The Countdown to Liquid Deliverance

Published May 2, 2015

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Japanese amateur women keep their bladders at bay for short periods of time before letting it all out in Full HD with English subtitles.

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The Countdown to Liquid Deliverance Full HD
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The word amateur--or '素人' (shirouto)--is very frequently affixed to the covers and promotion materials accompanying many Japanese AV titles.  'Amateurs do this!', 'Can you believe what we convinced these real amateur women to do?', 'Amateur women look at erections!', and more have adorned box covers drawing in fans that love seeing new faces acting innocent in overtly sexual scenarios that are also occasionally quite novel in their production.

However, the majority of the time the women appearing in these titles are new to the industry so calling them an 'amateur' may not be a total fib, but they have ENTERED the industry with the intention of sticking around by almost certainly joining some type of adult video talent agency.  Being what's known as a 'new face' means they can easily portray the role of an amateur even though it's more of an act than anything else.  Even the ubiquitous Hibiki Otsuki was an 'amateur' once upon a time.

Finding titles that star total amateurs who have never set foot in an AV studio before and are only doing so as a one-time thing more to satisfy an erotic curiosity than anything else is a lot rarer.  It does happen, but even in a sprawling city like the Tokyo-Yokohama-Kawasaki metropolis, it's not that common.  Really, trying to convince a woman not only to get naked and then have sex while being filmed is a huge undertaking.  There are not too many that are starry-eyed about the prospects of becoming an adult film star.

HAISETSU, featured on ZENRA a little over a month ago with one of their hugely popular farting titles, is one such Japanese AV production company that produces titles in such a way that true blue amateurs do often take part.  We met with their owner not that long ago in Tokyo and over coffee and cocoa (not all of us are coffee drinkers), he mentioned that since HAISETSU titles do not contain any sex (aside from a few that focus on solo female masturbation), they have an easier time attracting the type of women who generally will steer clear of being in an adult video.  This means the women you see in HAISETSU productions are essentially identical to the young women you'd see walking down the streets of Shinjuku heading off to work or shop.  They aren't the kind that gravitate towards AV after spending some time in other nocturnal 'water trade' industries which is the most common route.

Titles by HAISETSU generally focus on a certain bodily function we cannot showcase at ZENRA, but they also release at least one title a month that falls into the farting or urination genre.  Today, the latter of the two will be featured with today's update:  THE COUNTDOWN TO LIQUID DELIVERANCE.

Consisting of seven scenes and packing a rather respectable running time just exceeding 140 minutes, today's relatively non-sexual title is about Japanese women who voluntarily hold in their pee...

...OK, that may be the gist of it, but there's more than simply watching cute Japanese women squirm for a few minutes.  The scenario of each scene is this:  16 minutes are counted down on a timer and during that time, we hear introductions from each women along with fun and embarrassing stories involving urination--mostly accidental urination mind you.  Some of the amateur women taking part continue conversing on their own while walking across the cozy studio while others sit and squirm in silence.  Once the timer started to buzz at 0, each woman empties her bladder into a tupperware and then pours it into an over-sized beaker for measuring.

In particular, there were two very adorable things about THE COUNTDOWN TO LIQUID DELIVERANCE:

1.  There was nobody else in the room.  HD cameras numbering about four were setup and filmed whatever was in front of them.  Being total amateurs, an environment totally devoid of any presence--male or female--put all seven participants at ease.
2.  It was obvious--and cute--that since there was nobody else around, they were reading off what was most likely a paper with numbered instructions on it telling them what to do.  One of the things early on was to flash their chest and most obliged in a very quick and cute way.  When they showed their breasts, it wasn't done with a shameful look.  Rather, it was more of a cross between slight embarrassment and that thrill someone generally prim and proper may achieve when whispering a cuss word in private when nobody is around.

Now if you're a fan of productions more lascivious--productions where sex is in your face and with a strong male presence, you may want to skip THE COUNTDOWN TO LIQUID DELIVERANCE.  In fact, all of HAISETSU's productions are female-only (for the most part), but they certainly are unique.  Each title they pump out--3 a month and counting--all have tame themes when it comes to the prurient which is rather rare in the Japanese AV industry.  Granted, there are studios that almost focus exclusively on chakuero image videos--where the model is naked or close to it and simply lounging around in a rather lush bubble bath--but the HAISETSU approach to Japanese adult video creation is theirs and theirs alone.

Also, as always each moment of dialog such as pee-themed escapades and the frequent muttering some of the women make as their time of liquid deliverance approaches is subtitled in the exclusive ZENRA fashion.  What's more, although mosaic is used in this full HD title, it's incredibly small and you can easily see what's usually obscured.


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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