Hitomi Kitagawa - Welcome to My Soapland

Published October 31, 2018

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Curvy JAV star Hitomi Kitagawa throws on her soapland queen hat in this uncensored workplace demonstration release by DREAMROOM.

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Hitomi Kitagawa - Welcome to My Soapland
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While not every one of our releases may be boundary-pushing, we do hope titles like today's, the third (so far and far from the last!) all about semi-realistic experiences at Japanese soaplands may suit the tastes of many of our subscribers.  Japan and its brothel industry have a long and unique past that I won't spend the bulk of this review talking about.  Let's just say that while penis-in-vagina sex has been proscribed for some time, anything other than that pretty much has the legal green light to continue.

The soapland is the top-tier level of gratification and they don't come cheap!  Expect to pay several hundred USD at the bare, bare minimum with the really high-end establishments setting you back thousands of dollars (ie, ones that sometimes staff actual well-known JAV stars!).  Another rumor about Japanese soaplands is that not only is intercourse somewhat common, it's sometimes done 'skinless' (without condom).  While going bareback with a beautiful soapland queen may be the dream of most anyone, this author at least feels that that portion at least should forever remain a fantasy.  There are risks and there MAJOR risks.  Your call there.

WELCOME TO MY SOAPLAND is a series we started showing I believe last year.  The maiden update starred a cute gyaru with tan lines who admittedly never was a big name in the JAV world.  Some months ago we returned with MAKI HOJO and that title proved to be extremely popular.  Seeing MAKI, known for being a true Queen Bitch when cameras are rolling, acting so demure and almost masochistic was an eye-opener.  Then again, I don't think you'll ever see a soapland Japanese AV title featuring dominant queens.  That'd be kinda weird.

Today we're joined by HITOMI KITAGAWA, a favorite of mine though I feel conflicted when writing that out.  HITOMI has a really nice body that's full of curves, but it's matched by a personality that feels almost too bubbly at times.  I feel like she's the kind of person who would seriously ponder what bark on a tree is made out of.  She'd think about it so hard she'll forget to turn up for a shoot.  That's HITOMI for you.  However, when she does do her thing such as in WELCOME TO MY SOAPLAND, you're in for a great show.  I was not let down by any of this title and while critical of some production issues that seem to plague uncensored releases, this one was shot pretty darn well.  DREAMROOM was firing on all cylinders when filming it.

While taking on a soapland role that's filmed pretty much in POV may seem demanding for an actress since she's the one commanding the show, it's a role she may have had experience already doing in real life.  It's no secret that many a JAV star began her water trade career working in brothels before making the jump to adult video.  Perhaps not all have worked in soaplands, true, but jumping from hotel delivery to supernal soap play with a production crew filming every crevice of your lubed up body isn't that far of a leap.

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