Authentic Body of a Beautiful Wife

Published November 18, 2015

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Yuu Manaka is a housewife but also a rather active Japanese AV star who walks the fine line between embarrassed amateur and professional actress by GUTS.

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Authentic Body of a Beautiful Wife with Yuu Manaka
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An AV career can be seen as a relatively private and easy outlet to making a lot of extra money.  The pay for an attractive woman is rather nice with debut titles promising several thousand dollars (USD) and further appearances of similar nature still commanding high appearance fees.  It's also safer than the escort/prostitution route.  Yes, there is a lot more privacy when working in 'camera-less venues' (coined by busty AV star KYOKO MAKI), but the pay is less, the risk for contracting an STD is immensely higher, and customers could potentially be dangerous.

YUU MANAKA chose the AV route over private encounters with Johns (well, it's possibly she was doing both, but work with us here).  While being a self-proclaimed housewife with a husband who has the sexual appetites of a brick wall, Yuu was dead-set in satisfying her sexuality bug.  Affairs are one thing, but she wanted to make some side income on her passions as well hence her jump into Japan's ever-welcoming AV industry.

Her time as an AV star wasn't that long, but she was no one-off curious and unfaithful wife either.  She starred in several dozen titles before retiring and today's release by GUTS is one of her earlier ones.

THE AUTHENTIC BODY OF A BEAUTIFUL WIFE is on one hand relatively straight-forward, but also has a unique gimmick going for it via the frequent internal monologues.  "We invited a famous mind-reader on set to read her thoughts." was captioned early on in this well put-together Japanese milf title.  We can't say for sure how truthful GUTS was in that statement, but the dialog which was displayed on screen (with our English subtitles) and simultaneously spoken by Yuu Manaka occurred often and was pretty neat.

Sex even in an AV environment can be monotonous from time to time so this type of DVD Commentary was a nice addition and it would be very welcomed to see other titles use it sporadically.  However, having the dialog appear nonstop like an actual commentary track would be a bit too much of an aural bombardment given the salacious subject matter.  In other words, it can make for a big mood killer if the actress simply talks too much.

Fortunately, the dialog was there just enough to remain interesting and took a back seat when the on-screen romance floored its metaphorical accelerator.

YUU MANAKA looked great as an early-thirties housewife (in reality, she's much younger).  The clothing and hair were spot-on and when raunchy time commenced, she brought it all.  Her time in bed was a far cry from previous unfaithful wife releases on ZENRA such as YUKIKO and YURI.  The former actually was a real early thirties Japanese wife who never did AV before whereas Yuri really was also a housewife, but also a fresh high school graduate who enjoyed sex, and did not have much experience outside of her husband.  The only real AV star of the trio is YUU MANAKA and it showed.

The final scene in this milf/cougar hybrid Japanese AV title featured light S&M play.  Those who enjoy BDSM with a strong ENF and CMNF theme will love the first portion of the scene featuring an extremely embarrassed and naked YUU MANAKA having her butt checks slapped and spread by a clothed man.  He even take some time to tug on her full pubic hair.

It's not often that you get to really witness what a woman is thinking about during sex and sure, what YUU MANAKA said in the kinda sorta commentary may have been apocryphal, but still was unique.  We hope to see other titles adopt what GUTS attempted here, but so far our wishes have fallen on deaf ears.

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