amongst AV aficionados as MAKI HOJO is--if not more.  She's insanely attractive and is the possessor of a top-class slim body with great breasts.  'Lewd woman play' where Japanese women turn into dominating bullies comes natural to her.  Her vocabulary and mannerisms speak volumes about her background and it's almost a given that she worked as a skilled hostess or professional dominatrix before switching over to AV.

Although OLD AND ABANDONED MAN NEEDS IS A HOME is a soft release by YAPOO'S standards, it's still exceptionally extreme.  Alongside SHU-MEI, this title features a temporarily nameless tiny old man who gets delivered to SHU-MEI's home in a box.  He comes from a neglected old man dispatch agency going by the introduction to this release.

He needs training and SHU-MEI is eager to dole it out in droves.  This title features an incredible amount of teasing and heavy-handed domination, but throughout it all, Kazumi-chan, his newly christened name, voluntarily--happily, even--takes it all.  He admits he loves dressing up as a woman so SHU-MEI gives him her used clothing to don.

Kazumi-chan's introduction in the fourth scene with her/him/it crawling into the living room to entertain guests eerily reminded us of E.T.'s own cross-dressing scene.  They look so much alike!

It would be wonderful to continue talking more and more about this sadistic release, but it really must be seen more-so than read about.  Kazumi's actions during the harder scenes borders on the grotesque and she/he/it seems more a fan of male company than the beautiful SHU-MEI's.

Future releases of YAPOO'S MARKET titles on ZENRA will be harder (if you can believe it).  OLD AND ABANDONED MAN NEEDS IS A HOME is just the first tippy-toe step into the rancid pool that is extreme female domination.


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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