Hitomi Kitagawa in Ginza Mary

Published August 17, 2016

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The blessedly bright Hitomi Kitagawa spends quality time with two AV actors when things get mildly out of hand in an uncensored Full HD POMPIE release.

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Hitomi Kitagawa in Ginza Mary
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Everybody wants to be an AV actor, but nobody wants to start at the bottom.  Your average anonymous fan of Japanese adult video would love to have sex with his favorite stars...in private.  You see, doing it in a 'camera-less environment' (a phrase coined by KYOKO MAKI) is rather easy unless you suffer severely from a nasty form of sexual dysfunction.  Having sex on an AV set is an altogether different monster of stress.

Firstly, there's the whole mess of people present.  On a higher-end production such as today's update with HITOMI KITAGAWA, you're bound to have at least a half a dozen crew members around watching you attempt to do your thing.  The environment may appear intimate (unless intimacy is not what's called for), but with lighting severe and time far from unlimited, you're put in a rather bad situation when it comes to concentrating on what it takes to pop out an orgasm.

Women can fake it...easily, but in an uncensored title shot extra clearly in Full HD, men have to deliver without any compromise.

GINZA MARY is somewhat unique in that it stars two actors--one we've seen many a time, but whose name we can't recall even when consulting a cheat sheet--and a new one whose name is meaningless until he proves he's got it.  Make note that GINZA MARY is not a threesome title.  We know uncensored titles starring big names often have a thing for having as many dicks on screen as possible to get the most bang for their prurient buck, but it's nice to see a title such as this one that bucks that trend.  Too much hardcore too fast can suck the emotion out of an image leading to a title that visually may appear nice, but lacks the necessary connection many fans desperately search for in between pumps of lotion.

Here we see HITOMI KITAGAWA enjoying some late afternoon drinks with two AV actors.  There isn't much of a plot, but from some of the dialog we can gather that she is playing herself, the actress, and is knowingly being recorded (the lead actor makes a direct reference to the camera which we altered to 'friend' to amplify the connection of YOU being there instead of a film crew).  HITOMI begins the title already wearing something racy that she'd never actually don in public.  She's also sans bra making for some very impressive cleavage shots.

Dialog is light in theme, but heavy in execution; expect lots of it early on before it fades away to near nothingness during the title's second half.  It doesn't take too long for breasts to pop out and that lucky new actor we mentioned earlier getting to feel his first pair of famous Japanese adult film star mammaries.  HITOMI, being kind though mildly air-headed lets him have her fill and even reciprocates with a determined blowjob segueing to titjob and back to blowjob.

Unfortunately, the stress of being a new actor on a big set is too much and he isn't able to cum.  Our veteran actor returns, saves the day, and has sex with HITOMI KITAGAWA in a smorgasbord of positions before finishing inside her nakadashi-style.  Off camera, the new actor beats away furiously before being presented the opportunity to finish on her chest.

Everyone's happy, the end.

Yes, we rather not stick to summaries in reviews at ZENRA, but given some of the unique aspects of this title such as new AV actor fright, we wanted to let you all know that even on an AV set failure can occur and that's why it's always a plus to have a veteran come in and take charge.

We actually are pretty fond of this release.  The audio may have been a bit on the quiet side (we're seeing a trend of this with high-end uncensored titles), but the lighting and camerawork are great.  Late afternoon shots taking place when the sun starts to set always make for some beautiful picturesque scenes of coitus.  We can't deny we're suckers for romance shots that take advantage of natural chiaroscuro and we're sure we're not alone.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 325

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