Mio Kamijima - Domestic Playtime

Published October 6, 2021

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Part comedy, part slice of life. Some fourth wall-breaking. LOTS of sex with an especially voluptuous JAV star.

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Mio Kamijima - Domestic Playtime
Timing and Translation by JM84

It's not often you see JAV studios push out these kind of mild comedy slice-of-life types of movies.  They're quirky in the best of ways:  breaking (at times) that fourth wall, incorporating a decent amount of slightly--but not too weird, mind you!--abnormal sex, and generally starring extra cute actresses showing how to best don student uniforms even if they already graduated (or in some cases, never even went!).  If there's one genre that desperately needs to return to modern JAV, this isn't it, but it'd be on the short list!

It was a couple of years since we showed the last in this unique series by GUTS.  The previous one starred the super cute MARI TAKEUCHI and the one two years before that (!) featured KONOMI SAKURA.  Slim and tight in the best of ways and both sporting long, black hair, they admittedly look alike so I'm happy casting this time was a bit more varied.  MIO KAMIJIMA--not to be confused with MIO KIMIJIMA who actually debuted not too long after this movie was shot if you can believe it, is curvy, busty, and sports a look that'd pretty much tag her as a gyaru even if she'd vehemently deny such a comparison.

DOMESTIC PLAYTIME takes lovey-dovey romance and mixes with some very out there sex.  This still stays relatively grounded so we don't too weird.  However, do be warned:  the first scene combines food and pleasure in ways best avoided.  I've always believed crossing those two worlds would just lead to trouble (or a messy cleanup at least!) and thus haven't cared too much for these kinds of scenes.  If you're into it such as that incredible bonus scene in that AKIRA WATASE movie from the other year, then have at it.  Thankfully, aside from that, the sex itself is closer to what you'd normally expect and we sure get a lot of it.

This is a movie of its time.  That's both a compliment and a critique.  Sure, few if any foreign fans know who MIO KAMJIMA is aside from 'busty gyaru sans the tan' and yes the mosaic this time around is heavier than ideal, but it's still a solid release.  She's got curves on curves and interestingly in spite of appearing in several dozen movies, mainly only did lesbian features besides this one.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Curvy proto-gyaru mostly out of clothing.
+Nice mild comedy theme you don't see often.


-Mosaic heavier than ideal.
-Food sex in first scene.

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