Masochistic JAV Movies at ZENRA

Alice Otsu - Sloppy Kissing Sexual Control

Alice Otsu, perfect blonde hairdo in tow, unleashes domination on an assembly line of masochistic men who want nothing more than to be her sex slaves.

Beatrix - I am a Lucky Girl (with a penis)

What is most interesting about this movie is if the gender was swapped, it would still make for a great JAV! Featuring an adorable newhalf on the receiving end.

December 16th, 2022

One Year Waiting List Second Half

Top class JAV stars show why they are in such demand.

One Year Waiting List First Half

Guys will lose the girlfriends they are hoping to please before they actually receive service!

Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 6

Japanese CFNM featuring clothed women giving masochistic men handjobs that literally never end. Multiple cumshots per scene.

Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 4

Four clothed and dominant women simultaneously give a naked masochistic man a handjob that never ends in this CFNM femdom release by GUTS.

Ano Ne Handjob Outtakes

Japanese schoolgirls in bloomers give their first ever handjobs in this twisted omnibus movie by GUTS.

Male Multiple Orgasm Hell 2

At least two cumshots per scene guaranteed via this JAV femdom release by GUTS.

Momoka Nishina - The Absolute Best 8 Hours - Bound for Lunch Break

Bound and masochistic Momoka Nishina bares all in this extra hard DREAM TICKET title.

My Foreskin Condition is the Source of Amusement

Pure CFNM embarrassment as groups of clothed Japanese tease and give handjobs to naked masochistic men via GUTS.

The Bound Education of a Masochistic Man

Highly masochistic men are bound for domination with messy handjob finishes in this CFNM JAV release by GUTS.

The Masturbating Commandeering Regulation Squad

JAV femdom reaches fever pitch in this insane CFNM release by GUTS featuring masochistic men being teased by a group of very dominant women.

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