Wanna Do It with Hitomi Kitagawa

Published January 6, 2016

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Half mildly sadistic devilish love romp half boyfriend experience of the highest order with a mildly voluptuous Hitomi Kitagawa bashing brain cells into orgasms

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Wanna Do It with Hitomi Kitagawa
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One of the starkest divides between a western and Japanese adult video star is the almost excessive pampering the latter receives compared to the almost-required entrepreneurship the former needs in order to succeed.  More specifically, it's rather common for western video stars to handle their promotion by themselves.  Some even run their own sites and do cam and escort work to generate extra income.

Japanese AV stars--even ones with a small amount of popularity--almost always belong to agencies akin to the standard modeling agencies found worldwide.  Pretty much everything is done for them.  Events are planned, productions are booked (of course anything sexual is first confirmed before committing) and 'managers' frequently act as chaperones when whisking them around town for gigs.  The catch is that these agencies take hefty fees out of the adult video star's paycheck for any work they 'assist' in providing.  Since most agencies require their talent to sign exclusive contracts, this essentially means they have a cut of the AV star's entire income stream.  Thus, although on paper your average Japanese AV star makes significantly more than a western one, when all is said and done, the actual amount she receives may still be more, but it may not be immensely more.

The first part of today's update--an uncensored release in HD--sees HITOMI KITAGAWA playing herself.  In the initial minutes of WANNA DO IT, we see her closing shop on a fan meet-and-greet complete with her manager cum 'handler' ensuring customers do not get too frisky.  Soon enough, she's escorted to the company car and is on route to yet another event.  This one's special and she agreed to it as it was something the big boss of the agency was very insistent that she take.

As you can see from the screencaps to the left, this was less "fan event" and more "devil's sex party".  To make matters even more gave, HITOMI KITAGAWA was the last one to find out!

Giving this scene a full critique would be tough.  It's hardcore and leaves HITOMI KITAGAWA in various stages of increased embarrassment and arousal.  Her attire is gradually removed in ways that would make little sense to throw it in the hamper later for cleaning.  She's oiled up as if she was working at a soapland, but don't expect to see cheerful soapland queen footage in this scene.  It's rough in that heavy coitus kind of way and everyone--including her handler has a go.

One fun fact though is that this sex party scene was filmed in the exact same room we saw UTA KOHAKU use during her insane semen title.  It even features the same dark green leather couch that she embarrassingly sat stark naked and masturbated upon while clothed and masked (a trend?) fans watched.

Although some people assume uncensored releases are filmed outside of Japan, the truth is much closer to home as just about everything is filmed locally!  The same sets and generally the same staff.  Don't assume Japanese AV stars are whisked away to 'safe' international ground to show their most private areas sans mosaic.  It doesn't work like that.

The first scene in WANNA DO IT is rather by the books when it comes to hardcore group play.  However, the second scene is where this release really shines.  It's also why today's update is called 'WANNA DO IT' since HITOMI KITAGAWA asks her boyfriend this very question during a few poignant instances of pre-foreplay and again moments before the 'act' itself.

Now this may not interest many readers and subscribers of ZENRA, but the actor in the second scene was played by ITTETSU.  'Who?' you may ask and that's justified.  ITTETSU is as of writing this the most famous actor found in the SILK LABO stable.  SILK LABO is a Japanese AV production company that specializes in movies made for a female audience.  Although their releases are all adult in nature and feature explicit sex, the way they're shot--including the buildup--is much more female-oriented.

Having ITTETSU star in a standard uncensored release was a bold move and it really did pay off.  He really comes off as a loving and eager boyfriend and gives JUN ODAGIRI a run for his money.  It may be because male audiences don't have much exposure to him, but his portrayal as HITOMI KITAGAWA's boyfriend was incredibly authentic.  Aside from a questionable use of toys midway through this lengthy scene running almost an hour, this was as close to real BFE (boyfriend experience) you'll ever see in an AV title.

HITOMI KITAGAWA's performance in WANNA DO IT was pretty much standard for her.  She definitely has a very blessed body that's a stone's throw away from being 'Japanese voluptuous'.  She also isn't shy about showing it off and that's something we're immensely thankful for given the uncensored status of this release.  Given her retirement in May of 2015, there may not be much more output from her on ZENRA.  We do have one more movie she starred in in queue for release, but unless she decides to return to AV, that may be it.

With that said however, we do have a strange yet strong hunch that the Japanese AV industry has not seen the last of HITOMI KITAGAWA.  We hope to see her return to the salacious small screen in a few years playing young wife and milf roles.  Until then, it's uncensored mild group S&M contrasted with near perfect BFE thanks to the surprise inclusion of ITTETSU.

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