National Pension Next in Line is Rie

Published April 24, 2019

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Rie seriously is 60 and finally making her debut in this absolutely mature themed cheating wives release via GUTS.

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National Pension Next in Line is Rie
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RIE may be the oldest actress to ever appear on ZENRA (at least in a role that requires both nudity and sex).  She really was 60 at the time of filming and we're well aware that your average fan of adult video *probably* prefers younger women.  However, 'younger' here may not necessarily refer to schoolgirls, but just slightly know, married women in their forties and perhaps fifties for example.

Statistically, titles such as this one involving hotel massages gone horribly wrong that are all about married women well past the age of innocence doing unthinkable acts with customers have proven popular.  With that in mind, we pushed to the natural limit of this type of woman with NATIONAL PENSION NEXT IN LINE IS RIE, an absolutely mature release by GUTS.

Is RIE a babe?  Let's be honest here.  A looker is even pushing it though once undressed, fans of pale Japanese women several years from retirement may be in for a pleasant surprise.  She may not be busty, but she's thick and has spectacular derriere that fortunately does get a lot of screen-time in this 90 minute #ClassicJAV release.

One of the greatest things about making love with an older woman like RIE is that there's a zero chance she will get pregnant.  With that in mind, the final scene throws caution to the wind as it concludes with a real creampie.  Even back when this title was shot, you normally did not finish in the actress unless it was some type of extra special release (MOBSTERS is the exception here as *all* their titles have real creampies).  Seeing the actor almost nonchalantly adhere to the frantically horny caterwauls of RIE by finishing without pulling out was surprising.  Who knows whether that was the plan all along or if spur of the moment eroticism got the best of her.

We're well aware that NATIONAL PENSION is far from the norm when it comes to our updates.  Even though ZENRA has moved slightly in a more mainstream direction as of late, we still plan to throw out curve-ball releases every so often.  Besides, with the very realistic demand for MILF content over schoolgirls, we believe that 60 year-old RIE's short time with us may have staying power.

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