Nana Miyachi in Interrogation of the Damned

Published September 30, 2015

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Nana Miyachi in a lesbian S&M title with famous Japanese AV femdom professionals Tsubaki Kanda and Ibarako in a joint release by GUTS, Epicurean, and SUN SHOP.

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Nana Miyachi in Interrogation of the Damned
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How did we ever forget to showcase Nana Miyachi?  We're as baffled as you are.  Already retired from AV for some years now, this petite 147cm (4'8"!) Japanese woman from Hokkaido appeared in quite a few titles during her relatively long run in the aughts.  What's more, in spite of her innocent and naive mien, she opted to appear in some very hard S&M titles and only occasionally ventured into more 'normal' AV work.  It's safe to say that appearances mean jack and in spite of looking as innocent as they come, Nana Miyachi had something of an extreme kinky streak which she shows with gusto in this brief, but powerful joint venture lesbian BDSM release.

INTERROGATION OF THE DAMNED is a very novel fetish title in that it was officially released by GUTS, but was in fact a joint project that also saw support from Japanese S&M shops EPICUREAN and SUN SHOP--both which still exist even today!  Both also have many insanely hard DVDs on its site along with an expansive inventory of bondage gear.  Sometime in the future, we will attempt to license out some of what they have produce that we can legally show it in the west.  EPICUREAN may be the only shop/studio that produces movies that feature Japanese actors with 'modified' genitals (think!).  SUN SHOP also has brick and mortar shops and one of their Tokyo locations was used for the backdrop of today's release.

INTERROGATION also stars huge names in the Japanese S&M world:  Tsubaki Kanda  and the infamous Ibarako who could pass for a bizarro world attractive Japanese female version of Marilyn Manson.  We will attempt to show more lesbian S&M titles in the future and most likely many will feature one or both of these dominant women.

Along with starring only women (aside from two masked anonymous men who appear for just a few minutes partway through) and oozing with dominant/submissive lesbian undertones, the alternate theme to today's update is ENF and CFNF (embarrassed naked female & clothed female, naked female), the offshoot--or logical continuation, really--of CFNM.  Both Tsubaki Kanda and Ibarako remain fully dressed throughout the entire production.  It's Nana Miyachi whom we only see clothed for the first few minutes of her time spent in that fetish DVD shop.

After being accused of acting as a spy for a rival, she's instructed to strip stark naked right in the store before a condom with some sort of tracking device (it's unfortunately never fully explained what exactly she stuffed into her womanhood!) was discovered.  Naked, she is escorted to an off-site interrogation dungeon where the bulk of the action takes place.

This title is all about two older and clothed Japanese woman sexually dominating a younger one who remains totally stark naked.  This is a blessing beyond belief as Nana Miyachi features one of the best bodies in the biz (for those who prefer their women with a gentler appearance).  She's short, small-breasted and has very slight tan lines that look eerily like the ones bloomers would leave after a few hot summer days outside.  She also has naturally thin pubic hair along with a pretty decent derriere.  All of this and more is up front and center as the lesbian BDSM play increases in intensity from gentle vibrator teasing to all-out whipping by the title's conclusion.

Ibarako is a master of the latter and although the whip was featured, S&M experts can tell she was going very easy on Nana.  Real whipping to the point of welting and more is not a feature of this title.  We have access to harder contents like that, but it may be too controversial to showcase on ZENRA without feeling the ire of our masters.

Dialog in INTERROGATION OF THE DAMNED was relatively one-sided with Tsubaki Kanda taking the lead.  Ibarako also talked now and then and Nana Miyachi remained the most introverted.  All in all, it was rather plentiful and it's all been accurately translated into English for ZENRA subscribers.  Being an S&M release where teasing via the dominant hand is paramount, watching this title sans subtitles would hobble its meaning.

GUTS released several other movies in this series.  At least one other stars Nana Miyachi and all will be shown on ZENRA in good time.  We highly recommend you stick around and enjoy INTERROGATION OF THE DAMNED and other harder releases we will be showcasing soon enough.  The tip of the extreme S&M Japanese AV iceberg has only just been breached!

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